15 Important Information Before Travelling To Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

Spending time on Island of Tortugas a pretty near substitute for your idealised trip to a barren island in the heart of an exotic haven.

 Located in the southeast corner of the Nicoya Peninsula, this little island is located away from Costa Rica’s shore.

Amazing snorkelling, stunning landscape, and tranquil bays ideal for swimming are all features of Tortuga Island.

 You will feel awestruck by the island’s beautiful sandy shorelines and glistening blue ocean the moment it comes into view.

The snorkelling around here is by far the nicest I’ve seen inside Costa Rica! We also saw a small shark, which was completely harmless, don’t worry.

 The water is incredibly transparent. that it’s possible to observe all the amazing Sea Life including fish. that are present there.

The best thing to do inside Costa Rica is Tortuga Island travel, but it’s also the hardest. You can’t drive or stroll around here because.

 It’s an oceanic island. Make sure you’re equipped for this escape to a small island by taking a ship or signing up for a tour.

We have developed our best advice after visiting the island of Tortuga residing inside Costa Rica so that There is a fantastic time creating your.

 My the author’s memories See our article on a list of 15 items you should know before visiting Tortuga Island for more information.

1. Tortuga Island information

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Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

Since tortuga in Spanish refers to a turtle, Island of Tortugas is sometimes referred to like Turtle Island. Since there are no hotels in this area.

 It is a well-liked day-trip location when you are inside Costa Rica. This is the perfect location to get away from the bustle discover a peaceful area to unwind and

Snorkelling and scuba diving are two a majority of well-liked activities within the island of Tortuga. You might encounter dolphins, manta rays, angelfish, and turtles.

 and perhaps a few octopuses among the local wildlife. As I’ve discovered, the waves around here aren’t too rough, so In addition, you can kayak or swim..

But there are other things to do as well! A coconut-shaped rum cocktail is my particular favourite. Get a rental umbrella and relax on the shore while tree coconuts sway behind you

 Or, for an afternoon of greater adventure, pack a pair of sturdy walking shoes and go for a hike around the island’s woodland pathways.

2. What location is Tortuga Island in?  

Along the Nicoya Peninsula’s southeasterly shore, Island of Tortugas located off the Costa Rican Pacific coast. If you’re looking at a map of the Peninsula of Nicoya and searching somewhere fresh to explore, it’s a great day trip.

In the Islas Negritos Biodiversity Reserve is where the Island of Tortugas is situated. Due to the fact that this area is a safeguarded one for plants and animals, the variety of flora and fauna is astounding, especially those you’ll see inside water.

You must travel via boat excursion to reach this (Below is further information about that!). Jaco, Paquera, Santa Teresa, Montezuma, San Jose, too are common places from which to depart.

3. Is a tour of Tortuga Island necessary??  

Yes! Only boats can get to Tortuga Island inside Costa Rica, and tours are needed to go there. Typically, you’ll reserve a daylong visit to Tortuga Island excursion.

that will pick you toward your accommodation this morning, take you to the island where you’ll to pass the day, and then return to your accommodation late at night.

A boat voyage from Jaco should take about 45 minutes, while one from Paquera should take no more than 20. Before boarding the boat from places as in San Jose, you’ll need to Go to the shore by car (also consisting of the tour).

taking a boat across to the Island of Tortugas is really picturesque, and I adore it! Before you ever step one step onto the island, this is in fact a fun and independent experience. 

The one of the Cocalito Falls, Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfalls, can be seen from the boat, also, you could see some dolphins!

It’s crucial to take everything you’ll require an entire day of exploration. Consider beach essentials hiking accessories such as insect spray and a towel., comfortable shoes, and snorkelling equipment if it isn’t already included in your trip.

4. Where are the departure points for Tortuga Island excursions??  

A single top trip Anywhere in Costa Rica is frequently regarded as being the island of Tortuga! Numerous locations, which incorporate Santa Teresa, Paquera, Jaco, San Jose, and Puntarenas, as well as Montezuma.

 provide Tortuga Island trips. I have suggestions for tours in each of those locations if you plan to stay there! We personally used Montezuma’s Zuma Tours and heartily endorse them.

Even though you don’t need to make a reservation too early in the process and there are frequently last-minute places available, tours can get busy. 

Make sure to purchase a ticket bought at least a week beforehand if you’re is likely inside Costa Rica during the peak holiday, new year, or winter vacation travel periods.


This 24 hour snorkelling trip toward Tortuga Island departs from Montezuma Beach and begins via boat for 45 minutes. Lookfor humpback whales, turtles, and dolphins along the way. 

The ship will moor close to the island so that you may snorkel twice as long earlier, between volcano-formed rock reefs going ashore for a lunch of fresh BBQ seafood. Prior to boarding a boat .

back to Montezuma, enjoy a free day of hiking, swimming, kayaking, or simply relaxing in the sand. $77 USD is the total cost of the tour.

Santa Teresa 

At 8 am, a bus will pick you toward your accommodation in Santa Teresa to begin your Tortuga Island trip. The next step is to travel to go going to Montezuma Beach board a boat for the.

 island If you’re interested (and certified! ), you may include a scuba divinity tour as you sail to the greatest snorkelling locations around there.

 Both lunch and a little free time to tour the islands are provided. The price per person is $95 USD, but if you wisI’m a scuba diver., it rises to $160 USD.


This intimate group snorkelling tour leaves by way of the shore adjacent Paquera because it is the nearest location. You arrive at the lovely.

volcano-formed rock reef, bordered by stunningly blue waters, after just a 20-minute boat journey. Swim with spotted eagles, needlefish.e, and angelfish.

as well as moree while snorkelling! After that, exchange your snorkelling mask for a pair of sunglasses and relax on the shore. This tour, which 

costs fifty dollars each and is the least expensive of all the tours to Tortuga Island, includes fresh fruits and beverages in addition to all the snorkelling gear.


Make sure to reserve a trip such as this one that includes an electric boat because Island of Tortugas is a little farther out from Jaco.

You’ll have enough time throughout your daylong vacation to explore the island as a result. Additionally, the tour stops near the Tarcoles River so that visitors can watch crocodiles.

(the fabled Crocodile Bridge), seeing spider monkeys at theNatural Reserve on Negritos Island, stopping at the magnificentStone arch at Nicoya, and snorkelling.The USED towel, $112r fee includes lunch,not, however, a $25 USD transportation surcharge.

San Jose 

A single best day visit to the island may be taken from San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital city, without travelling too far. A private island paradise will be your destination if you take this day’s worthwhile excursion.

 Before arriving at the island, you’ll get to see it from the deck of a sizable cruise ship. Once you arrive,you’re able to swim and lay on the shore while taking advantage of the free lunch. 

The excursion costsUS$133, and does not include snorkelling gear; however, you can hire it once you get to the island.


To avoid the throngs of people and customise your knowledge of this gorgeous island, sign up for this private Tortuga Island tour As your boat departs from Puntarenas, you’ll witness dolphins

swimming nearby as you pass a magnificent stone bridge. Upon arrival during the island, snorkelling is offered as well as a delicious meal of ceviche or grilled chicken. Your spot can be reserved for $96 USD.

5. What season is ideal for visiting Tortuga Island??  

The ideal moment to go is a single most crucial consideration as you plan your trip. We’ve discovered that the summertime is the ideal time to visit Costa Rica. Tortuga Island fits this description as well!

Ideal times to visit this place are from December through April. Days with plenty of sunshine, clear water, and little to no rain are more frequent. 

The best chance when the sky is clear is pleasant weather, which you’ll find throughout the summertime, will be important because this is solely an outdoor day trip.

Don’t rule out a trip here if you’re in town Beyond those months. Year-round snorkelling is possible due to the relatively steady temperature of the water clarity at Tortuga Island. Bring a raincoat only should you require it while sailing.

6. What is typically included the island of Tortuga tours? 

All visits toward Tortuga Island involve a boat ride out, during which you’ll marvel at some breathtaking scenery. Even before you arrive at the island, taking a boat is very entertaining. If you’re lucky, you see a whale as well as playful dolphins, so keep an eye out for them.

A BBQ-style meal is frequently included with tours. In addition to alcohol-free beverages, there is frequently a choice of fish or chicken; some trips do include beer, though Pack.

snacks or stop by a single local eatery within the island of the tour doesn’t include a meal if you are post-lunch hunger. In this scenario, carry cash.

Many tours also include snorkelling, which I really suggest. However, not all trips include snorkelling gear, so be to confirm what’s integrated into your tour. 

Don’t worry if you decide to sign up for a journey excluding snorkelling. Within the island, you can simply rent snorkelling gear for USD $20.

The best thing regarding day excursions to the Island of Tortugas is that the majority of tour operators give you the afternoon to yourself to explore the island. You’ll have some time to unwind, go swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, or just drink loads from Coco Locos!

7. Facilities the island of Tortuga

Even though the island doesn’t have any hotels, still many of these amenities make this a nice day excursion. I’ll make sure you don’t have to tough it.

Along the beach, there are restrooms, small picnic tables, and a gift shop. Additionally, there are bars on the sand eateries where you may dine and toast to your heart’s content. 

Everything is available, from mouthwatering seafood meals, several of the several of the greatest Gallo Pinto and other classic Costa Rican cuisine.

Many of the trips will consist of lunch, so if you become hungry afterward, you might only have to buy some snacks and beverages for yourself.

For recreational purposes, rentals available facilities for equipment including kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, jet skis, and snorkelling supplies. There is two volleyball courts you can hire

beach chairs and umbrellas if you’re itching for some time at the shore. Bring cash because there isn’t much of a choice on this tiny island, thus prices are likely to be slightly higher.

8. Activities within the island of Tortuga

There are a tonne of enjoyable items to do within the island of Tortuga in a little area once you get there.

Snorkelling is one of my personal favourites and is unquestionably necessary if you’ve travelled this far. On bright days,the seas are clear. boast an astounding a hundred-foot horizon(30 metres).

We LOVED snorkelling here, where we saw loads including some fish. really amazing animals such as octopuses or manta rays.

 for USD $20, you can schedule a snorkelling excursion within the island if your tour doesn’t include it. If you only desire the machinery, it is $6 USD per hour.

Additionally, there are several lovely hiking trails that go through the island’s forest. As you trek to a decent viewpoint spot, the paths snake through the thick jungle, the place where a variety of animal life and stunning landscapes.

Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

Use with a SUP carefully to navigate the seas surrounding the island. For either 30 or 60 minutes, the price is $10 or $20 USD. Additionally, You’ll fit a full a single family of their larger, wider group SUP boards. For an hour, those cost $40.

On these calm seas, kayaking is an excellent option as well. As I cruise along, I enjoy watching the waves’ reflections in the sunlight. It is possible to rent a single kayak 30 minutes for $5 USD, or a tandem kayak a 30 minute period for $8 USD or$15 USD asan hour.

Sitting on the shore is the ideal unpaid activity on the island of Tortuga. Take a plunge in the glistening blue seas or take in the breathtaking sights of this tropical haven. For anyone who wants to dive in, a pool is present. area.

An outdoor chair rental is another activity you may do while in the sand, or you can play volleyball. The cost of a day’s worth of beach chairs for hire is $7 USD. The nets for volleyball can be used without cost.

A cold beverage in your hand is among the finest items to have while unwinding on the shore. If you’re looking for anything alongside alcohol or without, the bar here provides some fantastic selections.

And They Pour Large Amounts Of It

The fact that many of the cocktails may also serve themselves in coconuts is particularly amusing.The locos here are coco cost With rum, $6 USD (and they pour large amounts of it), instead of just $2 USD.

There are several possibilities if going outside the sea is on your agenda. On a yellow, inflatable boat with a banana-shaped design, you can take a ride on a banana boat where you’ll be trailed after a boat.

For the fifteen-minute trip, this costs $6 USD. Alternatively, you can peddle a boat under your own strength (it works your legs out!). Prices for these range from $12 to $20 30 minutes long.

With a jet ski, you can travel a bit more quickly over the water! Driving these is a lot of fun. fifteen minutes, 30 minutes later, and an hour, rentals are available here for $30, $50, and $100, respectively.

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9. Does Tortuga Island offer fantastic snorkelling??

This is the site to snorkel if you can only visit one inside Costa Rica. We’ve done among the best snorkelling in the nation so far at this location.

Beautiful coral reefs surround Tortuga Island, where you may snorkel or scuba dive with a variety of marine life, including angelfish, parrotfish, turtles that are green, pufferfish, reef 

sharks (which aren’t always dangerous sharks, buts, and more. On bright days, 100 feet can be seen with ease.e to the water’s exceptional clarity.

Bring a waterproof camera to record a little portion and what you observe. Pictures, though, don’t do it credit.to allow you

 10. What ought I carry with me toward Tortuga Island?? 

Cash is among the most crucial items to pack! There are many different things to do here, and many of them cost money in the form of rentals. For beverages or meals, you’ll also need cash.

Include all the necessities for a beach day excursion in your luggage as well. So packbeach bag containing your swimwear, towel, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen that won’t harm the coral reefs.

 Furthermore, if you tend to feel seasick, it’s a good idea to bring motion sickness medication in favour of the boat voyage there and back should you get hungry or queasy.

In the event that the boat voyage becomes choppy, an unwet bag isn’t a bad idea either. To get on and off the boat, you’ll also need to wade through the water, so bringing an unwet bag is a.


good idea should you slip and get wet. As we travelled, a guy slipped while alighting from a boat but ultimately entirely submerged. Fear not; he was only very wet but otherwise alright.)

11. Can children visit Tortuga Island? 

Undoubtedly, the Island of Tortugas is a delightful place for children of all ages. The excursions include life jackets If you wish to proceed snorkelling. Nevertheless, because the water is deep, it’s better if children and adults can swim well.

The calm waters within the island’s beach make it ideal for sand and splashing is fantastic for building sand castles, making it a great place for kids to play.

Several of the activities, including riding a banana ship or kayaking, will be enjoyed by your children most if they are a little older. When travelling by boat, involve smaller children in the process of spotting wildlife; they will like viewing a dolphin.

12. How challenging is the boat ride toward Tortuga Island??

The boat voyage over is usually not too uncomfortable. Before departing, the majority of excursion boats stay as close to the coast as possible.

However, the local ocean occasionally experiences swells that are significant enough to move the boat slightly. If you frequently get seasick, bring motion sickness medication as well as you choose a tour stop that is closer to the island.

The Paquera port offers the 20-minute boat voyage that is the quickest. Jaco is 1.5 hours’ worth of boat travel away.

Having said that, despite the fact that Bailey and I frequently have motion sickness, I didn’t experience any on our trip to Tortuga Island because of the calm ocean.

13. Are there any animals on the ferry Tortuga Island?  

Yes, the trip over by boat is a fantastic way to spend some unstructured time at the sea and look for animals. Dolphins are frequently seen and will occasionally surf the waves that your boat 

Spinner dolphins may even stage a performance for you if you happen to witness them by leaping from the water and spinning around!

The waters next to the boat are occasionally home to turtles as well as manta rays as well.

You might even see a humpback whale if you’re When whales are in season, this is where and extremely fortunate. The greatest months to see whales here are July through

(November is the finest whale month)!) or December through March. Whales are humming as they young close to Costa Rica if you’re here in August or September.

Take a trip to Marino Ballena National Park close to Uvita., one of Costa Rica’s top national parks, if you’re determined to see whales. Even more amazing, it features a sandbar that resembles the tail of a whale.

14. Can one spend the night on Turtle Island?

No, the island doesn’t have any lodging options.

If visiting the Island of Tortugas is a requirement, stay somewhere you can quickly arrange a day excursion there. We can offer advice on lodging options in Jaco, where to stay in Santa Teresa, as well as which lodging in Montezuma is the best.

15. Do we advocate travelling to Tortuga Island?

YES!! We’re going on a terrific mini-vacation to one of the finest islands snorkelling we’ve ever experienced. There is a beautiful beach to unwind on and a lot of wildlife in this protected region.  

Plus, We’ve discovered that when you schedule a tour, a lot of the specifics are handled for you. There are so many various activities to try that you don’t need to worry about getting here or what you’ll do once you get there.  

A wonderful day trip to plan midway during your holiday is Tortuga Island travel, Costa Rica. When you’re ready, you can travel to a different location while still having access towards your hotel at night.

Simply Live! 

We appreciate you taking the time to read Tortuga Island: Our Guide to Everything you should perform before going to this stunning location. A fantastic an appealing day-trip location

An escape to a foreign land is this tiny island! Please do. leave a remark or write a note to us if There is a inquiries or would like more information on our trip to Costa Rica.

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