17 Underwear Brands To Own In France Beach

Unsure of what to purchase yourself in French lingerie Underwear? The top French Beach lingerie brands that every elegant woman should buy are highlighted in this article.

Every woman desires to experience sex. They feel empowered and more desirable as a result.

Some people feel sensuality by simply wearing red lipstick, while others increase their oomph by donning sensuous attire. Others need something more, such as flirty or risqué underwear.

Here is my list of the top 17 French Beach lingerie brands you must own if you’re looking for the latter.

There are both budget-friendly and upscale brands of French Beach lingerie mentioned here, so you should be able to 

find something that suits your needs, whether you’re shopping for French Beach bras, French underwear, or French nightwear.

Top French Underwear Brands

These top French Beach lingerie manufacturers provide a variety of options, whether you’re seeking silky intimates, embroidered nightwear, or French Beach lace underwear.

Given that they are among the most well-known companies, you can be confident that they employ the finest materials, like Chantilly lace and Lyon silk, as well as the most talented artisans to create underwear that you could live in for all time.

1. Eres

Irène Leroux, who had taken over her parent’s original swimsuit business, launched Eres in 1968 as a company that produced swimsuits to be marketed all year round.

The company eventually debuted its intimates collection, which features chic and contemporary pieces.

Their underwear silhouettes are designed to complement every woman’s natural curves while still being comfortable.

They make sure that their intimates may be worn every day by using premium but delicate fabrics like Lycra.

Also, their basic designs include clear lines. Stylish comfort would be a good way to summarise the brand.

You can look at their lace-trimmed cotton bralettes, high-waisted underwear, and silk slips for dresses.

They also produce separates that you can mix and combine according to your preferences.

Although a family-owned business at first, Chanel later acquired the brand in 1996.

2. Chantal Thomass

Although designer Chantal Thomass began her work in the 1960s, it wasn’t until 1975 that she presented the French Beach designer lingerie and introduced her namesake brand.

Since the company is now a part of the Chantelle Group, which was founded in 1876 and has a number of lingerie brands, you may be confident of its high quality.

Although Chantal Thomass makes s*xy and risqué lingerie with traditional boudoir-inspired designs, the majority of their original intimates had pink and black aesthetics. Chantal Thomass’ items tend to have a highly elegant and feminist flair.

They make their collections of bras, garter belts, corsets, and bikinis from satin and lace of the highest calibre.

Go no further than Chantal Thomass if you want luxurious yet reasonably-priced French-made underwear.

3. Lise Charmel

One of France’s top-selling luxury lingerie businesses, Lise Charmel was established in the 1950s in Lyon’s silk district and has been in business for little over seven decades.

Using fabrics of the highest calibre, such as Calais lace, satin, and silk, they create flirtatious, beautiful custom-fit intimates.

Its designs, which were created with expert craftsmanship, might be characterised as imaginative and artistic with fine details.

The company sells swimwear, nightwear, and loungewear in addition to lingerie. Regardless of your size, you ought to be able to discover a perfect fit from them because they make sure that their products are inclusive of all sizes.

4. Chantelle

One of the top French Beach bra manufacturers is Chantelle, a member of the privately held Chantelle Group.

François Auguste Gamichon, a creator of intimate apparel since 1876, founded it.

In addition to producing the first elasticized cloth used in corsets, the brand introduced bras in 1960. Even girdles from the Chantelle brand’s own line were available.

Finally, they introduced the first moulded seamless bra under the brand Défi in 1972.

Because the company values diversity, in 2017 Chantelle launched SoftStretch, a cutting-edge line of universally sized underwear

Then, in 2020, they debuted their environmentally friendly line, and a year later, the first bra that is 100% recyclable and produces no waste.

The company has been in business for approximately 150 years and has always upheld excellent standards.

Chantelle will not let you down if you’re looking for eco-friendly lingerie in France that fits all body types and has the greatest degree of quality.

5. Yasmine Eslami

Yasmine Eslami worked with Vivienne Westwood and at Eres on their swimsuit line before launching her own label in 2010.

She draws influence from her African heritage and culture to create fashionable, cosy, yet empowering designs.

Their lingerie and swimwear lines include several different styles of bras and pants in a range of sizes.

They use skin-toned textiles or sheer materials for the majority of their items. Their products also radiate this, in line with their tagline, “Sexiness in Simplicity.”

6. Etam

Etam is a contemporary, high-end, yet budget-friendly Parisian lingerie brand that was established in 1916 by German designer Max Lindemann. Now a multinational corporation, it operates numerous outlets in various nations.

They are a well-known company all over the world and host an annual fashion show where top models present their newest designs.

All of this has helped Etam maintain its position as one of France’s most well-known manufacturers of ready-to-wear lingerie that features distinctive, premium lace that appeals to all women.

Along with their sexy lingerie, they also provide period pants available in a variety of lacy and solid colours.

Moreover, they provide shapewear, sleepwear, swimwear, and most recently, athletics.

Several of the brand’s products employ recycled materials because it places a lot of emphasis on environmentally friendly practices and sustainable fashion.

In case you weren’t aware, Etam is the owner of the biggest lingerie store in Europe, which is situated on Paris’ Rue de Rennes.

7. Aubade Paris

As a premium French Beach designer underwear brand, Doctor Bernard founded Aubade Paris in 1958.

Due to Doctor Bernard’s expertise, they initially produced girdles and corsets but eventually added nightgowns and robes to their repertoire.

The first firm to release coordinated sets of coloured and printed lingerie that took into account the varying fashion trends and seasons was Aubade Paris.

Even while Agrafe-coeur introduced groundbreaking products including the first strapless bra, halter bras, and bras with hooks in the front, it was their cutting-edge advertising that drew customers to the company.

They use light materials and feminine, romantic, and sensual patterns in their collections so that ladies may feel entirely at ease and sexy while wearing their chic and seductive clothes, whether it’s on their wedding night or any other ordinary day.

One of Aubade’s best-selling products is the Wireless triangle bra, while another is the Moulded half-cup bra.

8. Simone Pérèle

In 1948, renowned corset maker Madame Simone Pérèle established her own, family-run business.

The company specialises in producing stylish, distinctive, and comfortable underwear with a Parisian-inspired aesthetic that empowers women.

The business specialises on creating empowering underwear for women that is fashionable, distinctive, and comfortable.

In addition to lingerie, they also sell loungewear, shapewear, and swimwear, all of which are expertly created to flatter the user.

9. Ysé

The second-youngest brand on this list of French Beach lingerie companies was founded in 2012, and its name is Ysé.

Given that they are an economical brand that focuses on comfort and fit while still retaining quality, its items are quite well-liked.

Their collections feature cutting-edge and distinctive styles that appeal to both French Beach and non-French ladies.

Their unpadded bras are one item from their product line that can capture your attention. Even now, recycled lace is being used to create bras.

One drawback is that they only provide underwear in sizes 80–100 (36–44 US size), which may make some plus-sized women feel excluded.

They soon began producing loungewear and sleepwear after having great success with lingerie.

10. LIVY

A combination of the first and last letters of Lisa Chavy’s name led to the creation of the brand LIVY.

Although it is the newest brand in the group—founded in 2017—don’t let that fool you into thinking she is a newcomer to the fashion world.

She brings high-quality yet inexpensive lingerie by utilising the skills she has garnered over the course of 15 years working with many French Beach luxury companies.

Their unique designs feature a focus on comfort and attractiveness in a range of styles and colours.

LIVY expanded its selection beyond lingerie to include beachwear and loungewear for all body types.

They also have a workshop where they create made-to-measure clothing for an ideal fit, which is fantastic for French Beach women looking for bespoke lingerie. You can also count on a comfortable fit because of this.

11. Princesse Tam Tam

One of the most economical French Beach lingerie businesses is Princesse Tam Tam, which was founded by Loumia and Shama Hiridjee.

The 1935 black-and-white film starring Josephine Baker that bears the same name served as the source of the brand’s idea.

The brand makes lingerie and swimwear in a myriad of colours and prints that appeal to both young and mature women.

It has continued to exude the same youthful and stylish attitude that it did in the beginning, ensuring that it grew to be a well-known brand in France known for its vivid and exciting products.

One of Princesse Tam Tam’s achievements was being the first company to introduce women’s boxer shorts, which helped the company gain popularity among sportswomen as well.

12. Maison Lejaby

You can count on perfection because Maison Lejaby has been specialising in lingerie and corsets since it was founded in 1930.

The best components and artisans are used to create their high-quality underwear, which is produced in France, notably in their Lyon factories.

Maison Lejaby would be your finest choice if you’re seeking elegant yet sexy lingerie because their products feature a sensual and bold look with gorgeous cuts.

All sizes can wear their traditional and modern looks, so women with larger busts and smaller chests don’t need to be concerned.

There are also sleepwear, swimsuit, and activewear items available in addition to lingerie and corsets.

13. Passionata

In 1985, Patrice Kretz joined the Chantelle Group; soon after, he desired to introduce a younger, more cost-effective sister brand. In 1988, Passionata was created in this manner.

With modern and fashionable designs, the brand produces flirtatious Parisienne silhouettes.

Passionata wanted to be the brand that modern women choose, therefore they produced bras in a wide range of cup sizes with complementary briefs and shorties.

In addition, they produce swimwear and nightwear. For their marketing ads, they have collaborated with models including Brazilian Ana Beatriz Barros and Israeli Bar Refaeli.

14. Rosy

Since 1947, Rosy has produced classic undergarments for contemporary women. They wear nightgowns, panties, and bras as undergarments.

They also offer bridal collections to further enhance the significance of your special day.

Their goal was to produce contemporary goods with a retro feel that would highlight a woman’s form.

As a result, their designs feature delicate lace and embroidery to produce straightforward yet sophisticated feminine pieces. Also, they accommodate a range of sizes, including plus sizes.

They began a groundbreaking brand campaign in 1962 where their product was not featured; instead, all that was shown was a n*de model holding a rose.

15. LOU

Together, businessman André Faller and gymnast Lucienne Scheltien, a passionate seamstress who would create her own undergarments, founded LOU in 1946.

The nickname Lu, pronounced Lou in English, given to Lucienne served as the basis for the name.

With its cutting-edge designs, LOU rapidly distinguished itself among all French lingerie companies as one of the leading names in French corsetry.

Although it wasn’t common at the time, they sold bras in a variety of colours, which attracted a lot of customers looking for colourful yet high-quality options.

Although it wasn’t common at the time, they sold bras in a variety of colours, which attracted a lot of customers looking for colourful yet high-quality options.

In addition to lingerie, they create maternity clothing such as nightgowns and nursing bras.

16. Cadolle

In 1898, Herminie Cadolle created her company under the name Cadolle. It is one of the most well-known French bra companies, 

and Herminie, the brand’s founder, is widely recognised as the lady who created the contemporary bra.

She divided the conventional corset in half to produce the corset-gorge, a groundbreaking product for which today’s women are grateful.

Moreover, she created lingerie for Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, and produced the first flattening bra for Coco Chanel.

Despite the fact that centuries have gone since its founding, each generation that inherits the brand adds a touch of beauty and individuality to fulfil modern needs while staying true to its original objective.

Lacy bras, fashionable panties, corsets, bustiers, and attractive swimsuits are all included in the lingerie and swimwear collections by Cadolle.

Cadolle is without a doubt one of the top French lingerie manufacturers, with a reputation for producing underwear for prominent fashion designers and royals.

17. Carine Gilson

Carine Gilson has been creating women’s underwear in a tiny atelier since the early 1900s.

Her eponymous brand has come a long way from her little workshop to currently selling her products abroad.

She took care to only utilise silk and lace of the highest calibre. Their line of goods oozes great flair created by talented craftspeople.

They sell beachwear, bridal, kimonos, robes, camis, nightwear, and lingerie. Even supermodels and other well-known individuals have displayed their couture collections.

Final Thoughts On The Best French Lingerie

Is there a date tonight? Or do you wish to make your relationship more exciting? Or perhaps all you want for yourself is to feel seductive?

No matter the circumstance, these French lingerie lines can bring out your best features and make you feel gorgeous and confident.

Do you already own, have owned, or eagerly anticipate getting your hands on one of these French underwear? Please share with me in the section below.

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