17 Your Must-Have Shoe Brands From France

Unsure of which style to choose when adding some French footwear to your collection? You can choose from the top French shoe companies listed in this article!

Since being French famed for their impeccable sense of style, every stylish outfit requires a stylish set of French footwear.

Despite the fact that Everyone is conscious of haute couture thanks to If you haven’t heard of Paris Fashion Week know that France is home to many well-known shoe designers.

Like everything else that is created in France, French shoes are designed to be fashionable, comfortable, and durable.

French shoes, like everything else produced there, are intended to possess style, cosy, and long-lasting.

This essay will provide you with a list of the top 17 French shoe companies to take into consideration if you’re seeking for 

the ideal pair of fashionable shoes to match your appearance or you simply want to add to your shoe collection.

Best French Shoe Brands


This essay will provide you with a list of the top 17 French shoe companies to take into consideration if you’re seeking for 

the ideal pair of fashionable shoes to match your outfit or you simply want to add to your selection of shoes.

You may quickly finish your look with the appropriate pair. Below is my list of favourite French shoe companies without further ado.

1. Louis Vuitton Christian

most prevalent well-known French shoe designers, Christian Louboutin is distinguished by his signature brilliant soles that are crimson, and elegant stilettos.

In 1992, Louboutin founded his initial store and immediately began dominating the upscale market by creating footwear in both classic colors and vibrant, daring, and vibrant designs.

Most fashionistas across the world now want to buy one or more pairs of Louboutin shoes, and walk around in them because the brand has made such a name for itself and is worn by numerous Hollywood A-listers.

For ladies, So Kate and Pigalle, & Dandelion and Greggo for guys, are some of their classic collections.

They have also branched out into the bag, accessory, and beauty industries, producing a few of the most opulent French handbags.

Among the top French footwear companies, Christian Louboutin has stores all over the world.

2. Theodore Vivier

Another well-known French footwear company in the premium market is Roger Vivier.

Around 1930, Roger began his career as a shoemaker by creating a pair of handmade shoes for Joséphine Baker, a French singer and performer.. Soon after, he launched his own business.

However, he received his breakthrough moment when he was selected as the only creator to create distinctive footwear for Queen Elizabeth II is Her Majesty. 1953 coronation. He created stunning gold earrings heels with jewel embellishments.

Prior to Christian Dior starting to produce their own shoes, Roger had the even honour of serving as the brand’s sole designer of footwear between 1953 and 1963.

In 1963, he also created the renowned black crocodile booties with a low heel that reached the thigh.

In addition to his many accomplishments, I am Roger Vivier. known for creating the 1954 invention of the stiletto heel.

The company is renowned for producing gorgeous and opulent heels of many styles, including stilettos and ballerinas. The most well-known styles are the Virguile, Choc, Boule, and Aiguille heels.

3. Repetto

Repetto was established in 1947 as a manufacturer of dance shoes by Rose Repetto. The most prevalent well-known French shoe companies that cater only to ballerinas is this one.

Consequently, it goes without saying that ballet groups like the French National Opera and other dance Obtaining shoes for businesses from them.

The brand is said to have started when Rose decided to design for her ballet flats kid after he complained of painful uncomfortable shoes for feet dance shoes and returned home.

In keeping with the tradition of ballerinas, Repetto expanded their line to include ballet flats, pumps, leotards, tutus, and pointe shoes.

They eventually began selling various types of footwear, luggage, even casual clothing items.

4. Aimee Pichard

An outstanding one named in French-made handmade footwear is Amélie Pichard. A young person. company that began making shoes in 2011 before moving on to bags the next year.

Young women adore their unusual, stylish, and entertaining shoes. They even have a line of vegan footwear that was 

created in partnership with Pamela Anderson. A few years ago, they also developed plastic-hemp jelly sandals..

The company has embraced measures that support its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, such as letting customers sell their used shoes as pre-owned items within their webpage.

5. Jonak

The most prevalent well-known manufacturer of reasonably priced French shoes is Jonak. However, due to the fact that producing inexpensive footwear doesn’t imply they skimp on calibre.

The company gained popularity because it produced high-quality footwear and offered them for sale at fair costs, which is a great combination in my opinion.

The company was started in 1964 by Nakams, Marcel and Josette. Their oldest son, Joseph, soon began working for the business.

His son’s or wife’s initials and their family name’s initials were combined to form the name “Jonak,” which is a portmanteau. Since then, the company has remained family-owned.

Once Joseph took charge, they began producing straightforward yet fashionable shoes, and the brand’s philosophy was continued by the grand kids.

6. Veja

By the year 2005, François-Ghislain Morillion and Sébastien Kopp had already launched the shoe company Veja.

It is among the greatest French shoe companies for offering reasonably priced footwear while maintaining a street-style focus.

As a result of its wearable, comfy, and fashionable designs, this brand has gained popularity among young people.

Along with commoners, you may have even seen the strange V-stamp sneakers wearing celebrities like Marjorie Cotillard and members of the royal family like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

The company adopts an environmentally friendly manufacturing methodology and even offers a vegan selection.

7. Bobbies

As a brand for shoes and leather items, Bobbies was created in 2010. They specialise on creating collections that are both stylish and. 

classic for both men’s and women’s wear. They have a wide variety of footwear, from boots and heels to wedges and sandals.

The shoes are not made in Paris, despite being created there; instead, they are made in Portugal by skilled artisans using age-old techniques.

In addition, they are environmentally conscious as a company and employ sustainable products.

Their travels and activities throughout the globe serve as inspiration for their collections.

8. Carel

In 1952, Rosa Carel, the spouse of Georges Carel,, founded Carel. On Boulevard Saint-Michel, they set up their first women’s shoe shop in order to serve adolescents and college students.

The brand’s unique selling point was its production of timeless essentials. The Carels likewise desired their users who wear access to reasonably priced, casual shoes that they could use every day for work or school.

They used vibrant hues to make timeless styles like ballerina shoes, pumps and Mary Janes. appear sophisticated.

Carel didn’t want to budge from their position when high heels first appeared, so they created the “trotter” heel to give.

women have the sensation about using heels while allowing them to walk around all day in them.. After that, they also included boots in their line.

9. Sézane

Sézane, a 2013 creation of Morgane Sézalory, is yet another entry in the long list of reasonably priced and fashionable French shoe companies.

Because the majority and its sales are made online, this brand was founded as one and still is now.

It all began accompanied by a bag full of old clothes that Morgane lightly changed and adjusted before selling. After that, the company has released a product every month dubbed “rendez-vous.”

As The B Corp recognised brand, Sézane has gone through rigorous audits to guarantee that its environmental effect is as low as possible while upholding high standards everywhere.

While many of the French shoe brands on our list are glitzy and appear to be out of the price range of common people, Sézane chose a different path.

Their footwear is reasonably priced, manufactured of premium natural resources, and designed to endure a long time while providing the customer with the utmost comfort.

10. John Jacques

Since the company’s founding by an Armenian couple, France’s Saint-Tropez has been home to Jacques and Elise Kéklikian., in 1933, K. Jacques has produced reasonably priced French-made footwear.

Since then, they have grown to include custom shoes, leather goods, jewellery manufactured in France, and accessories.

In particular, their strappy sandals are stylish and feature a hint of Greek design. Your understanding of what I’m referring to will come from their Ebene and Epure collections.

Those who visited the summer at St. Tropez always leaves along with two K. Jacques.

Numerous authors, poets, artists, and other well-known people have been embellished on their shoes, as well as Brigitte Bardot, Picasso, and the previous Minister of Culture.

11. Weston, JM

Édouard Blanchard established JM Weston in 1891, and it initially produced men’s French-made shoes.

Years later, however, they modified the patterns while preserving a masculine appearance and began marketing sneakers and loafers to females since they did not want to leave the women behind.

Their legendary 180-pence loafer, which were first produced in 1946, are still very popular.

The title is a reference from a Massachusetts community that Eugène, Édouard’s son, visited.

When Eugène took over, he grew. business to include selling shoes in America. The business has since established itself as a huge success in both nations.

12. Minelli

Another fantastic contribution to the low-cost French shoe market is Minelli.

Since its founding in 1973, the company has become known for its fashionable and modern footwear. For both men and women, they produce a wide variety of leather products, accessories, and shoes.

The company has adopted an eco-friendly position, but they also seek to guarantee that all of their suppliers, partners, and tanneries uphold rights of the environment and people.

Although they haven’t yet achieved the ideal aim of 100%, they hope to do so soon. Additionally, they are attempting to employ eco-friendly and sustainable collections of materials.

They provide sandals, pumps, and wedges, sneakers, as well as lively and vibrant mules.

13. Clergerie

Although Robert Clergerie founded the company a little over 40 years ago in 1981, several of its ateliers date back to 1895, making them among the earliest in the industry.

Artfully created designs, use of welt for good year raffia palm, leather products fiber in shoes all mark this company as a pioneer in the industry.

The company is renowned for its superb precision and has upheld its standards over time.

Their trademark footwear includes shoes with no backs made of leather, both of which are suitable for business attire.

14. Chatelles

One of those is Chatelles. charming shoe companies from Paris that were founded by François du Chastel.

It is targeted at youthful girls who enjoy wearing stylish shoes for women with tops that feature bows and designs, with comfort being the main priority.

That’s not to suggest Chatelles don’t have Furlanes or regular Mary Janes. But they don’t have any high heels; There is only a selection of flat shoes or shoes with very small heels.

The company also offers a small selection of items for men and children because their target market is women.

Chatelles also offers you the chance to customise your pair. Your initials may be embroidered on the slippers, or you could add colored tassels.

Even Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister, was smitten with the brand.

15. Ba&Sh

close associates Ba&sh was founded in 2003 as a result of Sharon Gless and Barbara Boccara Krief’s desire to develop cosy throughout the day shoes that could be worn with both business and leisure clothes.

All of their footwear is crafted of genuine leather and have cushioned insoles for comfort, allowing you to wear them all day long while exploring the city.

The premium leather that is either is a mixture of suede leather that is soft. or is vegetable-tanned from various European nations.

Their stylish cowboy boots are the best-selling pair of shoes. Along with shoes, they offer a huge selection of apparel, luggage, accessories, and jewellery to match the footwear you purchase.

16. Theodore Dacade

One cannot overlook the magnificent line of shoes created by Laurence Dacade while considering notable French shoemakers.

Similar to Ba&sh, which she established in 2008, this company focuses on footwear that can be worn throughout the day and at night.

It’s a perfect combo to define their shoe line as glitzy and attractive yet also comfortable! Did you know that Laurence also served as the official shoe designer for Givenchy and Chanel?

The company has positioned among itself and the budget and premium price ranges, favoring the latter. Numerous pairs of their classic shoes, including Helie, Angie, and Merli, have been purchased.

17. Peter Hardy

The luxury French footwear line owned by Designed by Pierre Hard in France Designed by Pierre Hard in France was introduced in 1999.

His Olections are okay carved and graphic works of art in and of themselves. He favors and functions with volume, adding a special touch to each pair of shoes.

In addition to the well-known monochrome line, they also offer metallic clothing and a line of footwear with colored panels.

This collection is available by order only and is limited edition due to the time required to make one piece.

Being an eco-friendly brand, he has a whole collection made from recycled and up cycled materials that is devoted to the planet.

The Top French Shoe Brands: Final Thoughts

Considering that France has a lot of shoe brands, compiling the 17 on this list of the finest French shoe brands was no easy task, but I completely pulled it off, didn’t I? (Sarcasm intended!) Okay, I’ll end now.

This French shoe company has considered everything, including street wear, casual wear, and work wear.

Choose one of these manufactured in France shoes subsequent to you’re deciding what to dress like a a lunch meeting a night out with your girlfriends since they promise comfort, style, and longevity.

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