21 Top Activities In Nosara, Costa Rica

Small coastal communities are what first attracted tourists to Costa Rica. These remote, frequently difficult-to-access towns are the ideal getaway for tourists. Nosara is among the greatest, by the way!

On the Peninsula of Nicoya is a town called Nosara, Costa Rica, which has developed from a remote surf spot to a busy traveller destination that is now a touch more posh than hippy over time.

This won’t appeal to everyone, of course. Nosara is clearly not an inexpensive place to visit or stay. Nosara, Costa Rica, a leading vacation spot for 

surfers, Everyone, including families, couples, and groups, thanks to its incredible surf practically all year round and safe environment for tourists.

The top, other things as well activities to Nosara information you should know before visiting, are included here to assist you in planning your forthcoming trip.

Nosara’s activities

21 Top Activities In Nosara, Costa Rica
Nosara, Costa Rica

1. Appreciate breathtaking coastal sunsets

You’ll notice that the town is incredibly peaceful late afternoon throughout your visit. This is the time to gather your belongings, a few beverages, and your camera, then leave for the beach.

Nosara’s beach is crowded at dusk with tourists and residents who travel to take in the scenery and the sporty surfers. The ideal time to visit the beach is right now, without a question!

Find a position on the sand by arriving an hour before dusk. Once you have a beverage in your hand, you may unwind, smile, and simply enjoy the present. Or, go swimming or surfing!

Out front of Villas at Nosara Beach, on the beach’s northern end, is where it gets the most traffic. Approach Baker’s Beach Entrance from the south to avoid the throng.

2. Surf, then more surfing

The beach breaks at Guiones Beach were the primary factor in drawing visitors beginning with, to Nosara. Guiones has waves to the In both directions, & using 7 kilometres of beach, there is enough for everyone.

Surfing waves are available throughout the year. However, between March and November is the ideal period for surfing in Nosara. Since it’s also the off-season, surfers take advantage of the cheaper costs and reduced crowds.

Surfers in the intermediate to expert level can rent a board or their own items. one for $15 to $20 each for a day board that performs well. in town. If you’re planning to remain for a while, Weekly rentals are also offered.

It’s preferable to take a lesson at Nosara if you’re a beginner or have little experience surfing. bringing a guide along is a wonderful idea, preferably on your initial visit because the swells can be rather large. As you may expect, there are many surf schools in the area.

Learning to surf at the The excellent Oceania Surf School experience. They offer the greatest particularly if you obtain Dany, teachers in town!

The South Nosara location is the primary downside. Another reputable surf school around North Nosara is called CR Surf Nosara School.

I feel obligated to inform visitors relating to Guiones Beach’s stingrays as well. Even though being stung is uncommon and rarely fatal, it does happen. 

By using the “ski shuffle” as you enter the water, you may easily avoid this. This alerts them to your presence and keeps you from unintentionally treading on one, which is the only way you can get stung.

There are worse seasons that year than some, but 2021 in particular had terrible Decembers. Although it hurts, 

You should immediately treat the injured region using warm water (which destroys the poison) and then go to the nearest If necessary, a doctor.

3. Visit Playa del Osional to observe the turtles.

One of Costa Rica’s most remarkable animal occurrences can be found at Playa del Otional. When a large number of turtles arrive at the shore simultaneously.

burrow on a beach, where they lay eggs This is known as an arribada. Around a prior to a new moon, during the wetter months, the event takes place.

Reservation tours can be purchased by travellers to Nosara for about USD $60 These travel to at sunset on the beach and depart extremely in the early hours of the day or at night. 

Literally hundreds or even a huge number of turtles can be viewed at once. One of Costa Rica’s top experiences, undoubtedly!

On the currently available trip, we were two days too late to see eggs laid by turtles.. Though we did witness babies hatching and making their way to the sea.

Most tour operators will advise against attending the grownup turtles when they aren’t, however, we persisted since even viewing the young turtles is an amazing experience!

Numerous tour operators in the area offer group excursions for USD $60 each to Ostional Beach. These tours, however, 

essentially simply involve transportation in and out of the beach. Make a reservation after your arrival if that is what you say you wish to do.

Booking the Wildlife Conservation Association’s tour that you took, however, will allow you to become knowledgeable about the arribada and turtles (in-depth). 

In addition to transportation and a trip within the Sandon the sand, their excursion includes a discussion with a specialist about the phenomenon. The finest experience is this one, which $150 USD.

4. At the cafe Destiny, there is coffee and brunch.

Most people will either surf first thing in the morning in Nosara or get their day started slowly after consuming too many cocktails. Regardless, Destiny Cafe is the greatest location to recharge as of today.

Breakfast and brunch dishes where Destiny Cafe are delectable and include fresh, regional ingredients. It’s all the mouthwatering food you see on Instagram but can never seem to track down.

The spiralized sweet potato, hollandaise sauce and poached eggs in the Destiny Eggs Nest (seen above) were delicious! 

The benedict eggs or the truffle avocado toast were Bailey’s favourites. But everything was stunning. Additionally, they offer tasty smoothie bowls, shakes, juices, and coffee.

You won’t be alone if you decide to attend brunch. If you can, arrive early because there is sometimes a wait outside the cafe’s door is Destiny. 

Having said that, you typically don’t. You must wait more than ten or fifteen minutes and the service is outstanding. Though, as you watch all the delectable food arrive, this may seem to take forever!

5.Take a look at additional beaches near Nosara.

Although Guiones Beach is the busiest and greatest Nosara’s beach, there are more beaches to discover nearby. Even some of them have special characteristics that you should look into.

It starts with Playa Pelada., which is located beyond Guiones Beach. Here’s me. favourite beach to stroll down as a result of so much to see more. 

For instance, In addition to a blowhole that shoots water into the air to the south and tidal pools to the north of the beach, they create plenty of noise.

Playa Pelada There are powerful ocean currents., however Nosara and Playa Pelada are both protected by a lifeguard station. At Playa Pelada, 

In addition, there are several fantastic locations where you can have a dish or a drink and see the ocean. One is the Olgas Restaurante Bar, which is reasonably priced considering its location. The next item Listed here is, however, my favourite!

Playa Nosara is located further up north. Even surfers frequently avoid this beach because it is so deserted.

You can stroll to a few small beaches in the south when the tide is low. A stunning beach called Rosada Playa is located 40 min. approximately by foot from Nosara, a popular tourist destination. 

At low tide, you can go to the beach; just make sure you elude the tide by going out again. Due to the sand’s pale pink colour, Pink Beach is another name for this beach. (For further information, see blog post number 21.)

most desirable tide pools in the vicinity can be found at Playa Cuarzo, which is a little farther away.

If you drive, you can explore Playa Garza even further south. This beach is protected by a reef, making it the best spot in the vicinity for swimming. 

There is a little village nearby with a few independent eateries and stores. The atmosphere here is unquestionably very different from Nosara’s.

6. in La Luna, for supper or cocktails at dusk.

the Moon is the perfect location in Nosara for a delicious meal or a drink while the sun sets. The setting of the restaurant is magnificent, just on Playa Pelada’s southern edge. La Luna also boasts stunning, elegant-yet-simple decor.

Your primary motivation for attending supper is undoubtedly to indulge in some delectable cuisine; in reality, La Luna is among Nosara’s top eateries. 

Fortunately, La Luna provides excellent meals including pizza, tacos, and ceviche, falafel, shellfish, and more. Examine some of the cocktails. to go with your dinner. The zeal mojito is one of my favourites!

La Luna offers reasonable prices for the level of quality and service. A full course should cost about $25 USD, and a beverage should cost about $6 to $7 

Be careful to make reservations visit their Facebook page beforehand or by phone if you wish to go for a sunset supper.

7. Explore the Biological Reserve of Nosara on foot.

In the north of the city, close to Nosara Beach, lies the small natural reserve known as the Nosara Biodiversity Reserve, which is owned and managed by the Lodge Lagrata. 

Numerous animals may be found in the area, and Rio Nosara, where borders the reserve and offers the perfect place where wildlife can flourish, is located there. There are trails across the reserve’s over 90 acres of protected land.

Visitors who are not hotel guests must pay $6 USD to enter the Nosara Biological Reserve; however, hotel guests are not charged this fee. In exchange, 

you receive a trail map and reserve information. The cost of a tour guide varies based on the number of people in the group.

Along the trails, you can spot hundreds of different types of wildlife, such as iguanas, anteaters, armadillos, and howler monkeys. The beginning of the day, when most animal life is active, is the best time to visit. In addition, the temperature is colder now!

8.Guinness Brewing Co.. serves artisanal beer.

When Guiones Brew Co. in Nosara finally opened, I was over the moon. The only item that was missing from Nosara was craft beer, which I really adore. Even though they often just put some beer on. draught, they excel at what they do.

Although the IPA is undoubtedly my favourite, Also available is a delicious Pale Ale.. Additionally, the wood-fired pizzas at Guiones Brew Co. are well-known. They are flavorful, inexpensive, and go great with a craft brew.

They have a good Pale Ale, though I must admit that the IPA is my favourite. Additionally, Guiones Brew Co. is highly recognised for its wood-fired pizzas. They go well with a craft brew and are tasty and affordable.

  1. Do some yoga to stretch.

Yoga is one of the nicest things to practise and is linked with Nosara. Nosara is home to numerous yoga studios and is known as a centre for health and wellness. There are a variety of offerings, including drop-in workshops, intensive retreats, and even yoga courses.

If, like me, you only practise yoga sometimes, Nalu Studio is a fantastic choice. Nearly every day, they have community classes that are routinely scheduled. They also provide meditation, breathwork, and exercise classes. Drop-in tuition for all classes is $15 USD.

If you’re more serious about yoga, Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort offers regular yoga retreats that last for a week. They certainly aren’t cheap, but they include your lodging, three meals a day, and 2 to 3 yoga sessions per day. They also have daily classes open to the public 

Regardless of your experience or passion for yoga, you can find a class in Nosara to suit your needs! 

10. Canopy/zipline tour

Most people think about the beaches while considering Nosara’s exploration. The mountains, though, what about them? 

You may explore the lush jungle that covers the slope and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Nosara by taking a canopy tour.

The canopy trip with Miss Sky is the most well-liked activity in Nosara. Their 11-kilometre canopy tour is the longest in the world. 

The tour includes 21 ziplines, each of which is around 500 metres long. The tour also stops at a waterfall, and it concludes with a zipline ride into a five-story structure.

Choose Nosara, Costa Rica, if you’re going to take a canopy tour there.

11. Tour of the Mala Noche Falls

Let’s discuss Mala Noche Waterfall while we’re discussing the mountains! This cold waterfall is the ideal place to cool off and is found in the Nosara mountains.

Join Monkey Quads on their ATV trip for the finest way to discover Mala Noche. You’ll ride through the mountains and arrive at the waterfall, where you can jump off it to cool yourself in the pool below. A good way to spend the day is this!

You may simply rent an ATV from Monkey Quads for the day and go off on your own to explore the waterfall. Because the waterfall is not visible on Google Maps, merely ask for directions and a map.

12. mounting a horse 

Unquestionably, one of the most well-liked activities in Nosara is horseback riding. There are many pathways across the region that are utilised to travel through the mountains, 

rivers, and dense vegetation. In reality, horses were crucial to the early development of many of Costa Rica’s small coastal villages as farming communities.

You’ll set out on this hour-long horseback riding tour with your new acquaintance to explore the area. You’ll pass through rivers, see monkeys, and even wash the horses at the end of the journey.

It’s a joyful and exciting experience, and they even provide kids’ ponies in addition to the necessary safety equipment. Most significantly, you will ride exceptionally well-kept and groomed horses.

We don’t generally ride horses since Bailey has quite severe allergies. In fact, when her skin erupts, it’s frightening!

13. Approach Hermosa Nosara Mirador by foot

I came across a vantage point between Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada while visiting Nosara. The short but steep climb up the cliff, known as Mirador Hermosa Nosara, is a terrific place to unwind and take in the sights at dusk.

You may easily get to the viewpoint from town by strolling to Playa Guiones and continuing north along the beach until you encounter a massive granite wall. Once there, the inclining path to the top will be obvious.

Please be advised that there is a cliff face on the opposite side of the steep trail that leads to the top. Children or anyone with mobility concerns should not do this.

14. Hire a golf cart. 

A golf buggy is one of the greatest ways to navigate Nosara. Nosara is a little town, yet you still have to walk a lot of distances on dirty roads. People hire golf buggies for their trip in order to save time and engage in exciting activities.

Due to how in demand rentals are, it is unfortunate for us that we never reserve them in time. When booking your trip, you can rent golf buggies from companies like Nosara Paradise Rentals, Nosara Prime, Limo Dan, and more.

A four-person golf buggy may be rented for a day for as little as $65 USD. In addition, they impose daily costs of $50 USD each week. As I already mentioned, the strong demand for golf buggies during the busiest season necessitates earlier reservations.

15. Spend the day in Selina’s pool.

One of the nicest hostels in the world is the Selina Hostel in Nosara. According to rumours, the building was formerly a five-star resort that shut down and is now the most 

well-liked (and pricey) hostel in Costa Rica. We just visited the Selina to enjoy the pools for the day because the pricing for a room there was outrageous.

Since Selina is a hostel, a day pass there costs $20 USD, and it’s a rather active area to chill out and unwind. Take a drink from the bar, swim in the pool, or simply sit back and take in the weather. A visit to Selina is a lot of fun!

16. Stay at a lavish hotel or forest villa.

The chance to withdraw into the mountains and be totally enveloped by nature is one of my favourite things about Nosara. The best part is that doing so doesn’t require sacrificing comfort.

There are a few hotels in Nosara that have stunning ocean views and are encircled by thick jungle. So instead of spending all of your time at the beach, why not spend some time in the jungle instead?

My top pick for rainforest escapes is Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel. The hotel is stunning in every way, and the views are unrivalled. You’ll enjoy your time here whether you choose to unwind in the pool or indulge yourself at the spa.

Villa Gullwing is a fantastic choice if you’re travelling in a big group and desire more seclusion. Up to nine guests can sleep in this Airbnb-style home, which also boasts a private pool and views of the ocean.

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry either. I have a fantastic choice that’s shockingly affordable! The rooms at the stunning Villa Mango B&B cost about $110 USD per night (far too little!). You receive ocean views, a tiny pool, and a fantastic breakfast for that price!

17. Explore Pink Sand Beach (Playa Rosada)

This amazing boat cruise to a stunning beach is one of the more unusual things to do in Nosara. On trips with Tico Tours Nosara, you may travel by boat to Pink Beach, one of the few pink sand beaches in the world, where you can swim, unwind in tide pools, and take pictures of the pink sand.

As a fantastic destination to visit from Nosara, I highlighted the beach up top (Playa Rosada). Basically, the tour replaces the need to walk there with a boat ride, and it also includes a guide.

In my perspective, the tour is pricey. I like going on my own when I travel. Nevertheless, I can appreciate that some people don’t want to deal with the trouble of worrying about tide times and making the hot beach walk.

18. Visit boutiques to shop

Small boutique stores selling apparel are common in Nosara, which is surprising for a small seaside town. Bailey did a lot of shopping while we were there. Sincere to say, I don’t blame her. We had to go shopping everywhere we went.

Bailey really went shopping at WLDFLWRS, which is attached to the brewery, while I sipped a craft beer. Love Nosara and MaderArte are a couple more fantastic shopping destinations.

Although the quality is great, these boutique shops are not exactly inexpensive. The nicest part is that you can bring something special home with you!

19. Swim with the fish in San Juanillo Bay.

San Juanillo Bay, a tiny bay close to Nosara, is the ideal location for snorkelling. A coral reef in the bay is home to several aquatic animals, 

including pufferfish, turtles, fish, sharks, and eels. Tours to the San Juanillo are highly well-liked, and the water is renowned for its excellent visibility.

One of the more well-known organisations offering tours to San Juanillo is Tico Tours Nosara. You’ll ride an ATV to the beach and then arrive at the 

water’s edge to begin your guided exploration. Get a chance to see a tonne of wildlife, take in the stunning white sand beach, and even consume fresh coconuts.

I had a wonderful day out overall. Without a doubt, this ranks among the top things to do in Nosara. The tour costs $90 USD per person, with an additional $50 USD for each additional participant (shared ATV.)

You may also rent snorkelling equipment from The Frog Pad in town and take a taxi or your own vehicle to the beach to save money. The trip takes 35 minutes.

20.Go to Gabi’s Place to eat

Take a group that frequently struggles to pick where to dine at Gabi’s Place if you’re travelling with them. The outdoor food court Gabi’s is situated in Nosara. 

In Gabi’s, there are seven dining options, and they offer a wide range of cuisines, including vegan, Italian, steak, regional Costa Rican, sushi, and seafood.

Visit Soda La Barra for a $5 USD Casa do or treat yourself to a steak at La Brasa. Whatever the case, even the most discerning eaters will find something here. Then, return your dinner to the same table and enjoy it with your dining companions!

21. devour vegan fare

For vegetarians, Nosara is a wonderful destination. There are several excellent vegan eateries in the area, so even those who are normally sceptical should try out a few of them.

LuvBurger is one of Nosara’s most well-known vegan eateries. They have a large selection of burgers on their totally vegan menu, as the name would imply.

Naked Foods is another eatery in a similar vein. They have a large selection of bowls, burgers, falafel, and even a “fillet no fish,” and the cuisine is excellent.

For vegan tacos, burritos, and even pad thai, check out Symbiosis. They are situated in the previously mentioned food court named Gabi’s Place, so even if your pals aren’t vegan, they have other options as well!

Nosara, Costa Rica lodging options

Let’s clarify something first before you choose where to stay in Nosara. The Playa Guiones area is where you want to stay, not Nosara. 

The best restaurants and stores are not located in the town of Nosara, nor is it close to the beach. They are all gathered in a tiny downtown area close to the ocean.

Stay at Selina Nosara if you’re on a tight budget. Even if this hostel is on the pricey side, it’s still worthwhile to pay more. The hostel features a lovely pool and numerous 

daily free activities. The best hostel I’ve ever seen is without a doubt this one! Booking.com or Hostelworld both accept reservations for this hostel.

Hostel Nicoa is a fantastic choice if you’re really on a tight budget and don’t mind not being near the beach.

If you have a little more money, your possibilities are significantly better. The Sunset Shack, which costs about $250 USD per night, is my best pick. The hotel features a pool, is in a great location, and is near to the beach.

Suppose you enjoy travelling in style. You’re in luck because Nosara has lots of accommodations in this price range. If you want a resort-style stay near the beach with 

opulent amenities, The Gilded Iguana is undoubtedly among the best. Moana Surf Resort is another excellent choice with rooms with ocean views.

Live it up!

What a great selection of activities there are in Nosara, Costa Rica. Sincerely, it comes as no surprise that this is one of the finest beach locations in the nation. It’s gorgeous!

I hope this guide has aided in the planning of your next trip and has given you all the details you require regarding things to do in Nosara. 

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