5 Of The Best Mini Golf Courses In Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach, Florida offers a variety of fun experiences, including beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants, and more. However, if you’re searching for an activity that can please everyone in the family, mini-golf courses is an ideal choice.

You need go no further than these five thrilling locations if you’re searching for the greatest mini golf courses in Panama City Beach.

1. Golf And Racetrack At Hidden Lagoon

Hidden Lagoon Golf and Racetrack offers more than just mini-golf for those seeking additional activities. You can spend a relaxed weekend with your family and enjoy some rounds of mini-golf on their pristine course.

If you’re seeking more than just mini-golf, Hidden Lagoon Golf and Racetrack is a must-visit in Panama City Beach, Florida. This family-owned and operated attraction offers a green and tidy mini-golf course perfect for a peaceful Saturday with the family.

But there’s more to explore here, with an exciting racetrack that lets both adults and older kids hop on a Go-Kart and speed around with the wind in their hair.

Meanwhile, younger children can have fun on the exciting mini-golf course. Additionally, the site boasts two golf courses, which means you can spend less time waiting behind other groups and avoid feeling pressured by the impatient group behind you.

Hidden Lagoon Golf and Racetrack in Panama City Beach, Florida is not just your typical mini-golf spot. In addition to a clean and enjoyable course.

This family-owned and operated attraction also offers an exciting racetrack that both kids and adults can enjoy. While the little ones have fun on the golf course, adults and older children can race go-karts around the track.

What’s more, there are two golf courses on-site, so you won’t have to wait long to start your game. Another great feature of Hidden Lagoon is their food stand, Crazy Bob’s, which offers snacks and drinks to keep you fueled and refreshed during your visit.

Though they don’t serve alcohol, you’ll find plenty of soft drinks and water to keep you hydrated in the Florida sun.

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2. Park For Family Fun In Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek Family Fun Park is an exhilarating amusement park that caters to children, providing two challenging yet enjoyable 18-hole mini-golf courses. In addition.

The park has a massive maze that both kids and adults can explore and uncover thrilling surprises along the way.

That’s great to know! Having separate golf courses and efficient management can definitely make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

That sounds like a great place for families to spend a fun day together. Having multiple activities to choose from means there’s something for everyone, and the playground and maze are a nice addition to the mini-golf courses.

It’s always great to see places that priorities safety and cleanliness, especially when it comes to activities for children.

You will need to bring your own snacks or leave the area to obtain food because they do not sell food here. Many people appreciate the discounts they provide for group activities or weekday visits, which makes it an incredibly affordable place to go on an adventure.

3. Journeys Of  Beachfront 

In addition to mini-golf, The Beachfront Adventures has a lot more to offer. The fun never stops at this location because they offer bumper cars and go-karts in addition to their difficult and thrilling golf courses.

They even have bumper vehicles that can revolve 360 degrees, which can spin you around the track in an exciting yet disorienting experience. The go-karts are enjoyable for older kids and adults who want to drive quickly and experience more excitement than just a hole-in-one!

In addition, beer and pizza are available there! Hence, while the kids continue playing golf or driving Go-Karts, the grownups may unwind with a beer and just take in the wonderful weather in Panama City Beach.

Considering all of its amenities, this mini-golf course is among the most reasonably priced in the area. Even golf is free for children under five, and beer is reasonably priced.

4. Golf Adventure On Pirates Island

One of the top mini golf courses in Panama City Beach is Pirates Island Golf Adventure since it is open to players of all ages and features a kid-friendly pirate theme. They boast that visitors will have a blast whether they are three years old or 93 years old.

The mini-golf course is a lot of fun to play because it begins next to a lush lagoon and leads you past fictitious shipwrecks and through muggy tunnels.

Where the pirates are said to have hidden their loot. Little children may find golf a bit tedious, but on this course, they’ll be excited to play every hole that takes them to a new location in their pirate adventure.

As it includes a thoughtfully balanced mixture of challenging holes and simple ones, even the worst golfers may feel a sense of accomplishment on this mini-golf course.

Which is why many locals and visitors in the Panama City Beach area consider it to be the ideal one. The top golfers in your group won’t be bored either, though.

The staff does all necessary to make the experience enjoyable, and the course is always kept in good condition. Even a large family can afford to play here, but unhappily you have to leave the course to get food and drink.

5. Center For Family Recreation In Emerald Falls

Families may do a number of fun things at the Emerald Falls Family Recreation Center while on vacation in Florida. In addition to the two immaculate 18-hole golf courses, there are Go-Karts, a lovely playground for kids, and an amazing arcade.

The Kid’s Kingdom playground for children resembles a little theme park in many ways! They can fly a Red Baron aeroplane and travel on the Rio Grande Railroad in motion, respectively. So even if kids are too little to drive the Go-Karts, they can still experience the thrill!

Now is your time to expose the kids to these enduring video games if you enjoy the vintage arcade games Atari and Pong. Enjoy the flashing lights and retro sounds of an arcade while you take a break from the hot Florida sun.

Although there is no food or drink available here, and sometimes the personnel is subpar, the sheer number of attractions in one handy location makes this one of the greatest mini golf courses in Panama City Beach.

The Final Reflections

All five mini-golf courses will be enjoyable, but some offer more than others. Pick a place that provides a little bit of everything, whether you want easily accessible meals or something more thrilling like go-karts!

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