A Review of the Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes specificallyA Review of the Eagle Creek Packing Cubes;

Traveling presents a host of challenges, from lost luggage to uncomfortable flights. But there’s one problem every traveler must face:

packing. It’s a task most of us dislike, but I discovered a solution that has made my travels easier.

I use Eagle Creek Packing Cubes. And they have transformed the way I pack and make life on the road much simpler.

I was curious about the popularity of Eagle Creek Packing Cubes but didn’t fully comprehend their purpose until I tried them myself.

The I was blown away by the difference they made in my travel experience. They have become my go-to for every trip and have made packing much more manageable, keeping my stress levels in check.

An Explanation of Packing Cubes

Initially, the idea of packing cubes may not seem appealing as it might bring to mind cumbersome, heavy plastic containers that take up more space. However, that is not the case with packing cubes.

My initial assumptions about packing cubes proved to be incorrect. It wasn’t until I did some research and put them to the test that I truly understood their purpose and benefits.

Contrary to my initial assumption, packing cubes are constructed with lightweight nylon that allows for seamless integration into luggage and backpacks.

The thin but durable material features a sturdy cross stitch pattern that prevents rips from spreading. I’ve been using the same set of Eagle Creek Packing Cubes for the past three years with no signs of tearing or ripping.

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes specifically

In regards to Eagle Creek Packing Cubes specifically, the zippers are sturdy and, with proper care, have proven to be long-lasting.

While other brands of packing cubes may have similar designs and sizes, I prefer the Eagle Creek brand due to their strong performance and positive reviews from users globally.

Furthermore, being a well-established and trusted brand in the travel industry gives me peace of mind.

The set of Eagle Creek Packing Cubes I purchased came with three cubes in varying sizes, including:

The largest cube measures approximately 37cm x 27cm,

The middle cube measures approximately 26cm x 18cm,

and the smallest cube measures approximately 20cm x 12cm.

The varying sizes of the cubes are convenient, allowing for easy organization of clothing by type. I typically use the largest for t-shirts, the smallest for underwear, and the middle for rolled or folded shorts and additional items.

Additionally, at the end of my trip, I find it useful to put dirty clothes in one cube, keeping them separate from the clean clothes. A useful feature.

It’s even more convenient that there are packing cubes available that are specifically designed for separating clean and dirty clothes. Look for these “clean and dirty” cubes, as they can make your life even easier.

The availability of multi-colored packing cubes provides an added convenience to travelers as it allows for easy organization of clothes by color.

Instead of rummaging through a suitcase or backpack searching for a specific item, you can quickly locate it by knowing the color of the cube it is stored in. This eliminates the need to disturb other neatly packed clothes and reduces wrinkling.

However, I personally find the different sizes of Eagle Creek packing cubes sufficient for efficient clothing separation and easy access.

What are the Benefits of Using Packing Cubes?

Packing cubes can be beneficial for those looking to simplify their packing process. Some of the reasons for using them include:

Packing cubes are useful for travelers who are tired of rummaging through a messy suitcase to find their items. These cubes keep everything organized and wrinkle-free, making the packing and unpacking process much more efficient.

As a backpacker, packing cubes are a valuable tool. They save space, which is essential for backpackers, and provide easy access to your belongings, reducing the amount of time spent searching through your backpack. Additionally, they keep everything organized and wrinkle-free.

If you prefer traveling with just a carry-on bag, you’ll appreciate the benefits of using packing cubes. They’ll help you fit more into your hand luggage, making it possible to save money by avoiding checked baggage fees.

If you prefer to keep your clean and dirty clothing separated, packing cubes can help you achieve this.
When traveling with family, packing cubes can be useful in organizing and separating everyone’s clothes within the same luggage.
If you are unable to use a backpack or suitcase, packing cubes can still be an option for you. For example, when living in Bali.

One person used a backpack while the other person rode a scooter and stored their neatly organized clothes in packing cubes under the seat.

The advantages of using packing cubes while traveling are countless and I regret not using them sooner. Now, I will never stop using them.

Using Packing Cubes: A Guide

The use of packing cubes is straightforward. You simply unzip the cube, place your clothes inside, and then zip it back up.

The only consideration is determining the best way to maximize the amount of clothes you can pack, whether you prefer to fold or roll your garments.

I never rolled my clothes before using packing cubes, but now I do. I find that I can fit more clothes into the cubes when I roll them, and they also come out with fewer creases. It’s a personal preference and you may choose a different method.

Before starting the packing process, I make sure that the packing cubes fit the dimensions of my folded clothes by measuring them.

Then, I roll my clothes, such as t-shirts, shorts, and underwear, and neatly place them in the cubes. I repeat this for all my clothes.

After this, I assess the remaining space and fill it up with other items if possible. For example, in my largest packing cube, I can fit around 6 tightly rolled t-shirts, with room for a few more items like folded shorts.

It’s important to keep in mind that the amount of clothes that can be packed in the cubes may vary depending on the size of the clothing.

For example;

For example, if you wear XL or XXL shirts like I do, you can fit around 6 rolled-up t-shirts in the largest packing cube. However, if you wear smaller sizes, you may be able to fit even more.

In the small cubes, I usually pack my shorts and underwear.

The smallest cube from Eagle Creek works great for keeping my socks and underwear organized. Additionally.

It’s worth mentioning that the capacity of the cubes can vary based on your clothing size. For instance, someone who wears XL or XXL shirts may have a different experience compared to someone who wears smaller sizes.

“Capacity of Packing Cubes”

The amount of items that can fit in packing cubes varies based on the size of the cubes and the items you want to pack. I primarily use my Eagle Creek packing cubes for summer items such as T-shirts, shorts, underwear, a ball cap, and swimwear.

Essentially, I am confident that I can pack the following items in my Eagle Creek packing cubes:

6 XXL T-shirts, 2 pairs of walking shorts, 1 pair of boardshorts, 7 Jockey underpants, 2 boxer shorts, and 1 baseball cap can all be packed into the Eagle Creek packing cubes.


I have become more efficient in my packing techniques over time, and now I can fit more items into my packing cubes than when I first started using them.

Where to Acquire Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

This review has been mainly focused on the use of packing cubes, with an emphasis on my personal experience with the Eagle Creek brand.

I am highly satisfied with them and would recommend them to anyone considering trying out packing cubes for the first time.

And picked Eagle Creek for my packing cubes after conducting thorough research and evaluating different brands by reading reviews on Amazon, trying out friends’ brands, and examining products in stores.

 I found Eagle Creek to be the best in terms of quality and value compared to the other options.

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes have proven to be a great choice for me due to their durability and strength.

The material used in their construction is strong and rip-resistant, and the zippers are reliable. Despite the cubes being stretched and strained.

They are still able to accommodate extra items without breaking or tearing. Over the course of 4 years, they have held up well and continue to perform optimally.

Where to Find the Range of Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

If you’re interested in exploring the options of Eagle Creek Packing Cubes, simply follow the link below to see the entire collection.

My Eagle Creek Packing Cubes that I bought a few years back are still in good condition. The same pack is not available now but a better and updated version of it can be purchased.

I plan to upgrade to it in the future, but the current cubes are durable enough that I have not had the need to replace them yet.

You can find a 3-piece set in the latest design by following the link.

The Eagle Creek Specter Starter Pack is another option available, and it has the latest design for packing “foldables” like dresses, formal shirts.

Or delicate items that you don’t want to roll up. I am eager to try it out when I upgrade my current packing cubes.

Other Variations

Aside from the classic packing cubes, you may also want to consider the compression cubes option. I haven’t tried these yet, but I have used vacuum-sealed bags while snow skiing.

Which really compresses down jackets. Based on reviews, these compression cubes should save a lot of space. Check them out at the link provided.


I highly recommend Eagle Creek Packing Cubes to anyone who travels frequently or wants to efficiently save space and time when packing for a trip.

These packing cubes have had a significant impact on my travel experiences.

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