Beaches In Bonita Springs (Little Hickory Or Bonita Beach Park)?

Do you want to find the best Bonita Springs beaches? Great! The right place is here for you!

Bonita Springs, Florida, is a town that is very close to Naples (initially called Survey). Naples and Bonita Springs, which we found to be a smaller, more laid-back version of Naples’ larger counterpart, had a similar vibe.

People frequently travel to Bonita Springs because it is less touristy than Naples and offers more private beaches. The majority of people who live in Bonita Springs are retired.

Not that Bonita Springs is a brand-new community. In fact, there is proof that people have been visiting the area’s lovely beaches for 8,000 years.

Naples and Bonita Springs both offer gorgeous beaches. With our detailed guide, you can compare the beaches in Bonita Springs and Naples, Florida, here.

The beaches in Bonita Springs are unquestionably among the nicest things to do there.

Little Hickory Beach Park

Because Little Hickory Beach Park’s beach is so breathtaking, it’s no wonder travelers consider it the best beach in Bonita Springs.

Both families and couples will enjoy it here.

A spotless stretch of shoreline is ideal for romantic afternoon strolls and will appeal to couples.
The quiet, shallow water, as well as the amenities like beach showers, restrooms, and parking with easy beach access, will appeal to families.

This location is where we discovered the greatest sunsets. At Bonita Beach Park, we were unable to locate a park.

A nice area to find lovely shells is Little Hickory Beach Park. Florida has a fantastic beach for shelling. The shore is covered with a profusion of shells. We suggest going to the beach around sunrise if you want to find a particularly nice one.

We adore how many creatures there are at the beach. At Little Hickory Beach Park, dolphin sightings have been observed. Despite our lack of luck, we saw many birds at the beach.

A free parking area is available across the street from the beach, but you must arrive early because spaces fill up quickly! Otherwise, there is $2 per hour metered parking available right at the beach.

Bonita Springs Beaches

The beaches in Bonita Springs are perfectly situated for breathtaking sunsets.

At Bonita Springs, the sky will transform into a stunning orange color every day at sunset.

At 5.30 p.m., locals and visitors alike rush to the beaches in search of a park where they can watch birds soar over orange skies.

Beaches in or close to Bonita Springs are listed below:

  • Little Hickory Beach Park
  • Bonita Beach Park
  • Dogs Beach
  • Loudermilk Park
  • Naples Beach
  • Clam Pass Beach Park
  • Vanderbilt Beach
  • Delmer Wiggins State Park
  • Bluebill Beach
  • Marco Island Beaches

Little Hickory Beach Park and Bonita Beach Park are the two primary public beaches in Bonita Springs. Little Hickory Beach Park was more convenient for us and just as lovely, so we liked it.

Fort Myers and Sanibel Island beaches may be reached from Bonita Springs in only 30 minutes by car.

Located in Bonita Beach

Bonita Beach
Located in Bonita Beach

In Bonita Springs, we found Bonita Beach Park to be the most popular beach, despite Little Hickory Beach Park’s ranking on TripAdvisor.

This is undoubtedly the “it” location in the region to watch the sunset because we were unable to secure a park. Come early if you want to see the sunset here.

A beautiful beach is always available at Bonita Beach Park. The white sand and clear, gorgeous ocean awed us as we visited the beach in the middle of the day.

The beach’s amenities and surroundings are quite comparable to those of Little Hickory Beach Park because they are so close by.

Since there are no stores nearby and just Doc’s restaurant, which also rents jet skis and kayaks, you should bring whatever food and beverages you want to consume for the day with you.

Due to the quiet, shallow water and amenities like beach showers, restrooms, and parking, it is favored by families, much like Little Hickory..

The entrance to Bonita Beach Park is free, however parking is metered and costs $2 per hour.

Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park

Its wildlife beach is located in Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park.

The beach is not only beautiful and undeveloped, but it is also a great place to witness a variety of species, such as gopher tortoises.

The water is relatively shallow and peaceful, just like all the other beaches in Bonita Springs, making it ideal for young children.

You can rent kayaks to paddle through the mangroves if you’re an adult or have older kids.

It costs $8 USD for those who do not live in the neighborhood to access this beach.

Dogs Beach

If you’re traveling with a furry buddy, make sure to stop at Dogs Beach in Bonita Springs, where dogs are allowed to run loose without a leash.

Many of the “happiest dogs in the world” can be found at Dogs Beach.

 The Dogs Beach even offers dog showers at the exit so that your dog may clean up before getting in the car.

This Dogs Beach is only recommended if you have a dog or don’t mind getting messy.

Dogs Beach is situated beside a swamp. Dogs Beach’s entry is a bit on the muddy side.

Naples Beaches – Beaches near Bonita Springs

Naples Beaches are only a hop, skip, and a jump away, so you may visit them even if you decide to stay in Bonita Springs.

What to do in Bonita Springs?

When you’re not taking advantage of Bonita Springs’ fantastic beaches, you might want to check out some of the other fantastic things to do there, such as:

Naples Florida beaches include:

Clam Pass Beach Park

Beaches in Naples

Vanderbilt Beach

Loudermilk Park

Marco Island Beaches

Delnor Wiggins State Park

Bluebill Beach

Locally, Loudermilk Park and Naples Beach are popular public beaches.

Naples Beach is a fantastic destination, especially if you enjoy walking. Naples is not only a great beach, but also the home of the Naples Municipal Beach Pier.

One of the few areas in Florida where you can fish without a license is Naples Municipal Beach Pier.

A lot of hip bars and eateries are also located close to Naples Beach.

Loudermilk Park was our favorite beach in the Naples area since we saw a pod of dolphins swimming very close to the shore there.

At Lowdermilk Beach Park, there was a man fishing in water that was about waist deep, and the dolphins literally approached him.

Everglades Wonder Gardens

If this journey won’t allow you to see the Everglades National Park, you could choose to visit the Everglades Wonder Gardens near Bonita Springs.

Families who travel there frequently enjoy it because admission just costs a few dollars and there are many different animals to see, such as alligators and pink flamingos.

The ability to feed the flamingos with your hand is one extremely cool feature.

U-Pick Farmer Mike’s U-Pick Farmer Mike’s

Visit Farmer Mike’s U Pick in Bonita Springs to choose some of your own fresh veggies.

Farmer Mikes is highly praised by the community for the quality of its locally sourced produce. It’s hard to find heirloom tomatoes as good as those from Farmer Mike.

The reasonable prices of Farmer Mikes are one of its main selling points. The price is around half that of a high-end supermarket for comparable quality.

Where to stay in Bonita Springs Florida?

There are numerous places to stay in Naples, Florida.

For a wonderful holiday, we’d suggest staying at these Naples Beach hotels:

3 star – La Quinta Bonita Springs

4 star – Hyatt Bonita Springs

5 star – Ritz Carlton 

We discovered a hotel in Bonita Springs that, given its low cost, we considered to be unsafe. We decided to try it out because of the positive ratings. It worked out fantastically for a cheap choice.

Click here to view the location of our Bonita Springs lodging!

Marketplace on Flamingo Island

Visit the Flamingo Island Flea Market in Bonita Springs if you enjoy bargain hunting or would like to locate a cool antique to bring home with you from your vacation.

The market is open every day, from Friday to Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

It is well known for the odd items that its vendors sell. Typically, they are willing to negotiate.

A public vote led to the closure of the Fort Myers Greyhound Track in Naples, one of the most well-liked attractions in Bonita Springs. Allegations of animal abuse surround the dogs.

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