Best Places To Eat In Cambria

Here is a wide selection of restaurants and coffee shops to choose from in Cambria, a small town by the sea.

There’s something for everyone here, from casual dining to fine dining, as well as seaside views and private fireside tables.

There are a variety of dishes to choose from, ranging from freshly caught fish to locally-raised meat to vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and superfood dishes.

The area offers a variety of restaurants that cater to kids, while there are plenty of patios that welcome pets.

Talented chefs are attracted to Cambria for the same reasons that attract visitors. It’s important for them to enjoy local, fresh ingredients, world-class wine, and stunning views all year round. 

There is no wonder they land here in such large numbers. Take advantage of this opportunity and try everything. In the West Village and East Village, you can find restaurants along Main Street. 

The Moonstone Beach Boardwalk and Moonstone Beach Beach are also great places to eat along Moonstone Drive.

Explore Cambria’s dining scene

Restaurant Linn’s

There are many ways in which Linn sets the standard for dining in Cambria. An iconic Santa Rosa Creek Road fruit stand operated for several years before it became a beloved restaurant.

There is still Linn’s Fruit Bin, operated by Renee and John Linn, located outside of Cambria. Linn’s offered homestyle dishes in the East Village by the corner of Bridge and Main streets.

Specifically, the Cambria olallieberry plays a prominent role in Linn’s menu, because of his connection to Santa Rosa Creek Farm. 

There are olallieberry syrups on pancakes, apple-olallieberry slaws on tri-tip sandwiches, and olallieberry vinaigrettes on salads. 

Olallieberries taste like a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry. Olallieberry lemonade even gets kids involved! Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, take your time exploring the menus. 

Try Linn’s fruit muffins, honey-wheat pancakes, or an omelet for the best homestyle breakfast in Cambria. 

There is nothing better than soups, entree salads, and sandwiches for lunchtime. Try Linn’s “comfort classics” for dinner, including chicken pot pie, pot roast, and down-home meatloaf. 

How about a sweet ending? There’s nothing like a slice of Linn’s olallieberry pie a la mode – but the rest of the extensive dessert menu is also worthwhile.

Robin’s Restaurant

The best farm-to-table and globally-inspired fare has been served at Robin’s Restaurant for decades.

Back in the 1980s, Robin and Shanny Covey owned a health food store that included the restaurant.

The couple decided to close their health food store and focus entirely on the restaurant as their dishes became increasingly popular.

There is one of the largest selections of vegetarian dishes on the Central Coast, continuing the nourishing and healthful origins of the restaurant.

A real feat has been the owners’ commitment to sourcing primarily from farmers’ markets over the years. They may even be wearing their chef’s whites at the Cambria Farmers’ Market on Friday. 

Taking advantage of Robin’s large, welcoming patio is a great way to experience lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

Take advantage of our global menu, which includes Vietnamese spring rolls, Cuban sandwiches, Indian lamb curry, and pesto spring pasta.

The restaurant also offers a kids’ menu. Well-behaved dogs are allowed on its patio when they are leashed. 

There is a very fine wine list available at the restaurant, which features both local and imported wines.

Chest of the Sea

Those seeking a killer view shouldn’t pass up the Cambria seafood restaurant at Sea Chest.

The Sea Chest, founded in 1975 by Jim and Karen Clarke, sits just above Moonstone Beach in a quaint, Nantucket-style building.

All seafood is served at the restaurant, but oysters, clams, shrimp, and scallops are its specialties

Sea bass, king crab legs, Alaskan halibut, clam chowder, and calamari steak are some of the specialties on the menu

There are frequent changes in the menu and specials due to the ever-changing supply of available seafood.

There is always a line at the door since the restaurant is only open for dinner and does not accept reservations (plan accordingly!).

The most popular way to enjoy the sunset on the West Coast while waiting is to have a glass of wine outside.

There are mainly local bottles on the Sea Chest’s wine list, along with some California wine and specialty imports such as prosecco and Champagne. Tip from locals: 

When you arrive at The Sea Chest, remember to pick up cash because the restaurant does not accept checks or credit cards.

Firestone Main Street Grill

The menu at Main Street Grill will be immediately familiar to fans of the Firestone Grill in San Luis Obispo.

All three restaurants are owned by the Billingsley family, including the Firestone Grill in Bakersfield and Fresno.

A tiny hamburger stand in the West Village was the beginning of the Main Street Grill in 1984. Eventually, the stand evolved into a bar and grill serving barbecue tri-tip sandwiches as well as seasoned French fries.

(You may want to avoid eating these fries at all costs.) The Billingsley family still operates the restaurant today, serving juicy burgers, BBQ, onion rings, and fries. 

This casual, flavorful restaurant offers hearty salads, tacos, sausage sandwiches, and a variety of local craft beer and wine.

Bringing kids here is also a great idea. With Main Street Grill’s numerous large-screen TVs, you can watch the game while eating a burger and a pint.

This is Madeline’s

The cozy, refined atmosphere at Madeline’s in Cambria’s West Village is filled with white linens and a cozy atmosphere.

The restaurant serves stuffed quail with wild mushrooms and local greens, as well as pan-seared filet mignon with seasonal vegetables.

There are a variety of salads, fresh seafood prepared nightly, and vegetarian and gluten-free options available here.

You should also try a fresh fruit tart baked in a cinnamon crust or a chocolate truffle mousse cake.

There are many local bottles on the extensive wine list, including Madeline’s own Paso Robles-made wines.

The adjacent Madeline’s wine shop sells a variety of California wines in addition to the ones served in the restaurant.

The elegant surroundings make it easy for you to sip wine before enjoying an elegant French-American meal.

Among Cambria’s most stylish fine dining venues, Madeline’s is sure to please your palate and your appetite.

Moon Indigo

The restaurant serves farm-to-fork American cuisine in a warm, craftsman-style setting in Cambria’s East Village.

The small restaurant is designed to offer many intimate dining spots within its walls, created by owners Jay and Dena.

There are clusters of tables around every corner, making for a quiet and enjoyable treat for you and your family.

Discover a beautiful al fresco dining space as you wander through the restaurant and out onto the heated patio.

There are only dinner options available at Indigo Moon, which serves American classic dishes that have a West Coast twist. 

Tempura-battered fish and chips, lobster bisque, pulled pork sandwiches with red cabbage slaw, and thick pork chops are among the menu items to look out for. 

Seafood and soups made from market ingredients always appear on the special menu. There is an extensive wine list with selections from nearby wine regions like Paso Robles, Edna Valley, and Santa Barbara County. 

The right pairing for any dish can be found with labels like Saxum, Denner, Linne Calodo, and Epoch.

JJs Pizza

You can’t go wrong with JJs Pizza when it comes to finding the best Cambria pizza. At JJs, you’ll find friendly and efficient service, tasty pizza, burgers, sandwiches, drinks, and more in the East Village. 

Think Italian-American pizza parlor fare: pies topped with lots of toppings with a soft, chewy crust. You can build your own pizza after ordering a basket of crunchy-tasty chicken wings and an antipasto salad. 

There are generous small, medium, and large sizes, as well as personal-sized pies available. If you don’t feel like sharing, go for the “Mexican” pizza with spicy beef crumbles, taco cheese, and bell peppers. 

Hearst Castle is nearby, where Marion Davies lived with William Randolph Hearst for many years. 

The “Marion Davies Burger” is named after her. There’s nothing like that burger, which is topped with sauteed mushrooms and cheese. 

Those who enjoy sandwiches will also enjoy the variety of hot and cold sandos available at JJs Pizza. 

The meatball grinder, baked under the broiler with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce, is a highly popular dish. 

If you’re a native, order a sourdough sandwich with turkey, ham, and three kinds of cheese. This easygoing spot offers a limited beer and wine selection, making it the perfect spot for a quick bite or family meal.

The wild ginger

The Asian fusion eatery Wild Ginger on Main Street in Cambria’s East Village is a must-try for Thai food fans. 

The owner and chef of Wild Ginger, Deborah Mok, was born and raised in Singapore. She founded the restaurant in 2002. 

With Singapore’s fusion food culture as a gateway between east and west, Chef Deborah gets inspiration from the region’s traditional food culture. 

At the Friday farmers’ market at the Veteran’s Hall, Chef Deborah purchases local produce for her dishes, which are sometimes traditional and sometimes inventive. 

The menu includes Thai classics such as Pad Thai and Tom Kha Kai, Chinese dishes such as Hunan Beef (made with filet mignon), and Szechuan Tofu. 

An assortment of Asian dishes includes Vietnamese caramelized prawns, Vietnamese BBQ pork, and Indian samosas. 

Take your Asian meal to the next level with imported beers from China, Thailand, India, or Japan, or select a bottle of wine that’s perfect for the cuisine. 

The Wild Ginger Ice Cream Shop makes fresh fruit sorbets every day, so you shouldn’t miss dessert.

Restaurant Black Cat

This French-inspired California restaurant serves farm-to-table cuisine in Cambria’s East Village. 

There are only 45 candlelit tables inside the restaurant, with white linens and fine Riedel stemware.

Founded in 2002, Deborah Scarborough’s unfussy, fresh style is evident in every dish she creates.

This Wine Spectator Award-winning establishment offers a long list of wines from both local and international wineries.

Try the gorgonzola-stuffed fried olives, crispy brussel sprouts, or crab cakes in remoulade sauce with your favorite wine.

There are seafood dishes like wild salmon in sake-miso beurre blanc and Chipotle Shrimp Linguine with corn, tomatoes, scallions, and cilantro among the entrees.

Local produce, grains, and proteins are highlighted in the preparation of classic steaks, lamb, chicken, and duck.

There are also other notable dishes like the award-winning New England Clam Chowder or the lightly seared Romaine Salad with lemon Caesar dressing, asiago cheese, and bacon-jam toast.

Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill

On sunny days, the water sparkles at this Moonstone Beach restaurant, which is a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

On Moonstone Beach, this Cambria institution serves lunch and dinner, plus brunch on Sundays.

(If you are lucky, you may even see a sea lion swimming beneath the patio.) Pets are welcome and the spacious patio overlooks the beach. 

There is something to satisfy every palate on the menu here, ranging from seafood to American dishes.

There are plenty of hearty dishes to choose from, such as Ranch Chicken Salad, smoked cheddar cheeseburgers, and New England Clam Chowder.

The restaurant serves fresh sandwiches, salads, soups, and pasta that are both simple and delicious.

Is a kids’ menu that offers a variety of options, including vanilla ice cream with every order.

Here are many brunch dishes on the menu for Sunday brunch, including oysters Rockefeller, eggs Benedict, and omelets.

There is a full bar, where you can choose from a wide selection of local beers and wines, as well as a variety of spirits.

There is a hidden kitchen

There’s more to The Hidden Kitchen than just a clever name: it’s tucked away on Bridge Street, like a little secret in the. 

Their house soon became known for making superfood smoothies and blue corn waffles, which became local celebrity food.

As a result of their unique flavor pairings and gluten-free and refined sugar-free approach, they were compelled to open a cafe.

This has resulted in The Hidden Kitchen, a mini-eating place covered in ivy and serving smoothies and waffles. What’s that? Savory waffles? Yes. 

Using blue corn waffles as tortillas for tacos is how The Hidden Kitchen uses blue corn waffles.

You can also enjoy a sweet waffle with dark chocolate chips, olallieberry syrup, and coconut whipped cream.

Whether you’re hiking, biking, or walking around Cambria, you’ll be fueled with superfood smoothies, kombucha, and bulletproof coffee.

The Cambria Bakery

Do you want to indulge your sweet tooth? The Cambria area has several bakeries offering delicious pastries, bread, scones, muffins, and more. 

There is no better place to enjoy Cambria’s famous olallieberry pie than Linn’s Easy as Pie Shop & Cafe. Ice cream and coffee are the perfect accompaniment to the iconic dessert. 

There are many other cakes, muffins, and cookies to choose from at Linn’s besides ollalieberry pie.

A selection of breakfast items and cafe pastries can be found at the French Corner Bakery, in addition to espresso drinks and tea.

The cafe also sells sandwiches and multigrain and sourdough bread.

At the Red Moose Cookie Company, you can find a variety of crazy-delicious signature cookies.At the Red Moose Cookie Company, you can find a variety of crazy-delicious signature cookies.

This oatmeal cookie with cinnamon chips, toffee chips, and walnuts might suit your taste. The Root Beer Float combines root beer reduction, ginger, sassafrass, and vanilla bean sugar.

Cafes in Cambria

There is nothing Cambria doesn’t know about caffeine. Discover the buzzing coffee shops in the little seaside hamlet. 

Follow the scent of freshly-roasted coffee beans in the West Village to find Cambria Coffee Roasting Company.

A classic menu of coffee- and espresso-based drinks is served at this small but mighty coffee house.

(Make sure you check out the classic Diedrich roaster when you visit Mojo’s Village Bean!) This coffee shop serves organic espresso drinks, teas, and coffees. 

Try our freshly baked goods, house-made oat bars, or breakfast sandwiches. The ice cream at mojos is also worth the trip back later in the day.

Lily’s Coffeehouse is another East Village location where you can enjoy a slow morning. There are comfortable chairs and flowers growing alongside the glass-covered patio. 

You can enjoy your morning newspaper with a pastry, breakfast sandwich, coffee, espresso, or tea. We also serve soups, salads, and sandwiches later in the day.

Tasting Rooms at Cambria Winery

Visitors can learn about local wines at one of the many wine-tasting rooms on Cambria’s Main Street.

Riesling and Pinot Noir are the specialties of Cutruzzola Vineyards, owned by Francis Cutrazzola and Lisa Miller.

It is located about six miles east of Cambria, so a tasting at Riven Rock Vineyard is truly a local experience.

In the West Village of Cambria, Black Hand Cellars focuses on the mafioso theme.

Their main focus is on red wines, including Rhone and Bordeaux varieties. The Moonstone Cellars, above the West Village, welcomes both wine lovers and novices alike. 

Zinfandel and Tinta Co., a Portuguese outlier, are among the Paso Robles Bordeaux varieties on the mostly red wine list.

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