Best Three Quarter Mattresses

MATTRESSES : If you are looking to buy a three-quarter “3/4” mattress online, you have come to the right place.

Thanks to the surge in the popularity of online mattresses in recent times, it is now easy to purchase custom made mattresses online.

No doubt, you have arrived at this page because you are searching for a substitute 3/4 mattress (sometimes referred to as a short full).

We have investigated and gathered together a compilation of our premier choices for the best three-quarter mattresses available today.

This compilation offers a wide range of options, from high-end to tailored, and even cost-effective selections, to fit any individual’s needs.

At the end of this article, we have made every effort to make sure that you can decide which mattress is the best fit for you.

In 2022, The Top 6 Three Quarter Mattresses

  1. Brooklyn Beddings Signature Hybrid Mattress: Best All-Around Mattress
  2. Eco-friendliest Choice Plush Beds Eco Green Latex
  3. Mattress Insiders Luxury Gel Foam With Organic Cotton: The Best Memory Foam Alternative
  4. Brooklyn Beddings’ Best Value | Relax
  5. The Best Mattress For Custom Comfort Is Divini
  6. The Park Meadow Mattress with Pocketed Coils

Can You Tell Me What The Measurement Of a 3/4 Mattress Is?

A typical 3/4 mattress measures 48 inches wide by 75 inches long.

This mattress is 6 inches less wide and 10 inches shorter than a full-size mattress wider than a twin-size (single) mattress.

Is There a Purpose For 3/4 Mattresses?

3/4-Size Antique Beds: Many antique beds are 3/4 size, so the mattress for them is also 3/4 size.

Getting a mattress that will fit your vintage bed can be challenging, especially considering that some of them require notches to be cut into the corners.

Do not be concerned, we have created a selection of adjustable mattresses to fit all of your vintage bed needs.

RV Mattress: RVs often incorporate unconventional and customized mattress sizes to create additional sleeping options within their unique layouts.

The most commonplace size of an RV mattress is a 3/4 bed.

Gathered below is a selection of the most suitable choices, together with suppliers that are able to manufacture mattresses with rounded corners and cutouts.

A Three-Quarter Mattress Should Be Purchased Before, Keep These Factors In Mind

Usage Intensity: Our collection of mattresses encompasses a wide range of requirements and price points.

Think about how frequently you will be sleeping on your mattress.

If the mattress will be used in an RV as a guest bed or occasional sleep option, a more affordable mattress may be the better choice. But if the bed will be used on a nightly basis, a more luxurious sleeping experience may be desired.

Look for modifications in the layout of your vintage bed or RV. Do you need to trim the edges of the mattress you intend to purchase? Many custom mattress suppliers do not offer refunds for their products.

Ensure that you take multiple measurements of your sleeping platform prior to placing an order.

Price: The higher the cost, the higher the standard of materials and the more extended the life of the mattress. Our top 3/4 mattress option provides a great compromise between excellent materials and an affordable cost.

There Are Three Types Of 3/4 Mattresses Available

Three quarter mattresses, although not as widely available as the majority of other custom size mattresses, are still fairly common.

This suggests that there are numerous options available, and customers can choose from a variety of different kinds.

Hybrid 3/4 Mattress: For the majority of people, a hybrid mattress is the best overall choice.

A hybrid mattress offers a combination of an innerspring or pocketed coil unit and foam to give the best of both worlds.

Customers appreciate the cosiness and cushioning which the popular foam layers provide on top of the firmness, experience, and bounce of an innerspring system.

Brooklyn Bedding’s hybrid mattress in a three-quarter size is our top choice for an all-encompassing selection.

Memory Foam 3/4 Mattress: NASA initially invented and employed memory foam before it became popular in the bedding industry. Memory foam offers superb alleviation of stress, though its particular feel does require some adjustment.

We recommend that individuals who have not yet slept on a memory foam mattress test it out before making a purchase.

Latex 3/4 mattress: A natural and sustainable material is latex, ecologically sound bedding materials on the market. Latex is not only a beloved nutritious choice, but it also provides fantastic stress relief and reinforcement.

The 6 Best 3/4 Mattresses (Short Full) For 2023

1. Signature Hybrid Mattress From Brooklyn

A mattress with excellent overall performance.

Why Customers Love the Best Mattress Overall

Many online purchasers have proclaimed it to be “the best mattress out there.”

This website has earned almost 2,000 five-star ratings.


A mattress with the Brooklyn signature is a combination of an innerspring mattress and foam mattress for the ultimate comfort and support.

This hybrid mattress offers the best of both worlds – the firmness of an innerspring mattress coupled with the cushioning and softness of a foam mattress.

This mattress features the “Titan” technology, which integrates the best features of latex and memory foam to provide a comfortable sleeping experience for a diverse range of requirements.

This mattress is our top pick for being the best all-rounder, as it caters to everyone’s needs. Brooklyn Bedding offers an array of “uncommon sizes,” such as the three quarter size, for their mattresses.

Brooklyn Bedding has been a prominent figure in the mattress industry for years, manufacturing all of its products in-house. By providing a factory direct pricing, this allows clients to receive a top-quality product at a lower price.

Brooklyn Bedding is the proprietor of, a website specializing in mattresses for recreational vehicles. Therefore, if you need a 3/4 mattress for your RV.

you can be sure it will be the right size and that you are buying from a business that is familiar with RVers’ sleeping needs and preferences.

2. Latex Mattress With Eco-Green Mobile Plush Technology

The Greenest Alternative to Latex

Customers value and appreciate the quality products and services they receive.

A premium quality natural latex core surrounded by an organic cotton cover. Earned Greengard’s Gold Certification.


The Plush Beds eco-Green  latex mattress is amongst the select few 3/4-size latex mattresses accessible in the market. Latex offers a great sense of comfort and support, as well as a superior quality experience.

The Eco-Green latex mattress is designed to create a pure and healthy sleeping environment, complemented by an organic cotton cover.

Plush Beds has been involved in the mattress market for an extended period and is committed to conducting business in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner.

They are renowned manufacturers of latex mattresses, so you can purchase with assurance. If you’re looking for a mattress that is three-quarters of the size of a regular latex mattress, this is the top pick in the market.

3. A luxurious Gel foam Made With Organic Cotton

The Most Suitable Memory Foam Choice.

Customers value and appreciate the quality products and services they receive.

A 2-sided mattress that caters to various sleeping styles is available for maximum comfort. Outstanding ratings (over 200 reviews with 5 stars).


Mattress Insider is a renowned name in the custom-made mattress industry.

They specialize in mattresses for recreational vehicles, antique beds, and other hard-to-find sizes. The luxury mattress with gel foam from them is an outstanding memory foam bed and comes at an attractive price.

It is offered to suit, in two different thicknesses, the needs of those with varying budgets and sleeping preferences. The cover is made from luxurious organic cotton and can be easily removed by unzipping.

The capability of taking off the outer layer and rearranging the internal foam layers to adjust the stiffness or flexibility of the mattress is certainly a unique attribute.

4. Mattress Wanderlust

The most cost-effective choice.

Customers value and appreciate the quality products and services they receive.

For a fair cost, a memory foam mattress that is medium-firm. that provides great comfort.


The memory foam mattress Wanderlust is an affordable solution for those looking for a great value mattress. It provides excellent support and comfort for a great price. This mattress is available in multiple levels of thickness.

For those who are of larger stature or plan on sleeping on the mattress for extended periods of time, it is recommended to opt for the 8” thickness option.

The Brooklyn Bedding Company owns, the creator of the Wanderlust mattress.

This company, renowned for its long history of producing mattresses in its own facility, predates the current internet mattress trend.

Consequently, they are able to offer factory-direct prices on all of their mattresses, thus making them an outstanding value.

5. Custom Mattress Builder Tochta

Customized sizes, forms, and amenities that are the best for individual preferences. Customers value and appreciate the quality products and services they receive.

Custom shapes and dimensions can be obtained in a range of sizes and can be purchased via the internet.


Customers can customize the feel and support level of a Tochta mattress in place of their mattress., providing them with the ideal comfort level.

You can select between two different mattresses and have the edges tailored to be rounded or with notches.


  • customizable comfort settings
  • There are different thicknesses available.
  • An endless array of options are available with varying shapes and sizes.

About The Company

With more than two decades of experience and two million satisfied customers, Tochta is renowned for its excellent sleep-related products.

Customers can enjoy complimentary shipping and a 100-day trial period to ensure the mattress is suitable for them prior to buying.

6. The Park Meadow Mattress With Pocketed Coils

The Best Alternative to Innerspring Mattresses.

Customers value and appreciate the quality products and services they receive.

This mattress is perfect for those with back issues or who dislike the sensation of all-foam mattresses.


If you enjoy the traditional feel of an innerspring mattress, this mattress could be an excellent choice for you.

The Park Meadow utilizes a coil spring unit with pockets, coupled with comfort foam layers on top, for an enhanced level of comfort.

Mattress Insider offers a mattress that can be custom-made to any dimensions required by the customer.

Innerspring mattresses offer superior support and resilience, something that many people desire in a mattress.

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Do You Require Accessories For a 3/4 Mattress?

  • If you’re looking for bedding items such as sheets, comforters, mattress protectors, or other related accessories, all of the stores listed offer them in conjunction with their 3/4 size mattress.

If You Want To Buy a Three-Quarter Mattress, What Other Options Do You Have?

If you’re not interested in purchasing a mattress on the internet, look for local custom mattress producers that offer the possibility of trying out the mattress before making a purchase.

Visit in person the following custom mattress makers.

  • Verlo Mattress Manufacturers
  • Original Mattress Manufacturers

What Disposal Alternatives Do You Have For Your Used Bespoke Mattress?

Acquiring a mattress through the internet entails the responsibility of determining how to discard the previous one.

Luckily, “A Bedder World” offers mattress removal services in many areas across the United States.

We work together with mattress recycling centers to guarantee that your outdated mattress is recycled in the most eco-friendly way achievable. We have reprocessed around 500,000 beds so far.


1: What is a Quarter Mattress?

A Quarter Mattress is a mattress that is one-quarter the size of a standard mattress, typically measuring approximately 30” x 75”.

2: What are the benefits of a Quarter Mattress?

Quarter Mattresses provide a space-saving solution for small bedrooms or for guests. They also provide a comfortable sleeping surface for those who do not require the extra support of a full-size mattress.

3: What types of mattresses are available in Quarter sizes?

Quarter Mattresses come in a variety of materials, including memory foam, latex, innerspring and hybrid.

4: How much does a Quarter Mattress cost?

The cost of a Quarter Mattress depends on the type and quality of the mattress. Generally, Quarter Mattresses are more affordable than full-size mattresses.

5: What is the warranty on a Quarter Mattress?

Most Quarter Mattresses come with a one-year limited warranty. Be sure to check with the manufacturer for specific information on the warranty.

Final Thought

The popularity of three-quarter beds has grown, and there are a number of reputable companies that offer quality replacement mattresses.

All of the businesses featured in this article have earned our trust and have established a positive standing within the sleep industry. You can confidently place an order with any of them.

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