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It’s possible that you’ve seen pictures of Castelmezzano, Italy, but it’s more likely that you’ve never heard of it. Many tiny communities operate in the same way.

They are stunning and appear on numerous postcards. Without hesitation, tourists and visitors enjoy their Instagram posts. But they rarely go looking for them and pay them a visit.

That unquestionably holds true for locations like Castelmezzano in Italy as well as for many other tiny Italian villages and towns.

Because Castelmezzano is an incredibly stunning undiscovered Italian gem that begs for tourists. You may escape the busy crowds of nearby Naples at this location.

Enjoy Italy to the fullest while taking a breath of fresh air. Because although this town is modest, it more than makes up for it with breathtaking beauty and an originality that nearly defies explanation.

Castelmezzano is located where?

A little mountain village in the southern Region of Basilicata is called Castelmezzano. It is tucked away among the Dolomiti Lucane Mountains’ peaks in the Province of Potenza.

The closest major cities are Bari on the East Coast or Naples on the West, and Castelmezzano’s “Twin Town” of Pietrapertosa is its closest neighbor.

Background of Castelmezzano

The beginning of Castelmezzano’s history may be discovered in the 6th and 5th century BC, when Greek settlers first came to the Basento Valley and established the town of Maudoro.

The indigenous populace of the town was compelled to leave from the Saracen invasions in the 10th century AD, after which everything was quiet.

Depending on whatever history you read, the first person to enter the region was either a shepherd or a pastor. The location of what is now Castelmezzano was discovered.

Along with Pietrapertosa, these were regarded as ideal vantage locations for fending off intruders.

This was due to the peculiar location from which they could pelt the opposition with stones or roll boulders at them.

The early history of the town is greatly influenced by this advantageous location. The Normans, Aragonese, and Lombard’s had all occupied the town by the 19th century.

However, during a time of unrest and inefficient government, bands of brigands took control of Castelmezzano and other upland settlements.

Because of the area’s excellent hiding places among the rocks and dense vegetation, they choose places like these.

I find this period incredibly interesting for a couple of reasons. A large portion of the local population was evicted or opted to emigrate as a result of the brigands who controlled the town.

mainly abroad. In order to assist the return of their stolen goods, the affluent class of Southern Italy at this time would send young men into the mountains to engage in negotiations with the brigands.

Pardons for the offenders were frequently discussed throughout these negotiations. It is commonly accepted that this marked the birth of the Italian Mafia.


The “twin town” of Castelmezzano is Pietrapertosa. It doesn’t seem fair that it has constantly lived in the shadow of its sibling. Pietrapertosa is a remarkable settlement in and of itself.

This has been corrected in writing, and it is now recognised as one of Italy’s most picturesque hamlets on numerous official lists and honors.

Along with the residences in the hamlet itself, the town’s churches and castle also feature beautiful architecture.

The entire town is carved out of the mountainside and shares many of Castelmezzano’s vistas and attitude.

The Volo Dell’Angelo, or “Flight of the Angels,” was built in recent years, which was one of Pietrapertosa’s remarkable developments.

Amazing zipline that links the town with Castelmezzano is a very well-liked tourist adrenaline experience. Additionally, it makes it simple for visitors to travel between the two towns.

For those who want to walk instead of fly, there is a road and a walking path!

Activities in Castelmezzano

There are several activities available in Castelmezzano. There is beautiful architecture, as one would anticipate in almost any tiny Italian town, as well as beautiful churches and castles.

But there is much more as well. Let’s look at it.

A flight of 54 stairs known as the Gradinata Normanna, or “Norman Stairway,” was carved into the rock of one of the Dolomite Spires that surrounds the village and gives it an authentic appearance.

The rock can be climbed by visitors, who are rewarded with stunning views from the summit. On the walls of the old Castrum Meridianum, the stairs previously led to a watchtower.

Volo Dell’Angelo

The zipline that connects the two towns is called Volo Dell’Angelo – The Flight of the Angels. The ride achieves top speeds of 120 km/hr during the 1.4 km run with a drop of 100m.

Additionally, you LAY DOWN the entire way to give yourself the illusion of flight! Even a return line is included. When you’re ready, a shuttle will take you to the other line for your return trip.

Hiking – As you may anticipate from the surrounding geography, Castelmezzano has some fantastic hiking paths.

Via Ferrata and Nepalese Bridge – Castelmezzano is home to an incredible via ferrata, and the Nepalese Bridge links the two beginning sites.

It is 72 meters long, rises more than 35 meters above the ground, and, as the name suggests, resembles a bridge from Nepal.

Church of Santa Maria Dell’Olmo – Located in the town’s heart, Caiazzo Square, this magnificent church houses a wooden statue of the Madonna and Child from the 14th century.

Hike to Pietrapertosa – If you decide against trying the zipline, follow the trek there to see the stunning church.

The Madre di San Giacomo, which includes wonderful frescoes from the 14th to the 15th century, or its incredible castle from the 11th century.

Castelmezzano is a charming, genuine village that is rich in history and set against some of Southern Italy’s most breathtaking vistas. There are many things to see and do. Just go for a stroll!

Location and directions

Castelmezzano can only be reached by car. Just over two hours will pass on the journey from Naples. It takes roughly two hours to get there from Bari if you are traveling the other way.

By taking a bus to Potenza, travelers traveling from Naples can get near Castelmezzano.

This is a pretty well-traveled route, so after you get there you might be able to get transportation for the remaining distance or perhaps rent a car.

Visit THIS LINK to find the best bus fares from Naples to Potenza.

Put THIS location into your GPS if you want to find Castelmezzano.

You could start to believe you are heading in the wrong direction as you get closer to Castelmezzano. This is so that the town’s identity is not revealed until the very last second.

Once out of the tunnel, the valley and vista ahead become visible, and Castelmezzano is seen. Particularly if you haven’t seen it before, it is rather dramatic.

What you should stay at

At Castelmezzano, there are surprisingly numerous options to stay. They are all very highly regarded, and the most enjoy breathtaking vistas. Personally, I don’t think there’s much room for error.

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Castelmezzano is a wonderful location to visit. Not only by Italian standards, but also by European and global ones, it is exceptional.

I myself adore mountain towns, and Castelmezzano, like Monte Lussari in northern Italy, has a special allure for me.

Any traveler should go to Castelmezzano since I have never seen anything like it, especially if they are in Southern Italy.

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