Florida Has 24 Weird Laws That You Probably Should Know About!

Are you curious as to whether Florida has any peculiar laws?

The majority of us have heard the bizarre tales about the myriad bizarre laws that each state still has on its books.

The mid-western border states are where this is true more than anywhere else. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

As North American settlers started to feel the real estate itch. They followed in the footsteps of explorers Lewis and Clark and moved westward.

It soon became necessary for our developing society to enact certain hastily drafted laws. That addressed immediate issues without actually giving legislative longevity any thought.

Because of this, crimes like cattle rustling—which, if performed now, would hardly be considered misdemeanors—were executed back then.

Also absent were 20 years’ worth of appeals, air-conditioned cells, any humane concerns.

During those times, if the Marshall believed you to be guilty. You would either be shot immediately or publicly hanged a short time later—often the same day.

Additionally, you hear a lot about the absurd laws that still exist in the statutes of the original thirteen colonies. Which also makes some sense.

However, there is never much discussion of Florida’s bizarre laws. Have you ever questioned why? I for one did.

Here are 24 bizarre laws in Florida that you should be aware of, which I believed were worth discussing about.

Florida Has 24 Weird Laws That You Probably Should Know About!

No youngster selling for extra money.

Yes, selling your children in the state of Florida is against the law, in case you didn’t know or were curious.

The fact that this statute makes no mention of whether it is likewise unlawful to sell another person’s children is particularly noteworthy.

Even stranger, according to the statute’s wording, it is unlawful to sell your kids for “payment.” Even if I detest saying it.

I’m sure that some of you who are reading this think that, from a legalistic standpoint, this “loophole in the law” creates some interesting chances for you (shutters noticeably).

Though I can’t be sure, I’m hopeful that this wasn’t a mistake on the part of the Florida lawmakers who reasoned that since the selling of other people’s children is covered by another law, it wasn’t necessary here.

All I can say is that if selling someone else’s children in Florida were permitted (in exchange for something besides money), I would happily barter all three of my ex-children spouse’s for 100 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups approximately. What say you, sir? Oh, okay…make it $50, you cheapskate. However, I don’t offer refunds if you feel they are a nuisance.

Alligator feeding is prohibited.

There is a Florida Statute 372.667, just as the sign indicates. Basically, Florida law states that it is forbidden to feed wild alligators or crocodiles there.

This law, which is a part of Florida’s Wildlife Conservation Act, was passed in order to make hunting attempts more severely punished under the law.

capture and kill alligators and crocodiles to obtain their hides (they do make some cool looking and very durable, waterproof boots though).

However, prior regulations against trapping were only effective if the poachers were able to capture or kill at least one animal.

The insertion of Act 372.667 made it unlawful to ever attempt to shoot or otherwise “molest” these animals while they are in their native environments.

Thankfully, the awful wording in the original law was altered in 2006 to “to feed or encourage” rather than “to molest.”

The first one, in my opinion, sounded even worse and conjured bizarre ideas of toothless swamp dwellers engaging in terrible things with some of nature’s most ferocious creatures.

There might be a good novel in there, but I’m not sure.

Selling oranges on Miami Beach’s public streets is prohibited.

Make sure you aren’t traveling to Miami Beach with a trunk full of oranges if you intend to do so.

This is due to a municipal law that prohibits selling fruit from the state along public roads in Miami Beach.

If you do this and are detected, you’re likely to receive a hefty fine. I realize it was a lame joke, but I had to. It might have been an inferior O.J. Simpson parody instead, which would have been terrible.

One of those laws is why someone would even bother making one in the first place, which is something I really struggle to understand.

The only thing my deranged mind can think of is that Florida is essentially the world’s orange capital.

Because of this, the state is home to the majority of the biggest orange farmers and orange juice producers.

Since, to the best of my understanding, fruit cannot be trademarked, no one can accuse someone of infringing upon their intellectual property rights or plagiarizing work if they possess oranges and sell them to others.

Maybe these multi-billion dollar corporations contributed enough to local campaigns in Miami Beach to ‘entice’ (see item number 1 and see if you get the joke).

The local government at least makes it illegal to sell the delectable fruit right in front of them.

In Florida, but only after 6:00 PM, it is forbidden to fart in any public setting.

I sincerely advise against consuming an excessive amount of baked beans unless you’re staying at home or in your hotel room that evening if you’re going to be in the Sunshine State anytime soon.

It’s forbidden to fart in any public area in the state of Florida, but only after 6:00 PM, as cruel fate would have it.

I’m not sure if the fact that someone bothered to draft a piece of legislation on farting in public has me more interested.

Because a large majority of Florida voters supported adopting the legislation and made it a state law, or because lawmakers decided to delay the law’s implementation until after 6:00 PM for whatever reason.

What the hell, I’m good as long as I can publicly float an infinite number of air biscuits until 5:59:59.

Even Dracula had a curfew, and now I have one as well. Talk about Florida’s peculiar laws.

And in case you were wondering, no, you can’t do dwarf tossing either.

Evidently, if I ever visit Florida, I’ll be in serious trouble. This is due to the fact that I recently learned that dwarf tossing is strongly discouraged in the Sunshine State.

No, you read it accurately; there was no typo. What about dwarfs? little ones? Indeed, those.

According to Florida law, if someone engages in the activity known as “Draft Tossing” inside your bar or pub, you could face substantial legal repercussions.

If you are found engaging in this illegal activity anywhere in Florida, you risk fines, arrest, and significant jail time.

Those cretins. They’ll soon seek to outlaw midget mud wrestling, you can bet on that! How are they going to get these young millennials through puberty?

And why are there so many laws pertaining to children? Due to The Lollipop Guild’s abuse, Florida will soon make it illegal to view The Wizard of Oz.

No singing while inebriated while wearing a bikini.

We all understand that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in a public setting is dangerous (or at least most of us do).

Given that Florida is a huge peninsula state with 825 miles of beaches, public intoxication there typically takes place there.

Given that Florida is a huge peninsula state with 825 miles of beaches, public intoxication there typically takes place there.

Of course, unless you’re one of those folks that feels operatically inclined after a few too many, there’s nothing wrong with this in theory.

At least one of these is familiar to us all. Those individuals who, once their blood alcohol content reaches its peak, mysteriously transform into karaoke kings and queens.

.02 I only bring this up because it just so happens that singing in the Sunshine State is acceptable—even drunken karaoke—except when you’re wearing a bathing suit.

That’s right, there’s a strong chance you’ll need to pay a fine or possibly post bond if your bikini-clad girlfriend of the week decides she’s Adele after her second Mojito.

Not only your automobile, but also your elephant must be paid for at a meter.

You would be well advised to feed the iron beast if you intend to ride your elephant, your gator, your pig, your horse, or even your riding lawn mower to a spot in Florida that has metered parking.

This is due to Florida law, which stipulates that any animals or moving vehicles parked in metered parking spaces must be paid for. You probably figured this out before. Hmmmm.

However, the fact that the law specifically mentions creatures like pigs and elephants raises the most questions.

Horses, perhaps, I might understand, especially if it were an old statute, but last time I checked,

In the early days of colonization, when horses were the main form of transportation, there weren’t many parking meters.

You are still liable if you are found guilty of a crime that is later overturned.

In my investigation into bizarre Florida laws, the worst thing I discovered is probably not even a law. No, they included it in the Florida State Constitution because it is so deeply ingrained in Florida law!

I had to read it several times to make sure I was understanding it correctly, which I was. Actually.

Chapter X, Section 9 of the Florida state constitution makes it clear that laws that have been repealed cannot be implemented retrospectively.

This means that even if a crime you committed in Florida was later declared to be no longer illegal, you would still be held responsible for it because it was illegal at the time you committed it.

This definitely makes me consider all the Florida residents with marijuana convictions who have been contemplating it ever since marijuana became legal there.

Their entire set of beliefs would be shown false. I apologize, and welcome to Florida!

It’s against the law to snooze next to a hair dryer.

Additionally, it is strongly advised against taking the aforementioned girlfriend of the week to a salon the day after her stupid sand opera.

That’s because in Florida, both singing in public while wearing a swimsuit and dozing off while under a hairdryer are illegal.

Sadly, she and the hairdresser could easily wind up with hefty fines for their actions. Fortunately for all of us.

I believe most individuals get away with this “crime” unless a cop happens to be seated in the chair next to them.

Making tricks for skateboarding requires a license.

Are you recognized for putting in a lot of effort to “create” a trick? It’s likely that you skateboard if you understand what that sentence actually implies.

a devoted follower of the sport or a close relative of someone who belongs to one of the first two categories.

If that applies to you or a loved one, you should use caution—or advise them to exercise caution—before engaging in the hobby anywhere in the state of Florida.

That’s because Florida is the only state in America that calls for skateboarders to apply for and receive a specific license in order to do their “tricks” anywhere that isn’t a skating park.

However, when applying for any form of device with wheels on it, skateboarders in Florida are treated as pedestrians rather than as holders of a driver’s license.

The public use of a skateboard is subject to the same “special vehicle” regulations as, for example, driving your riding lawn mower to the neighborhood convenience shop to get a six pack…er, of Pepsi…yeah, that’s it, Pepsi.

In public settings, strapless dresses are not permitted for men.

You might want to pay extra close attention to this one if you’re one of the males that genuinely cares about fashion. Apparently.

A little-known law in Florida forbids men from wearing strapless dresses in public settings.

There is hope at the end of the dark tunnel, which I know some of you might find depressing.

The good news in this situation is that only strapless dresses are covered by the law. That suggests that men are free to dress however they like, both in private and in public.

Just make sure you wax or shave lightly if you do. If you don’t, you break a whole other set of laws that don’t just apply to Florida.

By law, entrances to public buildings must open outward.

The following one might not be quite as bizarre as some of the others, but it is still quite peculiar in and of itself. All public building doors must open outward per code, in other words.

The law expressly mentions that this is due to the numerous harsh weather conditions the state frequently experiences, and I believe that’s reasonable.

However, it also appears logical in the case of other potentially disastrous catastrophes, such as fires.

Doors that open outward might be helpful in earthquakes or active shooter situations to speed up the evacuation of a large number of screaming people who suddenly decide that being outside is preferable to being inside.

Anything that can upset your grandmother is prohibited.

The majority of people who watch police dramas on television are familiar with legal terms like “disorderly conduct” and even the more arcane “disorderly persons offenses.”

These crimes frequently involve things like brawls at bars, drinking in public, having an open container of alcohol, etc.

The majority of American cities—all but Florida—hold this to be true.

In contrast to other states, Florida has a statute called 877.03 that says you can be prosecuted with a 2nd-degree misdemeanor there.

If it is decided that what you do “outrages the sense of public decency” or “affects the peace and quiet of those who may witness them,” you will be held accountable.

This is essentially legalese meaning “corrupting the public’s morals” in Florida.

This essentially means that if you do anything in front of someone whose sense of decency might be offended by what they witness (or hear), you are guilty of a crime.

Things include fighting or playing loud music too close to someone’s home, discharging a gun close to someone’s home, or lighting off fireworks close to someone’s home.

In terms of “corrupting the public’s morality,” what exactly does that mean? Your hunch is just as valid as mine.

Skin care treatments associated with massages cannot be promoted by beauty salons

Yes, you’re right. It is against the law for a beauty parlour to promote any skin care treatments that are connected in any way to massages under Florida Statute 0265.

Are they attempting to convey a message to us here?

Make sure you abide by the pig mobility laws.

In the south, especially Florida, potbellied pigs are a common pet. If you know anyone who happens to keep pigs, let us know.

Make sure they are informed of the upcoming bizarre law, if you please. Believe it or not, Florida has passed a rule that safeguards pigs’ mobility, particularly female pigs.

When they are pregnant, at the urging of extremist animal rights activists.

It turns out that it is illegal to tie up a pregnant pig, confine it in a cage, or do anything else that restricts its movement.

Unless the pig is being restrained for medical reasons or is beginning the pre-birth phase of the delivery.

It would be so easy to make some crummy bacon jokes in this place, but I won’t. If I did something like that, I would be a true ham, and I’m just not that stuffed with sausage.

On Sundays, it’s forbidden for unmarried women to jump out of planes.

Back to the strangeness now. You should pay close attention if skydiving is your thing, especially if you normally like to do it on the weekends.

Why, you inquire? Because Florida has a legislation in place that makes it strictly forbidden for single women to parachute on Sundays.

Once more, that was not a typo nor did you simply misread what I said. On Sundays, single women are prohibited from parachuting.

Why just females? Why only single females? And Why only on Sundays, you ask? I have a feeling that whoever discovers the answers to these important questions will be that much closer to unlocking the universe’s greatest mysteries.

Never falsely implicate a man as the father of your child.

According to Sta. 742.108, you can be in trouble if you claim the wrong person is your child’s parent.

Therefore, we would suggest carefully telling a guy about their ancestry only when you are very certain.

No having sexual relations with a porcupine

Although Florida has a number of other laws in place, I knew I had to go all out to enforce this particular one. Would you care to guess? No? Okay, I’ll tell you now.

I am aware that many of you reading this will be really disappointed. But the truth is that Florida has passed a legislation making it illegal. To engage in any kind of sexual activity with a porcupine.

Oh, how terrifying! Say it’s not true! But unfortunately, it is what it is. I apologize to all of you who enjoy porcupines.

You cannot claim that your mementos are from Florida or that they are brand-new from Florida.

Declaring that your souvenirs are “From Florida” or “Fresh From Florida” is illegal under Sta. 571.29. Only those who have registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture are permitted to do so.

The unknown!

Please note that there will be no bear fights.

The Florida Statute 828.122 forbids fighting bears. To the typical individual, it does seem quite absurd—how does one even go about battling bears?

Making prank calls can be outlawed in Florida, according to yet another strange regulation.

If you choose to make a prank call in Florida, you can potentially get into some trouble. A call recipient cannot be purposefully tricked, conned, or misled, according to 817.487.

So please limit your prank phone calls.

We all care about animal safety, thus we do understand the purpose of this law.

This concludes the list of the top 24 sensationally bizarre laws in Florida. We’re likely to publish more of these in the near future.

So we hope you’ll like and follow our page and return frequently to look for fresh pieces similar to this one, or perhaps even better ones.

If you swim, be aware of the weeds.

If you do want to swim in one of Florida’s beautiful natural springs or beaches. Be careful not to disturb the weeds or vegetation.

To remove any weeds from Florida’s waterways, you must obtain a license, according to Florida Statute 369.20(7). Ensure the children know!

There can be no more than 15 days of absence per 90

If you’re going to Florida, you might be interested to hear that, by Sta. 1003.27, children cannot miss more than 15 days in a 90-day period.

Therefore, Florida would be an ideal destination to relocate some troubled kids who frequently skip school.

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