Here are 15 downtown LA attractions you can visit instead of OUE Skyspace LA!

A former Los Angeles landmark, OUE Skyspace LA was a popular attraction.

This 360° observation deck offers the best views of Los Angeles’ skyline from the US Bank Tower on 5th Street.

 You can also take a 43-foot transparent “Skyslide” down to the lower scenic terrace. From OUE Skyspace LA for spectacular views of Downtown LA and Hollywood Hills. 

Sadly, In a statement, OUE Skyspace LA said as of 2022, it will no longer be accepting new clients.

Many tourists were dismayed by the announcement. But don’t worry—there is still a tonne of different ways you can investigate Los Angeles’ downtown. Explore Los Angeles’ downtown.

In addition to having some of the most magnificent buildings and contemporary designers in the region. Downtown Los Angeles serves as the hub of commerce and economic activity.

There are many things to do in this lively, busy neighbourhood. Everybody will find something to enjoy here. From historic structures everything from live music venues to art galleries to top-notch dining establishments.

Check out our list of the top events in downtown Los Angeles. If you want to experience what it’s like to be in the centre of all the excitement!

the top activities in downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a city in southern California. That is famous for its levity, style, and celebrity culture, is regarded. As one of the greatest cities in the world.

This reputation is a result of its star-studded Hollywood and sunny beaches.

On foot, you may tour Los Angeles’s Bunker Hill. The downtown neighbourhood, and the Historic Core, where you’ll find a wide range of cuisine, old-world architecture, and outdoor pursuits.

1. Square Pershing

Pershing Square is an urban oasis located in downtown Los Angeles, just down the road leading to OUE Skyspace LA. 

One square block makes up the public park. Block in size, bounded by 5th Street to the north and 6th Street to the south.

The centre of LA’s Downtown Historic Core is Pershing Square. Home to numerous art deco structures and the city’s distinctive early 20th-century architecture.

2. Trains of Angels Flight

A famous and historic monument in the centre of downtown Los Angeles is the Angels Flight Railway. Only two funicular cars connect one extreme between Olive and Hill Street. A steep block Street, making it the shortest railway in the world.

Orange and black in these vehicles may look recognisable to you. Because they have appeared in a number of movies and television shows, including La La Land and Perry Mason!

3. A broader view

A museum of modern art is called The Broad. which offers the public free general entry as well as special exhibitions and educational events.

Additionally, the Museum of Contemporary Art, usually known as MOCA has free entrance, is nearby and only a short stroll away.

The LA Phil, one of the most well-known orchestras in the world, resides in Disneyland Concert Hall, which is right next to the Broad.

Attending a classical music performance, concert, etc. would be the finest way to enjoy the Walt Disney Concert Hall, but if that isn’t feasible, there are other options.

It’s still worthwhile to explore the lobby and capture images of this renowned structure.

4. Market Square

Since its first establishment in 1917, The Grand Central Market served as a landmark in downtown Los Angeles. At the time, it was known as the “Wonder Market,” which had a wide variety of regional foods, and was hailed as the best public market on the Pacific Coast.

Healthy snacks, prepared dinners, sweets, drinks, and coffee are all available at Grand Central Market. The tastiest town breakfast sandwiches are among the many things you may get here.

5. Theater district on Broadway

The heart of American filmmaking in Los Angeles. The Broadway Theater Area, the first and largest district in the theatre country, is the ideal location to learn about the development of the film.

The region was recognised as a historic district by a government organization. Included 12 old movie theatres spread out over six blocks on Broadway Street.

6. Building Bradbury

One of Downtown Los Angeles’ most beautiful buildings, the Bradbury Building served as a famous filming location for a number of films, including The Artist, Blade Runner, 500 Days of Summer, and more.

This business building, which was built in 1893, has drawn tourists from all over the world because of its dazzling white terra cotta tile facade as well as its magnificent ironwork, winding staircase, and skylights.

7. A city hall in Los Angeles

If you want to take in the city vistas, Los Angeles City Hall, one of LA’s tallest structures, is a terrific substitute for OUE Skyspace LA.

The City Hall’s observation deck, located on the 27th floor, is open for free between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on weekdays

The process is simple and clear, but you bring your identification and pass through security to get the pass.

After seeing Los Angeles City Hall, you may take a short stroll to the Little Tokyo Historic Area to have some incredible sushi and Japanese cuisine or head further north to locate Union Station and Olvera Street, a vibrant Market and historic district of Mexico.

Fun fact: Olvera Street and Union Station are positioned very close to one another. Several important movies, including “Catch Me If You Can,” “Blade Runner,” and “Pearl Harbor,” have included this railroad stop.

Near Downtown LA, check out these things to do


Other well-liked activities may be found close to Universal City and HollywoodUniversal City Hollywood is within a 20-minute drive of Downtown Los Angeles.

8. Park Griffith

One of the biggest urban parks in the country. Griffith Park is triple the size of Central Park in New York City.

It serves as a sanctuary in the urban sprawl, providing tourists of all ages with a range of activities and convenient the ability to visit the Los Angeles Zoo. The Griffith Observatory, and the iconic Hollywood sign.

9. Hollywood’s iconic sign

The distinctive Hollywood Sign may be seen from many locations throughout the city. But despite being a frequent traveller for several years to Los Angeles,for several years to Los Angeles, had trouble finding a nice location to capture shots with the famous sign.

When the sign is too far away, you must magnify it to view it, and when it is too close, the letters appear unevenly crowded together.

So, if you’re searching for the ideal location to capture that timeless image, I highly suggest going on a walking tour of the Hollywood sign.

The tour guide will tell you intriguing tales while you stroll around Griffith Park and the area of Hollywood Hills, stopping at the ideal location so he can assist you in getting photos with the Hollywood sign.

10. Observatories Griffith

The Griffith Observatory is a free, open-access astronomy museum with several educational programmes about astronomy and space sciences, which must be visited as part of any trip to Griffith Park.

Although it won’t be as good as looking down on OUE Skyspace LA, a tall observation platform from which to view the metropolis, there are still a number of places at Griffith Observatory where you can take in Los Angeles’s breathtaking skylines.

You recognise the structure, do you? It’s because Griffith Observatory, another storied location, was featured in a number of motion pictures, including La La Land and The Terminator (1984). (2016).

11. Walk of Fame in Hollywood

The 18-block-long Hollywood Walk of Fame honours musicians and personalities They have provided entertainment contributions business with brass stars set into the walkways.

The top performers in theatre, dance, music and television are included here. Finding your favourite artist’s name is enjoyable.

12. Chinese Theater TCL

Hollywood landmark TCL Chinese Theatre was built in 1927 and has Exotic Revival style architecture. Numerous spectacular red-carpet movie premieres have taken place there.

Famous painters’ handprints and footprints can be seen on cement across the front yard.

Since the 1920s, the Chinese Theatre has played host to some of the largest film debuts, special occasions, and celebrities sightings. You may book a guided tour of this renowned location.

13. Theater Dolby

The Academy Awards ceremonies are now held every year at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, which opened in 2001.

The Hollywood Dolby Theater, which first opened in 2001, now hosts the Academy Awards ceremonies every year.

14. Utopia City Walk

Unrelated to Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal CityWalk is a recreational area. This is a fantastic location for living, eating, and shopping entertainment after spending the day at the theme park or touring the city.

There are more than 30 dining establishments, a multiplex movie theatre, gift stores, skydiving inside, and a live music venue.

15. Hollywood Universal Studios

A must-visit destination for movie aficionados is Universal Studios Hollywood, an amusement park and film studio.

There are exhilarating rides, performances, and attractions like those for Minion Mayhem, Despicable Me, Jurassic World, and TransformersTM that will allow you to peek behind the scenes of many Hollywood productions.

King Kong 360, Harry Potter’s Wizarding World Potter, The Ride 3-D, and Fast and Furious-Supercharged.

The Universal Studios Hollywood rides could have long wait times due to their popularity.

You should think about getting express access tickets with skip-the-line getting to the topic park’s rides and attractions if you want to escape the line.

In particular, if you’re travelling during the busiest times of the year, it is totally worthwhile (Summertime and public holidays).

Because there are only a certain amount of Express Tickets for Universal Studios available each day, it’s better to buy them in advance than to risk running out when you get to the park.

Tip: Los Angeles Pass offers discounts of 70% on the best LA attractions.

The all-inclusive Go City Los Angeles Pass enables travellers to several of the city’s main attractions without having to pay any additional costs.

You can decide how much money you want to spend each day or week (1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days), enabling you to visit as many attractions as you can.

When compared to purchasing tickets separately, it gives a significant savings.

You may get an $89 day pass for Go City Los Angeles and an $89 Go City Los Angeles Day Pass and receive free access to LEGOLAND California as an example, rather than paying over $115 for a ticket.

You could always add more experiences to your plan and save more money, but You may save $25 per person just by doing that. due to the pass being all-inclusive, keep that in mind.

can save more money by engaging in more activities. functions almost like a food buffet!

Making reservations in advance for activities that require them and organising your trip around attraction hours can help you save the most money with the City of Los Angeles Go Pass.

As a result of the Go City Los Angeles Pass, you can access some of the most well-known and expensive attractions, including:

  • Hollywood Universal Studios (available with the 3, 5 and 7-day passes)
  • Hollywood’s Madame Tussauds
  • More than 60 entertaining rides, shows, And activities at LEGOLAND California
  • The Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Magic Mountain at Six Flags
  • Los Angeles Big Bus Tour: Hop-On, Hop-Off
  • ticket to a LA Galaxy game
  • Celebrity Homes Tour in Malibu
  • Dolphin and Whale Watching Tour
  • Cathcart Flyer
  • Popularity Bike TourPopularity Bike Tour

Accommodations in Los Angeles

Some of the greatest hotels and resorts in the world may be found in Los Angeles. Every traveller may find somewhere to stay, from opulent five-star hotels to affordable hostels.

Hollywood Boulevard, Downtown LA, and Universal City are good options if you want to be near the excitement.

Consider staying in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or Venice Beach if you’re seeking for a little peaceful time.

  • With the Loews Hollywood Hotel and the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel, you can stay close to the action on Hollywood Boulevard.
  • Universal City: The vibrant city’s many attractions are all easily accessible from Universal City.

The Universal City Hilton and the Sheraton are two hotels in Universal City. Are both conveniently located near the major attractions, which include Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal CityWalk Hollywood, and sugar.

The Summary: OUE Skyspace LA Alternatives and the Top Los Angeles Attractions

There are still plenty of things to do in Downtown Los Angeles even though the OUE Skyspace LA chapter in the US Bank skyscraper has closed.

You may explore some of the most famous attractions in the city without having to travel because of the abundance of notable monuments, historical structures. And art galleries that are close to OUE Skyspace LA.

As you go outside of Downtown Los Angeles, you will come across a variety of communities, each with its own special amenities and attractions, such as Universal City and Hollywood.

You will never want to choices when it comes to food, shopping, entertainment, or culture, that much is certain.

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