Holbox Island, Mexico: Getting There From Merida [2022]

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Are You Interested In Learning How To Get From Merida To Holbox?

What does Holbox mean?

That’s a great tip! It’s important to know how to properly pronounce the names. Of places we visit out of respect for the local culture and language.

Thank you for sharing this information about the correct pronunciation of Isla Holbox. I’ll make sure to remember that it’s pronounced “hole-bosh” with a “sh” sound for the letter “x” in Maya language.

Which Mexican island is Isla Holbox?

Thank you for the additional information! It’s helpful to know that Isla Holbox is located in Quintana Roo State.

Which is home to many popular tourist destinations in Mexico. And as you mentioned, the fact that Isla Holbox is an island makes it even more unique.

It’s good to know that Chiquila is the closest town to Isla Holbox by land. And that visitors will need to take a ferry from there to reach the island.

This is important information for anyone planning a trip to Isla Holbox. As they’ll need to factor in the time it takes to get to Chiquila and catch the ferry.

From Holbox to Merida, how far is it?

Thank you for asking! Knowing the distance between Merida and Chiquila is important for anyone planning a trip to Isla Holbox.

The fact that it’s a four-hour drive in normal traffic is also good to keep in mind. as it gives travelers an idea of how long it will take to get from Merida to Chiquila.

How far is it from Merida to Holbox?

To reach Holbox Island from Merida, travelers must take a trip to Chiquila and then board the Holbox Island Ferry.

The only alternative to this is to charter a flight from Merida to Holbox. However, for most visitors, taking the ferry is the only option to reach Holbox Island.

On Holbox Island, is there an airport?

There is an airport on Holbox Island called Aeródromo de Holbox (code: HOL), but it is restricted to small and private planes only.

Travel by Own Vehicle from Merida to Holbox

The most efficient and convenient way to travel from Merida to Isla Holbox is by hiring a private driver who will take you directly from Merida to the ferry dock in Chiquila.

From there, you can take the Holbox Island Ferry to reach the island. For more information on the ferry service, you can refer to the relevant source.

Quickest Transportation From Media To Holbox

During a vacation, time is a valuable commodity that often feels limited. To make the most of your time, it may be worthwhile to spend extra money on private transportation from Merida to Holbox Island.

This option can save you a significant amount of time, which can be better spent enjoying your vacation on the island.

Best Method for Social Distancing

For travelers who are concerned about health and safety during travel, private transportation from Merida to Holbox Island is an ideal option that allows for social distancing.

This solution offers an added layer of protection and peace of mind during these uncertain times.

Leave Per Your Calendar

When you opt for private transportation, you have the freedom to choose your preferred departure time. You just need to inform the transportation company about your Mérida address and desired departure time.

And they will pick you up for a hassle-free journey to Holbox.

Holbox to Merida Drive (Merida Car Rental)

If private transportation is not your preferred option, renting a car in Merida is a great alternative. The Merida Airport is the best place to rent a car as it offers the largest selection of rental cars in the area.

If you are coming from Cancun, it’s best to rent a car at Cancun Airport. I personally recommend using Discover Cars to book a rental car in Merida as they search for the best rates from both local Mexican companies and large international corporations.

It’s important to check the ratings of the rental car companies and eliminate those with a poor reputation. Additionally, you can purchase Mexican car insurance through Discover Cars to avoid unexpected expenses when picking up the car.

Do I Need Mexican Auto Insurance

Yes — At the minimum, you need Personal Liability Insurance to legally drive in Mexico. Drivers in the Yucatan aren’t known to be the safest in Mexico, so personally, I always opt for full coverage.

How much do cars cost in Merida?

The cost of renting a car in Mexico can vary, but generally expect to pay around $25-35 USD per day for an economy car with the minimum Personal Liability Insurance coverage, and about $35-45 USD per day for full coverage.

Beware of online rental car rates that seem too good to be true, such as $5 USD per day, as this is just the base price and doesn’t include taxes, fees, and insurance. To be safe, it’s best to assume that renting a car in Merida will cost around $25 USD per day.

Driving from Merida to Holbox is it safe?

For most travelers, driving from Merida to Holbox is considered safe as long as you follow the rules of the road, such as not driving at night, speeding, or using your phone while driving. By following these rules, you can avoid being pulled over by the police.

The distance between Merida and Holbox is approximately 190 miles (306 km), with an additional 8 miles (13 km) on the Chiquila to Holbox ferry. It takes around 4 hours to reach Chiquila, Mexico, in normal traffic, and then a 30-minute ferry ride to Holbox.

If you’re coming from Valladolid to Holbox, you’ll follow the same route, but it takes around two hours less.

Holbox To Merida Road Map

The distance between Merida and Holbox is 190 miles (306 km), which includes a 4-hour drive to Chiquila, Mexico, followed by an 8-mile (13 km) ferry ride to Holbox.

The total travel time from Merida to Holbox is approximately 4 hours in normal traffic. If you’re traveling from Valladolid to Holbox, the route is similar, but the travel time is around two hours less.

Airfares from Merida to Holbox

Flying from Merida to Holbox is faster, taking less than an hour, compared to the 4-5 hours it takes to drive. However, it’s also more expensive. Unfortunately, there are no commercial flights available from Merida to Holbox Airport.

If you want to fly, you’ll have to charter a private plane through Fly Cozumel. The cost of the flight will depend on various factors, so it’s best to contact Fly Cozumel directly for a quote.

However, you should expect to pay at least $500 USD for a one-way flight. Since the charter is exclusively for you, you can choose the departure time.

The Cessna t206h plane that Fly Cozumel uses for the charter can accommodate up to five passengers, and there are specific luggage restrictions.

bus from Merida to Holbox (ADO Bus)

If you’re on a tight budget, taking the ADO bus is the most affordable option for traveling from Merida to Holbox. ADO is Mexico’s biggest bus company, and they operate a fleet of luxury-class buses.

Bus timetable from Merida to Holbox Island

There are two direct ADO bus trips per day from Merida to Chiquila, departing at 6:45am and 7:15am. ADO buses are spacious and comfortable, with reclining seats equipped with electric outlets, air conditioning, a restroom, and TV screens playing Spanish movies.

The bus will take you to the only bus station in Chiquila, which is conveniently located at the Chiquila Dock. From there, you can purchase your ferry tickets to Holbox Island. The estimated time of arrival is around 1:30pm.

From Merida To Holbox Via Overnight Bus

Mayab, which is a budget airline owned by ADO, offers an overnight bus service from Merida to Chiquila a few times a week. The bus departs from the CAME Merida Bus Station located in downtown at 11 pm, and it’s necessary to purchase the tickets in person.

Is Travelling Alone As A Female On The Ado Bus Safe?

It is generally safe for travelers to take the bus in Mexico and it’s possible to encounter other solo travelers on the route from Merida to Chiquila.

The ADO bus service is a popular and affordable transportation option in Mexico that is highly regarded by both tourists and locals for its comfort.

Uber or a taxi from Merida to Holbox is not recommended.

From my personal experience, I do not suggest using Uber or a taxi for traveling from Merida to Holbox Island, although they are accessible.

I will provide information on both options, but I will also clarify why I consider them to be the least favorable alternatives for this particular route.

Uber From Merid To Holbox

While Uber is available in Merida, most drivers are reluctant to accept rides to Holbox Island as it involves an eight-hour journey.

The Uber fare estimator indicates that the cost of this trip would be around $250+ USD, which is more expensive than hiring a private car for the same route.

Furthermore, in case of any traffic congestion during the journey, the final cost of the Uber ride may exceed the estimated price.

To prevent any unanticipated expenses, it is recommended to book a private driver ahead of time for the Merida to Holbox trip. This way, you can be aware of the exact cost of the journey in advance.

What does a taxi from Merida to Holbox Island cost?

The cost of taking a taxi from Merida to Chiquila in Mexico is often as high as $250 USD, which is more expensive than hiring a private car for the same route. Additionally, finding a taxi driver willing to undertake the eight-hour journey may be difficult.

Moreover, the absence of meters in Mexican taxis means that the fare charged is typically negotiated verbally between the passenger and the driver.

While fares are typically determined by zones, traveling from Merida to Chiquila crosses state boundaries, making it possible for the driver to set their own price.

To avoid the hassle of negotiating with taxi drivers, it is advisable to book private transportation to Chiquila.

There is a Holbox Ferry in Chiquila, Mexico.

After learning about the transportation options from Merida to Chiquila, the next step is understanding the process of taking the ferry to Isla Holbox.

The cost of a Holbox ferry ticket is $220 pesos ($11 USD) for adults and $160 pesos ($8 USD) for children. These tickets can be purchased from the ticket window situated near the dock.

The ferry journey to Holbox Island typically takes around 30 minutes.

A Holbox Ferry is located in Chiquila, Mexico.

There are two main ferry companies, 9 Hermanos and Holbox Express, that operate ferries to Holbox Island. The ferry service is available from 5am to 8:30pm, with departures taking place every 30 minutes.

It is important to note that schedules are subject to change, so it is advisable to verify the current ferry schedule before embarking on your journey.

Island Taxes On Holbox Island

Upon disembarking from the ferry at Holbox Island, travelers have the option to walk to their accommodations or hire one of the golf cart taxis waiting near the dock. It is recommended to carry cash in pesos to pay for the taxi fare.

Travel Tips for Isla Holbox: Commonly Asked Questions

How safe is Holbox?

In general, Isla Holbox Island is considered safe for tourists, with occasional issues such as sunburns, hurricanes, petty theft, and excessive drinking being the most common concerns.

The Yucatan Peninsula, where Holbox Island is located, is known to be a secure region for visitors to Mexico. The island is a close-knit community with only around 2,000 inhabitants.

Most establishments close early, around 11 pm, but tourists should remain vigilant of their surroundings when out late on their own, as no place on the planet can guarantee complete safety.

Do you allow vehicles on Holbox Island?

No, driving is not allowed on Holbox Island. You will need to leave your rental car in a paid parking area close to the boat pier because the Holbox Ferry is solely for people.

The fee of parking in the Chihquila lots varies, but is normally between $100 and 200 MXN pesos ($5 to $10 USD) per day.

Accommodations in Holbox

Holbox is made up of three parts: Playa Holbox Beach, which is on the island’s north end next to Punta Mosquito; Playa Punta Cocos, which is on the island’s south end; and Downtown Holbox, which is situated in the area in the middle of the two.

The majority of the top Holbox resorts are located close to Playa Holbox, a location that is well-liked by both couples and families.

Punta Cocos Beach is a serene location ideal for a calm or romantic getaway.

Hostels and motels in Holbox are available in a range of price levels, and the action is located in the island’s downtown.

Where To Stay In Holbox Island

Here are the top hotels in Holbox Island, broken down by category and cost:Here are the top hotels in Holbox Island, broken down by category and cost:

The most expensive luxury hotel in Holbox: The best boutique hotel in Holbox is Las Nubes de Holbox ($$): Holbox’s Villa las Tortugas
Most affordable Holbox house rental: Villa Casa Nino Holbox
Holbox’s most affordable hotel ($): Top Hostels in Holbox, Alcobas del Mar ($): Tribu Hostel and Che Holbox Hostel

How is transportation on Holbox Island?

The developed part of Isla Holbox is only about five-miles-long (8 km).

You should probably call one of the many golf cart taxis that you can locate on the island if you need to get from one side of Holbox to the other. The majority of rides cost $50–150 pesos ($2.5–7.50 USD).

To get around Holbox, you can also rent a bike or a golf cart. In comparison to renting a bike, a golf cart is about $200 per day, or $20 per hour.

The golf carts are a wonderful way to travel around, and you could explore the entire island with a three-hour rental.

What time of year is ideal for visiting Holbox Island?

The dry season, which runs from November to April, is the ideal time to explore Isla Holbox.
Although Holbox often experiences pleasant weather by November, the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 1.

The Yucatan Peninsula, where Holbox is situated, has a tropical climate. This means that it is hot all year round, yet the summers may also be very rainy and highly buggy. To protect yourself from both, remember to bring your Badger Anti-Bug Sunscreen.

Seasonal Whale Sharks in Holbox, Mexico

There is one benefit to visiting Holbox in the summer: you can go on a tour to swim with whale sharks there.

From roughly June 15 to September 15, during the Holbox Whale Shark Season, you can swim alongside the largest fish in the ocean as they migrate yearly.

As this is a must-do on Holbox Island, tours cost roughly $175 USD per person. Locally owned business Holbox Whale Shark Tours is well known for providing ethical animal tourism in Mexico.

They provide online and in-person reservations for their whale shark excursions.

The Top 11 Activities in Mexico’s Holbox Island

There are still many fantastic Holbox activities available even if you aren’t travelling during whale shark season. The majority of an island’s location will be on, in, or close to the Caribbean Sea.

Check out the list below, and remember to reserve a Holbox tour to aid the local economy.

Through the mangroves in a kayak
Take a taco tour to sample Holbox’s flavours.
Join a local photographer for a picture shoot.
Visit Cabo Catoche Holbox
Swim in the cenote of Holbox (Yalahau cenote)
Take a trip to Yam Balum Natural Reserve.
Visit Isla Pajaros to see the birds (Bird Island)
Large sandbars at Punta Mosquito can be walked along.
See the sunset from the Holbox Pier in the city.
In Punta Cocos, observe the bioluminescence at night. Volunteering at Refugio Holbox Animal Rescue, a nearby nonprofit organisation devoted to preserving all animals on Holbox, is one of the sweetest things you can do.

They accept monetary contributions, but you may also walk a dog or spend some time playing with the cats.

Is a trip to Holbox worthwhile?

Isla Holbox is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by adventurous travelers who are willing to venture off the beaten path.

Although it may take some effort to get there, the island’s breathtaking beauty and unspoiled natural landscapes make it well worth the journey.

One of the main draws of Isla Holbox is its stunning beaches, which offer plenty of opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

But beyond the beaches, visitors can also explore the island’s lush jungles, spot exotic wildlife, and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or an adventure-packed getaway. Isla Holbox is a destination that is sure to leave you enchanted and rejuvenated.

Is Isla Holbox accessible to visitors?

Holbox Island is currently open for visitors and is functioning normally. Although there are some Covid-related precautions in place such as compulsory mask-wearing indoors and temperature screenings at establishments.

Despite these measures, tourists can still relish the island’s offerings and facilities.

Where is the Holbox Fast Covid Test located?

Covid-19 testing is not widely available in Holbox Island. Although some upscale hotels such as Casa de las Tortugas may offer it for their guests.

However, for most people, it is recommended to get tested in Merida at one of the testing centers. As testing options are limited in Holbox.

Transportation from Merida to Holbox: Last Words

While the journey from Merida to Holbox Island may take some time, it is a straightforward and uncomplicated trip.

There are several options available for travelers, including private transfers.renting a car, chartering a flight, or taking the ADO bus.

The most convenient and cost-effective option is the private transfer. Holbox Island boasts one of the best beaches in Mexico. And all of North America, making the trip well worth it.

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