How To Get From Orlando To Cocoa Beach?

Do you need to know the best way to go from Orlando to Cocoa Beach?

You’re in the correct place, I suppose. Learn everything there is to know about the best modes of transportation based on your comfort requirements, spending limit, and commute speed. Moreover, find out the most recent information on the quickest, most economical, most scenic routes.

It’s a good idea to first be aware of Cocoa Beach’s distance from Orlando.

How Far Is Orlando From Cocoa Beach?

Depending on your route and mode of transportation, Cocoa Beach and Orlando may be 60 or 68 miles apart. This map shows the three routes we recommend for drivers:

What Is The Best Way To Travel From Orlando To Cocoa Beach?

Private transportation is the most affordable and efficient method to go to Cocoa Beach from Orlando. Since a person can only travel a maximum of 70 miles by car from Orlando to Cocoa Beach, the only costs paid would be the tolls, which would total $8.28 for a one-way trip and around $17 for roundtrip transportation in a personal car.

You can also reduce these fees depending on the path you pursue, a topic we cover extensively in the article. According to official recommendations on how to best conserve fuel on a road trip, you can reduce the expense of your journey in terms of fuel even further.

The next-best choice if you don’t live in Orlando and are just visiting or passing through is to hire a car. Renting a car may seem paradoxical, but a close examination of the prices offered by companies like Tripadvisor reveals a different picture. If you need to use a rental car for more than one day, you can haggle and get a discount off the minimum daily rate of $46 from Orlando to Cocoa.

The flexibility a car affords you is unsurpassed by any other kind of transportation, despite the fact that it may seem expensive. This is especially true if you want to stay in Cocoa Beach for a few days. Moving around without a car is more expensive, time-consuming, and difficult.

Both of these methods are less expensive than the non-driver-dependent route to Cocoa. You would have to utilise a shuttle, a Line 11 bus, and a cab, which would cost a stunning $110 to $140 and take about three hours instead of the one or two it would take by automobile.

If you’re not sure what “Line 11” is, it’s the path you use to get to South Orange Avenue. It is preferable to board the Line 11 bus and travel to the Oia Transfer Center. You then take a taxi to Cocoa Beach from Orlando International Airport before getting on a shuttle to Melbourne.

More choices and costs are available here. The other options are still good if you don’t have a car and don’t want to rent one. As there is no train service between these two locations, in this post we will go through in detail how to go to Cocoa Beach via car and bus.

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Driving From Orlando To Cocoa Beach

While travelling by car from Orlando to Cocoa Beach, there are three main routes that you can take:

  • FL-528 East
  • Florida A1A South and FL-528 East
  • Nova Road

through FL-528 East

This 59.8-mile trip takes 55 to 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete. The journey was broken up into three segments.

The first section is short and distances 499 miles. Simply take FL-408 East. On South Orange Avenue, turn south towards West South Street. After 0.3 miles, onto East Anderson Street by taking a left..

Use the left lane to take the ramp onto FL-408 East. You’ll come across a toll road once you’ve turned. The costs of cars, vans, SUVs, and motorcycles are as follows:

  • Surpass: $4.10 
  • Cash/AET: $5 
  • Invoice: $8.20

For accuracy, you can recalculate your toll expense. By clicking here, you can view the toll costs for all ensuing toll roads.

After the toll road, go 52 miles and 45 minutes on Brevard: FL-528 East to Florida A1A South County. After driving for 2.9 miles and merging onto FL-408 East, the current leg of the journey begins.

  • Drive about 3.4 miles on FL-408 East, keeping left at the fork to stay on that road.
  • For a 1.6-mile trip to Orlando International Airport South Exit 18, use the two lanes on the right.
  • Follow FL-417 Toll South for 5.4 miles after merging.
  • Take Exit 26 in the direction of Cocoa Beach for 1.4 miles using the two lanes.
  • Follow FL-528 East for 37.3 miles after merging.
  • The last 15 minutes and 7.2 miles of this trip are driven on Florida A1A South, which will take you to N 1st Street in Cocoa Beach.
  • After three miles on Florida A1A South, there is a Dollar General shop on the right; continue driving for another seven miles.
  • After driving 364 feet, turn left onto Minutemen Causeway.
  • At North Atlantic Avenue, turn left and continue for 0.1 miles while staying in the right lane.
  • At N 1st Street in Cocoa Beach, turn right.
  • Or, proceed another block to the Garage in Cocoa Beach and take Minuteman Parkway to get to Cocoa Beach, where you’ll find bathrooms, showers, and restaurants and bars as you cross the street to get to the beach.

Via Florida A1A South And FL-528 East

The next route is Florida A1A South and FL-528 East, which covers a total distance of 68.6 miles in an hour and five minutes. We divided the trip into three sections, the same as the previous itinerary.

It takes around two minutes and 0.6 miles to complete the first leg of the journey on Interstate 4 West. When you approach Boone Avenue from the Turn left to join Interstate 4 West from West South Street.

The second leg of the trip is a 55-minute, 60.8-mile drive across Brevard County from FL-528 East to FL A1A South.

  • After three miles of merging onto I-4 West, continue on I-4 West for another 2.7 miles by staying to your left.
  • After leaving the highway at the Miami exit to the right, proceed 1.4 miles before merging onto the Florida Turnpike, which is a toll road (find rates here).
  • Take Exit 254 for FL-528 towards US-17/US-42/US-144 after 4.2 miles, then continue for another 0.4 miles.
  • For another 0.3 miles, bear left at the fork to head towards FL-528 East. The three streets after this one are all toll streets.
  • Maintain your right, take FL-528 East in the direction of the Kennedy Space Center, and then continue driving for 1.4 miles.
  • For 1.9 miles, stay on FL-528 East by keeping to the left.

The next 15 minutes of the trip are now underway as we travel along North to South Florida A1A 1st Street in Cocoa Beach. It will go 7.2 miles in this section.

  • keep going south on Florida A1A for the following seven miles, and after three miles, pay attention to the On the right, Dollar General if you require anything from the inexpensive store.
  • then make a left turn alighting at Minutemen Causeway (364 feet).
  • After 0.1 miles, use the right lane to make a left turn onto North Atlantic Avenue, then a right turn onto North 1st Street, and then another 194 feet to get to Cocoa Beach.
  • Instead, continue walking for another block to the Garage in Cocoa Beach and access Along Minuteman Parkway is Cocoa Beach..

Road Via Nova

The final route utilizes Nova Road and takes between one and two hours and ten minutes. This route is the longest at 80.3 miles. I-4 West is where it begins, just like the prior route.

You initially travel west on West South Street towards Boone Avenue for 0.6 miles in two minutes. Once you merge onto Interstate 4 West, make a left. after 0.3 miles to complete the distance.

  • For the next section, travel along In Osceola County, take US-192 E/US-441 S and Interstate 4 West to Nova Road.. This section will take 37 minutes and cover 30.9 miles.
  • Turn left to stay on the road for the next 2.7 miles after merging onto Interstate 4 West after three miles.
  • After travelling 1.4 miles and taking the Miami exit, which is on your right, you will merge onto Florida’s Turnpike. After 14.4 miles, take Exit 244 and go for 0.6 miles in the direction of US-192/US-441/Kissimmee/St. Cloud. For a precise estimate of the total costs for this toll road and another one nearby, go here.
  • After 0.6 miles, turn left onto US-192 E/US-441 S using the left two lanes. After 3.1 miles, keep going for another 7.7 miles, passing DQ Grill and Chill on the right.
  • At Nova Road, turn left and proceed for 26.5 miles, or around 25 minutes.

The last section of the road will be FL-520 East. In 36 minutes, 22.2 miles will be covered. FL-520 East will be the route’s final segment. You’ll travel 22.2 miles in 36 minutes.

  • Turn right onto FL-520 East from Nova Road. After that, travel 19.3 miles. After the first 13.9 miles, Starbucks is on your right.
  • 2.1 miles later, turn right onto North Atlantic Avenue and continue driving. After a short right bend, the road changes to North Orlando Avenue. Drive another 0.6 miles after it does.
  • After turning left onto Minutemen Causeway, proceed 364 kilometers before making a left turn onto North Atlantic Avenue by using the right lane. Journey 0.1 miles.
  • Taking a right onto North 1st Street will take you 194 feet and 39 seconds to reach Cocoa Beach.
  • Instead, continue walking for another block to the Garage in Cocoa Beach and access Cocoa Beach at Minuteman Parkway.

Although Nova Road is nice if you want to take advantage of the journey and the landscape, it would be advisable to take the quickest way to save money and time. It has fewer toll roads as well.

Bus From Orlando To Cocoa Beach

Use the Rally Bus to take an Orlando to Cocoa Beach bus. Its bus stop is at the Greyhound Bus Station in Orlando, Florida. Terminal, 555 N. John Young Parkway.

How Much Does A Bus Trip Cost From Orlando To Cocoa Beach?

Use the Rally Bus to take a bus from Miami to Cocoa Beach via Orlando. Its bus stop is located in Orlando, Florida, at the Greyhound Bus Terminal, John Young Parkway, North, 555.

Orlando To Cocoa Beach Bus Tour Includes How Many Stops?

From Orlando to Cocoa Beach, the bus makes a total of 30 stops, albeit they differ based on the road and the weather. It will take six hours to travel by Orlando to Cocoa Beach bus due to all the stops and other considerations.

Railroad From Orlando To Cocoa Beach

Sadly, there is no railway that runs between Orlando and Cocoa Beach.

An Organized Day Trip Connects Orlando With Cocoa Beach

A guided day trip is something you may arrange to make the journey feel special. The Kennedy Space Center is one of the most well-liked stops on the path from Orlando to Cocoa Beach.

This destination is well-liked by tourists and youngsters alike, and both the lodging options and day excursion options are convenient and well-developed.

It is a simple process to schedule a day to have a guide show you around prominent locations. The contents of the package can vary, but a roundtrip should be included. If you don’t want to take a car on the way there and perhaps a bus on the way back, a nice day trip adventure includes transportation to and from Cocoa Beach. However you and your service provider are free to discuss any arrangements.

You should also pay close attention to what the day excursion package entails. Hence, the more exclusive the activity, the more expensive it will be, but the most fundamental comforts, like a guide and entry to the Kennedy Space Center, need to be included.

Exclusive excursions, a meal with astronauts, a VIP experience for a select group, and the option to rent a private car and be driving to the location centre are all included in these packages. By clicking here, you may also see if Viator is offering any discounts.

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