Isla Mujeres: 9 Things To Avoid At All Costs!

Beautiful island Isla Mujeres is situated not far from Cancun. It’s a well-liked vacation spot with gorgeous beaches, delectable cuisine, and welcoming folks! In terms of traveling, though.

Being mindful of situations that can endanger you is always vital. Let’s talk about the issues you need to be aware of when traveling to Isla Mujeres in this article.

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The Safety Of Isla Mujeres

Ixchel, the fertility and healing goddess, was worshiped there at a sacred location known as Isla Mujeres. Which translates to “Island of Women.”

 Today, many people travel to Isla Mujeres to sunbathe, swim, and snorkel. Many travelers travel to Isla Mujeres to take advantage of the sea, beach, and sun.

It’s typically safe to travel to Isla Mujeres, although a few do exist. Precautions you should take to make sure your journey is a success!

Isla Mujeres: Nine Things To Stay Away From

1. Attend Your Ferry On Time.

If you’re taking the Isla Mujeres ferry, you should be there in advance. The first ferry will be less packed and you’ll have an easier time finding a seat.

Being early can also help you avoid crowds. As late morning and early afternoon are the busiest times on the island. The ferry ticket’s standard price of $18 for one way travel or $25 for round trip. Is discounted by 50% for children under the age of 12.

If you buy a roundtrip ticket. You can visit the Cancun Scenic Tower (The Scenic Tower of Cancun)  without paying anything.

An attempt should be made to arrive at least15 minutes prior to the time of departure listed on your ticket. If you get in line for boarding sooner, you will have a higher chance of finding seats.

 Ferries leave every hour, sIf you make a mistake, you will also need to wait another hour.

Recommendation: If you’re thinking about visiting Isla Mujeres for the day. Consider enrolling in a tour of Isla Mujeres aboard an inclusive catamaran since it is more convenient and reasonably priced.

For $60, you can take a catamaran tour that includes boat transportation back and forth. A buffet meal, an open bar, a spinnaker activity, and access to the beach club Isla Mujeres, where.

Plus a stop, a stunning snorkeling reef is located from Cancun to Isla Mujeres; equipment is provided.

If you wish to upgrade to a more lavish, memorable Isla Mujeres Catamaran Tour with the Albatros Platinum. fantastic option.

I’ve taken the usual tour as well as I purchased the platinum bundle. I can say from personal experience that the upgrade is, in your experience, worthwhile!

There are additional alcoholic beverages and cocktail selections due to the open bar. On the Catamaran Tour of Isla Mujeres with Albatros Platinum. There are additional cabanas and hammock swings to unwind in the significantly smaller VIP beach club.

 Unlike other catamaran trip packages, which include a box lunch or buffet, You can place an order. Anything according to the à la carte menu for lunch at no additional expense.

The cuisine was far better than a buffet, even though You may à la carte ad infinitum items as you like.

2. Don’t Consume Tap Water

Isla Mujeres’ tap water is totally safe for use as a shower head. But it could also contain dangerous bacteria that, if swallowed, might upset your stomach.

The result is in Isla Mujeres, you should refrain from alcohol or even brushing tap water to brush your teeth. On the island, it’s best to consume bottled water. But if that’s not possible, preferably, reheat some water first before drinking it.

3. Watch Out For The Heat And Sun.

One example of Isla Mujeres’ finest qualities as a stunning island paradise. But the sun may also be very powerful, especially in the summertime.

 Because of this, it’s crucial to use sunscreen and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.Make sure to locate a cool, shaded area if you begin to feel faint or lightheaded.

The sun can be safely admired while taking advantage of everything The attractions on Isla Mujeres with a little forethought and preparation.

In Mexico, sunscreen might cost up to four times as much as it might in the USA. Be certain to load before you apply sunscreen so you won’t be caught off guard while you’re on vacation.

Many tour operators and local businesses in Mexico are dedicated to encouraging the use of sunscreen.That is reef-safe because normal sunscreen includes ingredients that might harm coral and other aquatic creatures.

In fact, I witnessed a guard shouting at individuals for using ordinary sunscreen on one of the divers in Casa Cenote,Mexico’s top cenotes.

This brought home how crucial it is to use sunscreen that is safe for the reef in order to preserve its health. You’ll not only be supporting regional companies that depend on the reef’s health but also doing your part to preserve the ecosystem.

4. When Swimming, Use Caution.

The pristine sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters of Isla Mujeres are typically secure for visitors to enjoy. However, it’s crucial to use caution swimming, as well as heed residents’ or lifeguards’ recommendations.

Always keep an eye, be aware of the currents, the tides, and any marine life that might sting you, including jellyfish. It is recommended to keep your depth shallow enough to touch the bottom if you are not a strong swimmer.

It cost me over 70 dollars when I purchased it last-minutely in Mexico, and I ended up buying one more for my hubby. because I loved it so much. However, Amazon has it for considerably less money!

5. Observe Your Surroundings.

Always stay in well-lit, busy locations exactly where many nearby residents are should you require assistance. When you do wind up in a sparsely inhabited area, employ caution and pay attention to your environment.

Pay attention to the people you are around and what they are doing, and if anything doesn’t feel right, trust your gut.

To avoid being stuck in a strange location, it’s a wise move to establish a strategy for how you’re going to return before you depart, to the hotel.

You can safeguard yourself by secure and steer clear of any dangers while you travel by keeping these easy suggestions in mind.

6. Watch Out For Pickpockets.

Although pickpocketing isn’t a common occurrence within Isla Mujeres, it’s still a good idea to be aware of the risks and prepare yourself. 

You don’t need to bring much cash with you because most establishments and tour companies on Credit cards can be used on Isla Mujeres. Simply keep some on hand in the event of crises or if you wish to purchase regional mementos.

7. Never Assume That Paying In Pesos Would Save You Money.

It may not always be more affordable to pay with local money in Isla Mujeres, Cancun, and the Riviera Maya. Fact that this is typically the case, in particular if you possess a charge card without international transaction fees.

In reality, I had to learn the difficult way, and had already lost a significant amount of money.Many eateries and hotels on Cayman Islands, Cancun, and the Riviera Maya make use of an antiquated rate of exchange.

This implies that paying with US dollars rather than pesos may result in a better offer. A hotel room would cost $200 USD if it cost 4200 pesos. if they used the currency compared to a year ago, when 1 USD was equivalent to 20 pesos to.

But if the exchange rate today were 1 USD to 20 pesos equals 4200 pesos. equivalent to 210 USD. For instance, paying in dollars would result in a cost savings of $200 whereas paying in pesos would result in a cost increase of$210 for identical accommodation!

You can request the pricing of each peso and US dollars to prevent being overcharged. In the end.It should be decided on an individual basis whether to pay using US dollars or the local currency.

Asking frequently may not be worthwhile, but it is definitely worth it for larger purchases!

8. Be Ready To Haggle

Although It is an island. a beautiful spot to unwind and enjoy sunlight. There are many pushy sellers in public spaces and beside the beaches. If you’re unable to care less about their goods or services, you should be stern with them and say so. 

Be certain to haggle; they normally start out expensive but will lower it if you ask for a discount. In the end, bartering is all a portion of the excitement of enjoying an Isla Mujeres beach day.

9. Prepare To Reject Timeshare Presentations

You may encounter holiday club promoters within the ferry port. As you hold off on boarding or catamaran that you are using.

In exchange for “90 minutes of your time,”. These promoters can attempt to provide you with complimentary shuttle service to a hotel, the airport, or really discounted tours.
What use do these “90 minutes”serve?

Following a brief presentation and a 90-minute tour of a posh resort. The marketers will affirm that they will provide you a complimentary breakfast and take you on the indicated tour or provide free transportation.

This offer could be alluring, but the sNever gives a so-called “90-minute presentation”that concludes in that amount of time. You might spend a minimum of half a day. Being subjected to a relentless marketing ploy (I’m speaking from experience once more.

I once spent over 11 hours stranded at a timeshare seminar. I’m serious! They kept swapping sales personnel to speak with me since I had trouble saying no.

Therefore, If you can’t get several thousand dollars (often around $20,000 and $A membership costs $30,000 USD. Which is essentially a dedication to return or send guests annually to the hotel should avoid doing so.

You’ll probably squander plenty of your valuable vacation time listening to these advertisements. This is a quick checklist to assist you decide whether to attend a timeshare presentation. If you have never attended one before.

You might gain from having a timeshare if you can say yes to the following questions. If the solutions to these questions are negative. The timesharing is probably something you cannot have, making the presentation of timeshares useless.

  • Are you financially independent and able to take many vacation days because you are retired?
  • Do all of the members of your family enjoy traveling but don’t mind visiting the same destination?
  • Do you have extra money to stow away a large deposit without taking out a loan?
  • Are you willing to put in the time to market these investments. Do you have any plans to make income from it?

Then, if you can say “yes” to the following inquiries, you might discover that attending the presentation. On timeshares is worthwhile in order to receive transportation service or a significant discount on excursions..

These three questions might help you find the solution. But it actually relies on your circumstances and how highly Your time is valuable. compared to money.

  • Do you possess many days left in Mexico, where you could spare?
  • Do you need some more money but have a limited budget?
  • Are you interested in learning more about timeshare?

If the replies are no. simply decline any offers from promoters who contact you so that you can enjoy your tranquil getaway!

Conclusión: Cautionary Notes For Isla Mujeres

Beautiful In Isla Mujeres. Only a fifteen minute boat journey away by way of Cancun, and getting there is usually secure. When traveling to Isla Mujeres, a few factors should be considered.

I hope this essay provided you with some useful knowledge. You may prevent these issues and enjoy a secure and enjoyable stay within the island. By utilizing some basic safety advice and common sense.

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So that you can unwind and delight in your journey. While being aware that you’re if anything does not go according to plan. It is always a good idea to carry travel insurance. Avoid taking a chance when affordable insurance is available.

travelers who are cost-conscious should consider Safety Wing because their monthly coverage begins at $40 USD! Basic insurance provides transportation return to your home country in certain circumstances, as well as coverage for travel catastrophes. Medical bills, as well as medical costs incurred while in Mexico.

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