Peninsula Of Nicoya Best Things To Do

The Peninsula of Nicoya, Costa Rica’s largest peninsula, is home to Guanacaste and Puntarenas, a pair of nation’s most popular. Tourist destinations. Its appeal stems from the fact that it is one of Costa Rica’s best surfing locations and emanates a liberated. Hippy feel that draws so many visitors looking to get away from reality.

Numerous sandy beaches, quaint coastal towns, and thrilling sports like horseback riding, fishing, scuba diving, and ziplining can all be. Found along this section of the Pacific Coast. Is it worth mentioning that this place has top-notch surfing? A trip to the Peninsula of Nicoya is a must if you love surfing!

These are seven of the Peninsula of Nicoya’s most visited towns 15 of the top things to do to assist. You in planning your upcoming trip there. A thorough travel guide to the area, along with recommendations for the top hotels and directions to the peninsula, is. Also included.

Peninsula of Nicoya: An Overview

Peninsula Of Nicoya Best Things To Do
Peninsula Of Nicoya

One of just 5 Blue Zones regions around the globe, the Peninsula of Nicoya is home to some of the. World’s healthiest and longest-living populations. The 121 kilometres (75-mile) strip of land Costa Rica’s Pacific coast draws millions of tourists each year because of. Its healthy, relaxed lifestyle.

ATVing and ziplining are fun adrenaline-pumping activities in this area of Provinces of Puntarenas and Guanacaste.

There are several hotels, restaurants, and entertainment options in Samara, Nosara, and Santa Teresa.

One of the more upscale towns with a fantastic surfing beach (Guiones Playa), it’s also well renowned across the world. As a terrific spot to practise yoga.

Due to its younger demographic, Santa Teresa is a popular area for partying and going surfing. Some of Costa Rica’s greatest waves can be found nearby both “Suck Rock” and Playa Hermosa.

The beautiful and secluded Playa Izquierda is located in the little Samara is a town., which contrasts with its bohemian. Atmosphere.

On Nicoya Peninsula, there are a few smaller towns like Playa Ostional, Manzanillo, Montezuma, Paquera, and.

Unquestionably a notable example of well-liked locations and the location of most excellent activities in Costa Rica is the. Nicoya Peninsula.

The Nicoya Peninsula’s geography

The majority of visitors arrive through San Jose, the nearest major city to the peninsula and home to San Jose. International Airport. Having said that, Liberia is a relatively similar distance away from the Nicoya Peninsula and may also be reached from. There.

Taking a quick trip to Tambor Airport, which is accessible from San Jose and Liberia and takes only 30 minutes, is the quickest way to reach the Nicoya Peninsula from either location. The journeys are run by domestic airline Costa Rica Sansa Rican.

Each one-way flight should cost approximately $120 USD. Please be aware that Airport at Tambor is the only airport in the region and is situated in the southern part of the Peninsula of Nicoya.

From San Jose, you may easily access the Peninsula of Nicoya by car if you rent a car; however, You’ll have to take to Puntarenas via during two hours, take Route 27 before boarding a ferry for an hour to Paquera. As soon as you get in Paquera, go to the place you choose. The expense of using a personal chauffeur or a cab if you don’t own a rented vehicle can be high.

San Jose as the starting point of International Airport, you can use this shuttle to travel within the Nicoya Peninsula, somewhere. You may reserve it to travel between these towns because it runs across the peninsula and back and is convenient, dependable, and inexpensive.

Nicoya Peninsula and discover

You may perform the same action from Liberia. The majority of locations of Samara, Nosara, and Santa Teresa on the Nico are located On Nicoya Peninsula., may be reached by group travellers using this particular shuttle from Liberia Airport.

You will find the Nicoya Peninsula and discover the highways are in poor condition. If you wish You must lease a 4WD if you intend to drive yourself. automobile. As an alternative, Transport through Tropical Tours

(located within Santa Teresa) runs an every day shuttle service connecting the communities in this region. Checking availability and rates within their webpage. They’re dependable and I’ve used them frequently.

Locally referred to as “collectivos,” shared taxi services are available for navigating each town. These services are often provided in a minibus or small bus. Although they are scarce in a few smaller communities like Paquera and Montezuma, Samara, Nosara, and Christmas Teresa Samara, Santa Teresa, and Nosara have an abundance of them.

It’s important to note that the majority of these towns are small, making them simple to get around walking or by renting an ATV or scooter. When I go, I always choose this because it’s so convenient!

every hour, public transportation runs stops along the route between Montezuma as well as Cobano Cobano and Santa Teresa. In addition, there is a simple-to-use public bus that runs from Samara to Nosara. However, these roads are quite convoluted and require a lengthy period when moving from Montezuma to Nosara, between towns, therefore The shuttle is the best option.

Remember that despite how close a location seems many coastal areas routes appear on maps as straddle both rivers and rarely used. Because of this, make sure to prepare ahead and get in touch If any, please share queries about particular routes.

Optimal Season for Visiting the Peninsula of Nicoya

The dry season, which runs from December to April, is the ideal moment to travel to the Peninsula of Nicoya for a leisurely vacation. The weather is lovely at this time of year, and towns are crowded with tourists.

You must, of course, plan your journey beforehand, especially your lodging. Additionally, you want to think about arranging reservations for dinner at well-known eateries during New Year’s and Christmas holidays.

On the Island of Nicoya, the period of rain, which lasts from May to November, is regarded as the greatest time for surfing. Visiting the Peninsula of Nicoya at this time is also significantly less expensive!

See my article on the ideal Costa Rica vacation time for more information.

Nicoya Peninsula’s Most Popular Tourist Attractions

1. Montezuma

The modest Costa Rican village of Montezuma has yet to become a popular destination for travellers. Contrary to Samara, Santa Teresa, or even Nosara, Montezuma has maintained a large portion of its genuine, laid-back Costa Rican attitude, yet still receiving a significant amount of visitors. It is therefore a fantastic location for a vacation!

Regardless of a small community, Montezuma has numerous fantastic attractions. These include excursions to magnificent islands, breathtaking even two waterfalls adjacent nature reserves!

Island called Tortuga, a little island inside the Biological Reserve of the Negrito Islands, is a single most well-liked destination to visit from Montezuma. Fantastic snorkelling, beaches with white sand, and lots of coconuts may be found there.

From Montezuma, it takes only 45 minutes by boat to reach Tortuga Island. You’ll be treated to wonderful vistas along the way on the boat ride, and you’ll even get to visit Cocalito Falls!

Even better than Cao Island

Even better than Cao Island, this snorkelling is the greatest I’ve visible in Costa Rican! Following that’s when the boat lets you go off the island of Tortuga where you can have a fantastic meal and a lot of beverages (Juice, beer, and pop.) You’ll get some time to unwind, play volleyball, go kayaking, or consume copious amounts of coco locos.

Visit the breathtaking (and cost-free) The Montezuma Falls for another wonderful day excursion from Montezuma. This is actually a single of the rare uncharged waterfalls in Latin America.The distance between the waterfall and the town is short.

Taking a simple stroll around The Montezuma Beach town’s primary beach, is among the most unwinding activities available in Montezuma. It is crowded with beachgoers throughout the day, and at dusk,

it appears as though the whole city it’s on the sand. In the evening, revellers stay up late dancing around bonfires. Certainly it is among my favourite beaches in the entire country, Costa Rican!

After your exploration is complete, Montezuma offers a tonne of fantastic dining options, consisting of Costa Rica’s top Italian eateries!

For those who prefer a relaxed atmosphere, little traffic, and few services, Montezuma is the ideal location. Personally, I adore Montezuma; it is among the Peninsula of Nicoya’s highlights.

Montezuma lodging options

The best option in town for travellers on a tight budget is the Hostel Luminosa Montezuma. The hostel is situated in a stunning region of Montezuma, only steps through the shore and a short stroll from the town. Hosteworld and both provide hostel reservations.

Mar and Cielo Hotel Cabinas, another excellent option with a moderate to low price range, is a terrific spot to stay. Once more, This lodging is directly on the sand, and I really appreciate that their rooms have views of the water.

Visit our Montezuma lodging guide for more information!

2. Christmas Teresa

Santa Teresa Beach, a well-known surfing destination, runs along the little coastal hamlet. The number of surfers who visit it each year is in the thousands.

Having said that, Christmas Teresa is a lot more than a simple surf town. Nowadays, with so many restaurants, beach clubs, and coffee shops, it’s the perfect location for a beach vacation. In addition, the following tonne of amazing activities in Santa Teresa to do, such as practising yoga and visiting natural areas!

One lengthy boulevard that connects from north to south in Santa Teresa is lined with the entire town. It is difficult to walk from end to end. In actuality, every single street extends for more than 3 kilometres (1.8 miles).

jogging alongside the road, however, can be risky and not particularly enjoyable because No walkways are present.. To navigate about Christmas Teresa, it is now recommended to rent a pair together or an ATV.

“Suck Rock,”

At Claus Teresa, You may. essentially surf. the entire length of the shore. The ideal time is always during high tide, that is also the busiest period. “Suck Rock,” which is located across from Resort & Villas at Red Palm, is one of the well-known surf spots.

around Mal Pais, southernmost of the town, is a little point break that I adore. Drive here, then walk straight beside the shore to discover it. You’ll finally reach a tiny, isolated bay.

the signal that follows the rocks in the bay’s left-hand side can be surfed here by paddling out and riding it. Only when the tide is high is this breaking point surfable, yet you may often find solitude here.

Experienced surfers don’t need to bring their own board because Numerous rental options are available. them in town. If you’d rather learn from an expert, this particular session inside Santa Teresa is the best and includes gopro images plus a rash guard., a video, and your rental board with UPF 20+.

Santa Teresa, in general, is a hip town that is frequently thronged with visitors. Even so, exudes a carefree attitude, undeniably becoming busier ever since last to be the year and completely honest, this recently made me want to avoid going there.

Santa Teresa lodging options

I adore Inn for Missing Boys for visitors on a tight budget. Although The lodging is great, their dorm rooms are reasonably priced. Huge pool, dining room, treehouse, kitchen, and welcoming environment. They also host a huge number of occurrences and trips. You aren’t the opposite of something because In addition, the place is convenient.

Santa Teresa offers some pretty fantastic hotels for those who have bigger budgets. It has a place like Vista Villas Santa Teresa. wonderful owing to the stunning views, hotel, if you don’t imagine yourself atop a hill.. They provide yoga sessions and own a pool that looks out over the water. Additionally, the accommodations are nice and cosy, especially considering the cost!

Look at my list of the top accommodations inside Santa Teresa for more details!

3. Samara

On the Peninsula of Nicoya, families frequently choose the peaceful Sámara, a settlement on the coast for their vacation. I really enjoy how safe and calm The city is. Additionally, it’s a fantastic location to practise surfing.

This is because the swells in Sámara are significantly calmer than those in surrounding towns like Jesus Christ and Nosara due to the bay’s relative protection.

Additionally, Home is Sámara to a tonne of incredible sights and activities. You can visit falling water in the highlands after a quick drive outside of town, and after a quick boat ride You can go to the ocean, go snorkelling containing marine life and take a cocktail cruise in the evening. Sámara is undoubtedly a great option!

Surfing the waves still exists. even though Much of Beach Sámara is quieter than alternative surf towns. The best thing is that due to Sámara’s smaller and gentler waves, beginners can unwind and enjoy surfing many more.

When the tide is high, which is the optimum time to go surfing. Samara, the sea is crowded—particularly if the tide is high occurs after dusk! Surfboards can be rented at the beach. If you’re a surfer, have experience.

Izquierda Beach Samara

Izquierda Beach Samara, Russia is a precious gem that can be reached by foot in 45 minutes. Normally, there aren’t any people on the beach, but what’s really wonderful about it is the fact that there are tons Several tiny tidal pools where you can swim and unwind in.

Belen Waterfall, located about 25 minutes by car from Sámara, is a must-see if you enjoy waterfalls. It’s a lovely area to spend some time because Some of them have little ponds over the waterfall’s crest where you can unwind.

Many wonderful beach clubs and restaurants may be found on Samara beach. You can see from the organic components that the community places a lot of emphasis on regional food.

I personally adore going to Samara and appreciate the little town atmosphere with minimal traffic. Among those locations that you can go barefoot when exploring!

lodging options where Samara

If you have a limited budget, you have a lot of choices, though few of them are terrific. I love Las Mariposas. preferred option because it is within 100 metres from the shore.

The friendly atmosphere of the hostel makes it the ideal place for social travellers to meet other tourists. or Hostelworld may have accommodations at this location.

Actually, I possess two fantastic options for you if you think of yourself as an average traveller (both serving families and couples). The initial one is the Between Two Waters hotel. charming inn with basic features on a lovely site. Ideal for visitors who wish to experience real Costa Rica.

Visit our guide to the top hotels in Samara for more details!

4. Nosara

Nosara has evolved over time from a remote surf spot to a busy traveller destination that is now slightly more posh than bohemian. Naturally, this isn’t for everyone because lodging in Nosara may be pricey.

Surfers, families, couples, groups, and, well, everyone else go to Nosara. because it has incredible surf virtually all year long and also a secure atmosphere for tourists.

Surfing waves are available all year round. However, from to is the finest period for surfing in Nosara. Guiones Beach’s beach breaks were the primary factor in drawing visitors on the initial journey to Nosara. On Guiones, there are waves to and on the left to the right, and there is room for everyone due to the 7 kilometres of beach.

April to November. Since it’s also the off-season, surfers take advantage of the cheaper costs and reduced crowds. It’s preferable to take a lesson at Nosara if you’re a beginner or have little experience surfing.

Guiones Beach

bringing a guide along is a wonderful idea, preferably on your initial visit because the swells can be rather large. As you may expect, there are many surf schools in the area.

Paradise Beach, which is located Guiones Beach’s northern boundary is among my favourite beaches on this stretch of coastline. A blowhole that discharges water into the air, creates plenty of noise is located here, and tidal pools can be seen to the south of that beach.

The Destiny Cafe is the ideal location to recharge for the upcoming day. This well-known cafe offers mouthwatering brunch and breakfast dishes made with regional ingredients and special touches. My opinion is, it’s Nosara’s top eatery!

As opposed to that,, La Luna is the place to go in the city if you’re searching for a fantastic spot to eat or drink while watching the sun set. to the south Playa’s end Pelada, the restaurant is situated directly on the water; very gorgeous!

Nosara is a luxurious location and, According to me, somewhat pricey. It doesn’t, however, have the same hippie backpacker vibe as Montezuma and Santa Teresa. My travels are typically brief because of this, nonetheless, I adore the place!

Nosara lodging options

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you should not stay in Nosara, but rather close to Playa Guiones. The best restaurants and stores are not located in Nosara, a town., nor is it close to the beach. All of them gathered in a tiny downtown area close to the ocean.

Travellers on a budget should visit the Selina Nosara hotel. the hostel, even so falls into the “mid-range” range, the additional cost is justified. The hostel offers a lovely pool and a tonne of daily free activities.

I have no doubt This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed in a hostel! You may reserve a room at that hostel’s Hostelworld or

If you have slightly more money, your possibilities are significantly better. Inn at Sunset, which costs about $250 USD per night, is my best pick. The hotel features a pool, is in a great location, and is near to the shore.

There are many additional options for lodging, so if you’re looking for more recommendations, see our site about accommodations in Nosara.

5. Paquera

Numerous tourists board boats to Puntarenas in the small community of Paquera, which is located at the Peninsula of Nicoya’s southernmost point.Even though it is tiny,

Costa Rican culture at its best community provides a surprising variety of top-notch activities, so it’s a shame that most visitors only stop by for a short while.

There is something to do in Paquera for every kind of traveller, from exploring secluded beaches to going to the adjacent Isla Tortuga.

The most convenient and affordable location to board an excursion to Tortuga Island is Paquera. As previously said, that little island has beaches with white sand and among the topa several of the top snorkelling Costa Rican,

where you can view Eagle rays with spots, Needlefish, moray eels, and angelfish. The boat leaves Paquera Beach, the town’s principal beach, and each individual must pay $50 USD. for this specific snorkelling excursion, which comes highly recommended.

Enthusiasm for fishing

Paquera is 18 minutes away by car. It is the remote, challenging-to-reach jewel and a beach known as Playa Organos. Although there are only two modest shacks and no restrooms on the sand, it is incredibly lovely and an excellent place for swimming due to the clean, tranquil waves.

A popular sport that involves fishing in this area, and the waters near the town are home to large species such as tuna, marlin, and sailfish. Offshore fishing can only be experienced by scheduling a tour, which departs from the landing of the ferry Paquera every day at 7 a.m. It’s an essential if you have a serious enthusiasm for fishing!

Consider taking part in a tour of the plankton’s bio luminescence if you’d like to have a memorable experience. These are well-known & Paquera are prohibited in many other municipalities in Costa Rican. Among the top Paquera attractions is this.

Paquera lodging options

The A hotel called El Gecko is a pleasant lodging option for travellers on a budget, featuring a sizable yard with barbecue pits and a charming common lounge.

If you intend to stay in Paquera for several nights, this is an excellent alternative because certain rooms even feature a tiny kitchenette and refrigerator. It can be reserved through or Hostelworld.

The Natural Reserve Las Islas Vista Hotel Eco Boutique in Paquera boasts access to a private beach, an endless pool, the views of Nicoya Gulf, and is a more opulent alternative if you’re looking for one. All of the rooms are big bungalow-style accommodations and have their own balconies!

6. Beach of the Ossional

One of Costa Rica’s most incredible animal phenomena is located near Playa del Otional. When many turtles arrive at the same time in the sand, to excavate and oviposit., the phenomenon is known as an arribada. People usually only spend the day at Playa del Otional, which is located 9.9 kilometres away from the city of Nosara.

To do so,go on a reserve tour from Nosara for each participant for USD $60. These travel to the arribada on the beach and depart extremely late at night or in the early morning. Literally hundreds or even a huge number of turtles can be viewed at once.

One of Costa Rica’s top experiences, undoubtedly! These tours, however, essentially simply involve transportation to the beach and back. It is not necessary to make reservations in advance; you can simply, when you can, reserve these tours to get to town.

However, reserve visiting the Wildlife Conservation Association on your tour If you wish to understand more (Details) regarding the arribada and turtles. Their tour includes transportation, a discussion with a specialist about the phenomenon, and a narrated stroll down the beach. Although $150 USD is spent, this offers the finest encounter.

Furthermore, A beach in It is a Playa Ostional. well-known surfing beach where you can catch some great waves.!

alternatives for lodging in Osional

There aren’t many places to stay near Ostional Playa, but the Cabinas Arribadas are a fantastic, affordable choice that’s only 700 metres through the shore. a cafeteria, a sizable along with a communal lounge are all included. These are communal dorm-style quarters.

Another choice is India-based Villas,in which is a 12-minute stroll through the shore and offers huge, elegant villas in addition to a restaurant and a pool outdoors.

7. Manzanillo

Manzanillo, which is only 20 minutes’ drive through Claus Teresa, is renowned for its stunning beach with white sand, snorkelling, as well as scuba diving options. It’s a favourite among residents and doesn’t draw a lot of which I believe is unfortunate because, According to me, it’s the single nicest beach within the Peninsula of Nicoya.

Because of the numerous rocks and reefs of exposed coral at Manzanillo Beach during low tide, it is advisable to stay out of the sea. But right now, you can cross the cliffs to a sheltered lagoon that’s ideal for snorkelling.

Head 10 kilometres north to Playa Ario if you wish to go swimming in calmer waters. You will pass by a wildlife refuge called Caletas Ario along the journey, which is a special location where sea turtles are protected.

This area has a tiny beachfront restaurant, which is an excellent place to catch the sunset. Belo Horizonte, a tiny community with two supermarkets, lies a kilometre through the shore.

Locations for lodging in Manzanillo

Manzanillo doesn’t have any hotels, however the following charming lodge is named CalaMocha Lodge close to the community from Buenos Aires.

The hotel is a 4-star establishment with a pool outside, and has a room balcony. It’s better to confirm availability far in advance because it frequently closes at particular seasons that year.

15 What Activities on the Peninsula of Nicoya is the Best

1. Try surfing

There is no lack of surf locations in the Peninsula of Nicoya, where surfing is a single most popular activity. Santa Teresa, a popular beach with excellent ever-present waves, is among the best. Surfers from around the globe flock to the area for its laid-back atmosphere, affordable lodging, and exciting surf breaks.

Locally known as “Stupid Rock,” it is one of Santa Teresa’s top surf spots. La Lora is another excellent surfing location nearby, however it can get crowded around high water. For some, head to Playa Hermosa.

soft waves if you’re just learning how to surf maybe think about this particular lesson in Claus Teresa, which gets rave reviews. Christmas Teresa town charges USD $10 for a 24-hour surfboard rental.

Sámara Beach, which is 72 kilometres through Claus Teresa and a two-hour journey away, offers significantly calmer waves for surfing. I think it’s the ideal location for new surfers.

In Samara

Boards may be easily rented on the beach for as little as $4 USD for an $15.00 for the first hour and whole day. However, expensive boards with good performance are. In Samara, high tide is the greatest time to enjoy surfing, but beware—it may get very busy.

The 17 minutes (7.4 k.m) journey from the village of Nosara will take you to Guiones Beach, another top surfing spot on the Peninsula of Nicoya. 7 kilometres length of beach attracts surfers from all over the world

who love the left- and right-handed waves. A surfboard may be easily rented in the city at rates that start at For a full day, $10 USD, which are comparable to those in the peninsula’s other cities.

Finally, the best directions from Montezuma are towards Punta Cana in the north or playa cabuya in the south. This is as a result of the town of Montezuma’s main beach being extremely rocky and unsuitable for a surfboard. If you don’t have one You may hire one. to bring with you. at Montezuma Beach or Playa Grande.

The Peninsula Nicoya should definitely become the best possible list if you want to surf, regardless.

2. Travel to Tortuga Island 

Among the most well-known tourist sites Anywhere in Costa Rica, Tortuga Island is a favourite day-trip destination for visitors towards the Peninsula of Nicoya. Isla Tortuga, often known as Tortuga Island,

is among the top snorkelling and diving locations we’ve ever been to. For those who appreciate the outdoors, the Nicoya Peninsula should not be missed!

Due to its vicinity, Montezuma is among the ideal spots to go on an island tour. The boat voyage just takes 45 minutes! The tour pauses at two snorkelling locations so that Sharks, tropical fish,

and turtles can all be seen up close. Before returning to Montezuma on the excursion, When you are given the island’s lunch and have the opportunity to kayak or play volleyball.

Tortuga Island is also easily accessible from Santa Teresa and Paquera. In reality, Paquera is the town that is closest toward the island, several of the cruises that leave in this case are very affordable.

This small-group excursion from Paquera is a well-liked alternative for guided tours; it costs $50 per person in USD and lasts 6 hours or more.

Take care to reserve the Zuma Tours excursion, whose tours depart by way of Beach of Montezuma, if you wish to experience diving off of this wonderful island.

3. Investigate the Montezuma Falls

One of the few free falls you may see in Costa Rican is Waterfalls in Montezuma. the town of Montezuma, you may quickly scroll to the Montezuma Falls. Three waterfalls can be found here (below, middle, and higher) (middle, upper, and lower).

It is falling lower that is the simplest to access; to get there, you must spend 20 minutes strolling on the right-handed side bank of that river. The lowest falls do not represent an ideal location for swimming, while being simple to access.

Instead, stroll about 100 feet (30 metres) away from the lesser falls’ base in the opposite direction and bridge the river (atop a few rocks, you can..) You’ll see a few ropes, ultimately some steps on the opposite side.

As you ascend these procedures, always turn right anytime there are two directions. This leads towards the higher waterfalls with you, which are a wonderful area to go swimming. But even so, this isn’t the ideal swimming spot!

people with mobility concerns shouldn’t do it

You should descend to the central waterfall, which has a on the right, from the top. You can find ropes to aid you descend if you cross the river on the opposite side. Although it’s not a difficult climb,

people with mobility concerns shouldn’t do it. When you reach the bottom, an exquisite infinity pool will be waiting for you in excess of smaller falls! It’s really lovely!

The trail leading to the upper cascades of Montezuma Waterfall can be used for a price of a million colones (cash only). Bring appropriate footwear that you don’t mind getting wet.

I ought to point out that among the most well-liked activities from Christmas Teresa, a neighboring town is a day excursion to the falls (40 minutes by car). I’ll assure you that the or an ATV ride from Claus Teresa to the waterfall is worthwhile!

4. Catch fish 

The Peninsula of Nicoya in Costa Rica is the ideal location if you enjoy fishing because you can catch everything from tuna to wahoo, mahi-mahi, and snapper there! Here, there are first-rate offshore fishing prospects.

Fishing is available all year long within the Peninsula of Nicoya, however the best times to catch sailfish are from December to April, in addition to tuna and mahi-mahi frequently taken September through January.

Going fishing is a single nicest activity near Santa Teresa since You could get some enormous fish similar to those previously mentioned. It’s also very affordable; you can anticipate paying $40 USD each person.

A 6-person offshore fishing trip is available on this cruise for about $250 USD. the entire crew, that works out to slightly more than $40 USD each. The type of fish you target depends on the season, tides and currents, and your captain will know what to do.

Another great location for a fishing cruise is Paquera, where You can go fishing. in both Cupos and Cabo Blanco waters. The vast majority of fish are captured using trawling, accessible 20 to 35 kilometres away from the coast.

5. Yoga practise

Not only is yoga excellent for strengthening and extending your muscles, but it is also deeply calming. I enjoy the practice of yoga as frequently as I can, I’m in the Peninsula of Nicoya.

Numerous different yoga lessons are offered inside Claus Teresa and Nosara; I’ve participated in both yoga of these communities and heartily recommend giving it a try.

Classes cost $15 USD in hostels like Selina in Santa Teresa (including South and north both). These are fantastic if all you want is a low-cost drop-in course.

Hotel and yoga centre Horizon is an additional facility that provides drop-in classes. The cost of a solitary session, which starts at 9 a.m. ends at 5 p.m, is $15. The views from their rooftop studio, which additionally have, are spectacular!

Private lessons, SUP Yoga, and silk classes are all available at Monkey Adventures Surf Exercise on a SUP if you prefer a more personalised experience. These courses should cost roughly $90 USD.

Trust Surf & Yoga Claus Teresa

View a few of Claus Teresa’s retreats. if you want to really commit to your yoga practice. One of the most well-known providers is Trust Surf & Yoga Claus Teresa.

They have a number of affordable packages, including an all-inclusive four-night package for just $450 USD. In addition, offer a seven-night retreat that costs $550 US (according to one individual)

Yoga studios may be found all across Nosara, which is recognised as a centre for fitness and wellbeing. There are many different programmes available, ranging the drop-in lessons to intensive getaways, as well as yoga classes.

If, like me, you only practise yoga sometimes, Studio Nalu is a fantastic choice. Nearly every day, they have community classes that are routinely scheduled. They also provide meditation, breath work, and exercise classes. Drop-in tuition for all classes is $15 USD.

If you take yoga more seriously, Yoga Resort at Bodhi Tree often hosts one-week long yoga retreats. They are not inexpensive, though they also include housing, three meals daily, and two to three yoga sessions. They also provide public classes every day.

A class is available in Both Santa Teresa and Nosara that meets your needs, no matter how much yoga you’ve done or how passionate you are about it.

6. Visit the Reserve Natural Cabo Blanco to see the wildlife

The first Costa Rican reserve is Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve, in case you didn’t know. Karen Mogensen and Nicolas Wessberg, both of Sweden established the wildlife preserve (from Denmark).

Montezuma or Santa Teresa are both close by; Cabo Blanco lies in Cabuya, the city. Public transportation like buses and ATVs are both convenient ways to get there.

Two hiking routes allow you to discover the preserve. The Danish Way is the first., a circle that passes close to the ranger post through a woodland. There are 1.2 miles only on the trail (2 kilometres).

It is suedco trail. second and is more well-known. The Sueco Trail, which runs 3.1 miles (five kilometres) from Playa Cabo Blanco to the ranger post, is the primary attraction in the park (10 kilometres return). Each way, the route takes slightly nearly an hour.

Numerous animals, including lizards, ants, birds, bats, butterflies, and monkeys., can be seen along both pathways. There are several wildflowers and lovely trees there as well. The Reserve Natural Area of Cabo Blanco is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

The park is accessible from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday, and admission is $12 USD (Monday and Tuesday are off limits.)

7. Use a zipline

On the Peninsula of Nicoya, ziplining tours are among the most unusual and enjoyable ways to enjoy the environment and interact with the local fauna. From Nosara, Montezuma, and Santa Teresa, You can give it a shot. Quick exercise!

The village of Santa Teresa is close by; in fact, it’s only ten minutes’ drive from a single top zip lining excursion on the peninsula. Consider flying over the treetops while enjoying breathtaking ocean vistas. When using such an eight cable zipline excursion through Zuma Tours, you get just that.

There are eight ziplines on the route, and one of them is more than 500 metres long! You will definitely get your adrenaline fix here because the ziplines go very quickly. The best thing is that, without transportation,

ziplining only costs for adults, $55; for children, $50. kids. If required transportation Add $15 in Mal Pais. per person (a cab will cost less!) All ages can take the trip, and no prior knowledge is necessary.

Montezuma hills

As an alternative, Getting on a canopy tour from there is simple. where you are staying in the Nosara neighbourhood. One can view Look down on Nosara and investigate the lush jungle that covers the mountainside on this tour led by Miss Sky. With 11 kilometres, this is the world’s longest tour.

visiting the, there are 21 zip lines they are typically 500 metres long. A tour concludes a five-story structure with a zipline and a halt at a waterfall. Adult prices begin at $75, and children between the ages of 5 and 12 are charged $50.

Finally, Sun Trails runs an eight-wire zipline route in the Montezuma hills. You’ll have the potential to witness animals, including monkeys, as you soar the tops of the trees on this excursion.

Additionally, it has a 30-minute rest stop to cool yourself at The Montezuma Falls (a higher fall). The excursion is highly regarded and unquestionably among the top Montezuma activities available. The fact that it only costs 50 dollars each is also fantastic.

If you haven’t tried The Peninsula of Nicoya is where you can go ziplining in Costa Rican. presents the ideal opportunity!

8. diving under the sea 

And this is having a source who has dived at among the top websites in the world: the diving is excellent on the Nicoya Peninsula. If you wish to give this unusual activity a try, it would be preferable to call Santa Teresa, California, home, in my opinion. At Tropical Island, Scuba diving is another option!

Unsophisticated Claus Teresa Claus Teresa is undoubtedly undervalued. Around Santa Teresa, there are several great dive spots simply standing by!

In relation to water life, Santa Teresa has two separate seasons. The initial is between January and April, when there is a good possibility you can witness the enormous manta ray.

one more—and my favourite—period is from August through September, when humpback whales can be spotted. You may swim alongside stingrays and reef sharks, sea turtles, and enormous fish schools throughout the year, of course.

The best diving outfit inside Claus Teresa is Iguana Divers, also the diving places they transport you to their “hidden spots” that only they can find not using a GPS.

Only small groups (about six divers) are taken out, two diving masters, too accompany the team to provide direction. Iguana Divers charges $125 USD for a typical double-tank dive.

Similar to that, You can quickly include jumping to your trip to Tortuga Island because there are great dive sites here! Explore locations that are greater depth than the snorkelling sites and be prepared to observe a tonne of aquatic life. If you’re an avid diver, use Zuma to make reservations for sure.

Excursions; one dive on one of these dive trips at a $130 USD price and they consist of everything a scuba diving excursion would typically consist of.. The excursion departs from Montezuma Beach and runs at 9 a.m. until 4 pm.

9.riding a horse

Nature exploration with a gorgeous animal within the Peninsula of Nicoya is a terrific option if you want a truly unique experience. Check out Horseback riding excursions with Ollie’s Adventures in Santa Teresa for a highly rated equestrian trip.

They can carry you everywhere to the south edge of the Hermosa, Montezuma, and Mal Pais are all located within the Peninsula of Nicoya., even though they operate out of Santa Teresa.

Their least expensive trip starts at about $45 USD and ranges in length from one hour to four hours. You have the option of taking a leisurely ride on a farm, amidst the jungle, along a beach, or all threes.

It’s the ideal method to discover new places and make friends! The finest aspect is how nicely Ollie takes care of his horses. In actuality, they work for one month straight before taking a month off to rest.

Since the region is covered in pathways for navigating mountains, rivers, and a tangle of vegetation, Nosara is another excellent location to experience horseback riding.

You’ll set out on this hour-long pony back riding excursion with your new acquaintance to inspect the area. You’ll pass through rivers, see even apes and monkeys wash the horses at the end of the journey.

10. Party 

Young and energetic tourists from every continent frequently visit the Peninsula of Nicoya. Montezuma, Nosara, and Santa Teresa are a trio of the best “party towns” in the area. In these dynamic communities, there are many venues to have a good time!

The best spot to be is Disco Bar La Brosy. in Santa Teresa on the evenings of Saturday and Wednesday. This neighbourhood small-time club is always packed with residents and tourists looking to mix it up and let loose. The establishment isn’t luxurious, but they frequently offer live DJ sets and inexpensive drinks.

Additionally, there is a recurring Saturday night monkey party in Claus Teresa. This enormous gathering features live DJs and is held high in a mountainous area. Everyone in the town attends, and it’s a tonne of fun. You should verify with other vacationers or nearby waves instructors for the most up-to-date information on its precise position and day.

In addition, the evening events at Santa Teresa’s beach clubs are spectacular. Banana Beach, which I discuss below, is my favourite since the beverages are inexpensive and the soundtrack is great. After supper, clubs on the beach typically empty out, so plan to go somewhere else and reserve the Saturday or Wednesday late nights.

Rather pricey in favour of a hostel

The hostel known as Selina once purportedly was a 5-star hotel, is the greatest location to party in Nosara. For $20 USD, you may either get a day pass or spend the night time in these quarters rather pricey in favour of a hostel).

It’s a fun spot to unwind and hang out. Drinks are available at the bar, you can splash around in the water, or you can simply unwind and take in the weather. It’s a lot of fun to spend a Selina day!

Finally, it’s a myth that Montezuma isn’t a location to have a good time. Some claim that parties in Santa Teresa are better on weekends., despite the fact that it can be true throughout the week. The top dance event can be found at Chico’s Bar, which is the top gathering spot and is conveniently placed in the middle of the city.

You may party in the square constantly in front of Chico’s if the cost of the drinks within the restaurant turns you off. In reality, the setting IN favour for a fun evening is frequently more prevalent in the plaza. more relaxed, with numerous talk and inexpensive beer you may get at the nearby store.

11. consume artisanal beer 

I really like craft beer, so I was thrilled to discover about the fantastic craft breweries in just several locations on the Peninsula of Nicoya cities of Samara, Nosara, and Montezuma.

Although Guinness Brewing Co.. in Nosara typically just has some beer on draught, they excel at what they do. Obviously, the IPA is my favourite, but they also make a fantastic Pale Ale. Also well-famed for its pizza made over a fire is Guinness Brewing Co.

They are delicious, only ten dollars, and go great with a good beer. At 4:00 pm, Opening of Guiones Brew Co.. Don’t Be prepared to order meals much before 5 o’clock (Pura Vida), though, as nothing really gets going until then.

There is limited seating in the pub, where You may sup without making a reservation. But it’s preferable to make reservations in advance If you desire a table throughout the busiest season.

Waterfall in Montezuma

Another excellent on the peninsula, a brewery may be found close to the Waterfall in Montezuma at Butterfly Brewing Co. Here, the beer is excellent, and there is a lovely raised deck encircled by vegetation.

They normally have four beers available draught; especially like the Pale Ale and IPA. Food is also available at the brewery. They don’t accept credit and debit cards, therefore make sure to carry cash as well.

The artisanal brewery 2 Gringos establishment is situated in the heart of Sámara. An example of top breweries in Costa Rica that I have been to is 2 Gringos. There is a wide variety of beers available on tap; at the time of my visit, there were more than 24! They included

fruity sours, crisp beers, and hoppy IPAs. Since there are so many options, reading each of them will take some time. The tasting room for 2 Gringos Beer is housed inside Coco’s Mexican eatery where you can enjoy excellent tacos and beer at the same time.

12. ATV rental and exploration

The major route on the 121-kilometre-long Nicoya Peninsula runs southward to north; an ATV is the most common mode of transportation there. With an ATV, you have the freedom to visit fantastic artisan breweries, explore secret beaches, and take a day excursion over a waterfall.

Inside Claus Teresa, for instance, Using an ATV costs you about $70.00 USD for a day., although the price decreases the lengthier your rental. Most of the communities on the peninsula provide ATV rentals. Only $50 daily for a rental period of seven days.

In Christmas Teresa, you should consider renting a quad from Quad rentals and tours offered by Pacific. They also provide side by side and motorcycles. It’s a fantastic choice If you’d like an easy way to travel to attractions like Cabo Blanco and the Montezuma Waterfall.

You may use the scooter rental service Rent a Scooter at El Cactus in Samara $35 USD for a 24-hour period. If you wish to navigate the narrow way to Nosara that takes one hour (there is a short river bridge) , anything that is slightly more suitable to the mountainous regions near Samara, it is a good idea to hire one.

In Maontezauma

renting an ATV for a day price of $85 USD. In Montiezuma, an ATV is useful for visiting the brewery and other eateries that are outside of the city in addition to driving to Cocolito Santa Teresa, Cabuya, and Falls. The hamlet of Montezuma has plenty of vendors where you may rent an ATV.

I advise hiring an From Monkey Quads, an ATV, to see some of Nosara’s more well-known attractions, such as Pilas Blancas and Mala Noche waterfalls. If you don’t feel comfortable operating an ATV on your own, a guided trip is a terrific option that you may arrange with these people.

You will require a credit card for the security deposit and alternatively, a global licence or a native licence from the nation of your birth to hire an ATV. They’ll provide you a helmet, but it’s also a good idea to bring sunglasses or protective eyewear protection from the dust.

13. Visit Playa del Osional to observe the turtles

Among the wildlife highlights in Costa Rica is the turtle. Every month, countless turtles go to the west coast to lay their few eggs on beautiful beaches, where tourists can watch both the adult turtles and the hatchlings.

You won’t be surprised to learn to the extent that a well-liked activity is to the Peninsula of Nicoya visit Playa del Otional to see Eggs are laid by turtles..

A week before a new moon, during the rainy season here, hundreds or maybe a huge number of turtles come to the eggs along the shore. It occurs once or every two weeks at this time of year. A local term for this occurrence is an arribada!

For $60 USD per person, You may. reserve a tour from Nosara Playa del Carmen Otional. These trips only include transportation; they don’t come with a guide or any other amenities. These tours are offered by numerous tour operators in the area.

The Association for Wildlife Conservation, which leaves from the village of Nosara, is an alternative if you’re looking for a more in-depth trip.On their trip, there are transportation back to their starting point and a competent guide-led the beach tour. Each individual must pay $150 US for this.

You may reserve a spot on this particular excursion from Samara that travels to whichever of the three beaches—Playa del Ostional, Playa Camaronal, or Playa Corozalito—you prefer, see those turtles!

I must, too, point out that, less than a kilometre from Montezuma town, at the Sea Turtle Hatchery ASVO, you may witness turtles in another location on the Nicoya Peninsula. You may see young turtles being discharged every day at 4 o’clock. It is an amazing experience.

14. Visit boutiques to shop

Leave room in your suitcase when travelling to the Peninsula of Nicoya so you can bring things back! There are many local designers presenting gorgeous clothing and goods in both Nosara and Santa Teresa, and the boutique shopping is most excellent in Costa Rican.

Caliwolf Factory, Santa swimwear, Brazilian bikinis are a few of the top locations in Santa Teresa for boutique shopping. Also, a tonne of new stores are opening down the primary on a weekly basis, so go shopping by strolling down the primary street! North Selina Santa Teresa is close to a beautiful location.

Contrarily, Nosara is teeming with tiny boutique stores selling apparel you probably wouldn’t anticipate seeing in a tiny seaside town. The nearby brewery is associated with WLDFLWRS, which I adored for shopping.

Enjoy Nosara as well as MaderArte are two additional fantastic shopping destinations. Although the calibre is great, these boutique shops are not exactly inexpensive. The nicest part is that you can bring something special to take home!

I must also point out that, even though Sámara is smaller than Santa Teresa and Nosara are still in existence. a lot of boutique stores there. One of my favourite stores is Sámara’s Gypsy Boutique, where I also got a stunning woven purse.

In the little food court Rosa is, there’s another lovely spot for handmade jewellery (By the way, a pretty good restaurant.) You’ll have to trek to find Rosa because Google Maps does not have it.

15. Check out bio luminescent plankton

One of the few locations where you live in the world that may observe every season of the year has bio luminescence is Paquera Bay. During this journey, you take a nighttime boat cruise and see this breathtaking scene up close.

Before leaving to snorkel or swim in the glistening waters, you will spend an hour at the stunning Isla Cedros. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The price of this excursion, which is Individually, $35 USD, is fairly affordable. It takes more than two hours.

You may sign up for this one-hour nighttime kayaking tour from the town of Santa Teresa, which will enable  a close relative of bio luminescence to literally illuminate the presence of algae on the ocean.

The liquid will dazzle with flashes of light every time you dip your paddle into it, which is what makes it so amazing. Bahia Rica is the company that runs this wonderful excursion. An organised tour appropriate for novice or seasoned kayakers. The maximum size of the group is merely ten persons.

I appreciate your reading!

When it comes to vacation spots in Costa Rica, the breathtaking Nicoya Peninsula is without a doubt the best option.

We appreciate you coming to Travel Life in Costa Rica. You should now have a better understanding of Peninsula de Nicoya thanks to this comprehensive guide. I can’t wait for you to come and see this breathtaking area!

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