RV manufacturers strive to allow for as many individuals as they can within a limited space, often leading to beds that are oddly shaped and the often-Fearful of the bunk bed.

In RVs, bunk beds are an effective way of optimizing space, but you may have noticed that the beds in your RV are not A mattress of the same dimensions as a regular twin-size bed.

It is clear that the initial mattresses supplied by the manufacturer do not provide adequate comfort.

If you’re looking for a fresh RV Bunk Mattress, you’ve come to the ideal place.

Thanks to the rise in the popularity of buying mattresses online, it is now much easier to get a custom mattress from the comfort of your own home.

We have investigated and created a compilation of the best available alternatives currently available.

This list provides a range of options, from luxurious to personalized, to cost-efficient selections, so there is something for everyone.

At the end of this article, we hope to have provided you with the information you need to determine which mattress is the most suitable for you.

RV Bunk Mattresses: Our Top Picks

  1. A memory foam cushion inspired by Brooklyn Wanderlust
  2. A luxurious gel foam RV mattress infused with organic cotton
  3. Hybrid mattress for Brooklyn Aurora
  4. Memory Foam Mattress Park Meadow
  5. The Tochta Mattress Designer

The 5 Best RV Bunk Mattresses of 2022

#1. A memory foam cushion inspired by Brooklyn Wanderlust

What Consumers Value:

Memory foam mattress with a medium-firm feel for a very reasonable price.

Price: Starting at $186.


a company called The Brooklyn Bedding owns, the manufacturer of Wanderlust RV bunk mattresses.

Most people can sleep comfortably on this very basic memory foam mattress.

This mattress is a great bargain, starting at  just $186, making it perfect for use in an RV or camper that is only infrequently employed..

If you intend to use the mattress for nightly sleep or if you anticipate it to accommodate heavier individuals, then we recommend selecting an 8” or 10” option.

A foam-based construction is used for the Wanderlust.

The base layer consists of an extremely dense support foam, while a layer of memory foam provides superior comfort on top.

Memory foam mattresses offer a distinctive “supportive” experience compared to conventional innerspring or coil mattresses.

Although many people enjoy the comfort of memory foam, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone is a fan of it.   

#2. A luxurious gel foam RV mattress infused with organic cotton

What Consumers Value:

  • Two-sided mattresses are available to accommodate different sleeping preferences.
  • Excellent remarks (over 200 5-star reviews).
  • Price: Starting at $469


The deluxe memory foam mattresses from Mattress Insider is a great value for your money, offering a top-notch memory foam sleeping solution at a cost-effective price..

If you like the particular sensation that memory foam offers, then this mattress is an excellent selection.

Mattress Insider’s top-selling Memory foam mattresses accessible in a variety of sizes, comprising several of the most typical RV bunk sizes, and almost any bespoke size imaginable.

This mattress has adjustable comfort features, allowing users to flip it or reposition the layers of memory foam to alter the firmness level.

During the sweltering summertime, Using the cooling gel foam, you can regulate the temperature while sleeping, enabling you to stay cool.

Mattress Insider has added a cover made of organic cotton, making for a cozy and healthful sleeping atmosphere.

A luxurious mattress made of gel foam available in two different sizes: standard RV-size bunks with rounded corners designed to fit a variety of RV bed configurations.  

#3. Hybrid mattress for Brooklyn Aurora

Customers highly value the Brooklyn Bedding mattress, which is one of the most sought-after mattresses on the market. It is praised for its quality, comfort and affordability.

  • You can acquire high-grade materials at an incredible cost.
  • Spend the night in an area that is chilled..
  • Price: Starting at $1,162

For those who desire maximum comfort while on the go, specifically, the Brooklyn Aurora RV bunk bed is an ideal choice. It provides an incredibly snug sleeping experience, perfect for long journeys.

Brooklyn Bedding’s most sought-after bedding is now available in RV bunk size, making it the ideal choice for RVs and campers.

If you’re looking for the best possible slumber while travelling, this RV Bunk size mattress offers the highest quality sleep experience. It’s sure to give you the most restful night’s sleep.

The Aurora has a hybrid construction that brings together the solidity and ‘bounce’ of an innerspring mattress. It also offers comfort and cushioning of a foam mattress, thanks to its combination of springs and foam comfort layers.

There are three distinct levels of comfort offered by the Aurora: mild, medium, and strong. If you are uncertain of your desired comfort level, we suggest selecting Medium, as it usually meets the needs of more than 80% of people who sleep.

Every night, thousands of people rest comfortably on their Aurora mattresses in the comfort of their homes, designed to handle the rigors of everyday use and the unpredictable conditions of life on the go.

#4. Memory Foam Mattress Park Meadow

What Consumers Value:

For anyone with back issues or those who don’t like the way all-foam mattresses feel, this mattress is perfect.

Prices: Starting at $417


The mattress from Park Meadow is an excellent choice for RV owners of RVs who prefer the classic innerspring sensation in their bunk bed mattress.

An all-foam mattress may not offer the same feel as a mattress with innersprings, which many buyers are accustomed to. Although many mattresses are now constructed entirely of foam, the experience may be quite different.

This mattress is perfect for those who have back issues or require extra support.

Custom and distinctive mattress sizes are offered by Mattress Insider.

Since 2008, they have been manufacturing beds and have been used by more than 70,000 content customers! Their customer service is unparalleled, with customers commending their swift responses and the politeness of their staff.  

We can confidently recommend any of Mattress Insider’s products, as they have supplied the mattresses we brought for our RV.

#5. The Tochta Mattress Designer

What Consumers Value:

individual sizes and shapes can be obtained online and come in a range of sizes.

between $400 and $700


If the bunk bed in your RV has a corner or notch cut out of it, you are limited to the available mattress options.

The good news is that ordering mattresses in a certain size or shape from the comfort of your home is simple with Tochter Mattress’s custom mattress programme.

You can quickly and conveniently change the shape and the softness of your mattress, with the touch of a button, and buy it online.

The mattresses will be delivered to your house rolled up and built to order.


customizable comfort settings

There are different thicknesses available.

There are countless possibilities of individual sizes and shapes available.

About the business:

Over two-million satisfied consumers have purchased high-quality sleep products from Tochter over the past twenty five-years.

Before making a purchase, customers may take advantage of complimentary shipping and a hundred-day risk-free trial to ensure the mattress is ideal for them.

These Are Important Factors To Bear In Mind When Choosing A New RV Mattress

How frequently will you use this mattress for sleep? How much time do you suppose it will need to be? We advise staying away from inexpensive mattresses if you intend to use this mattress frequently or if you want it to endure for a very long period.

Is the corner of your mattress custom cut? If the corners of your mattress are custom cut, your options will be limited to 1 or 2 retailers.

Do you prefer a particular feel when it comes to material? There are various degrees of comfort in latexInnerspring mattresses are available, and memory foam mattresses.

You must decide what you want to sleep on before selecting the best mattress for you.

Which degree of rigidity are you looking for? Several mattresses on our list let you select the firmness that you desire or are made to accommodate the vast majority of people who prefer a mattress that is medium firm.

To be sure your mattress will fit your bed frame exactly, measure it precisely before making a purchase.

Many custom mattresses don’t have any-returns rule.

You may purchase custom RV bunk sheets from the following places: is the place we go to find bed sheets that are specially sized.

They have the best options and provide first-rate service.

They also provide custom mattresses, so they are aware of the sizes you require.

Alternatives to Purchasing a Mattress in a Custom Size

Look for local custom mattress builders who can make one for you that you could test out before you purchase if you’d prefer not to buy your mattress online.

  • The ensuing custom mattress producers are accessible in person:
  • A business that makes mattresses is called Verla Mattress Factories.
  • The Mattress Manufacturer, where it all began.

FAQs: Bunk Mattresses for RVs

  • How many different types of RV bunk mattresses are available in the market?

Unexpectedly, many mattresses manufacturers have expanded their product lines to meet RV bunk sizes, despite the fact that there aren’t many substitutes for RV beds that fit into atypical bunk sizes.

Customers can still pick the type of mattress and level of comfort that best suits their needs.

The following are just a few different types of mattresses that are offered in an RV bunk size:

RV Bunk Mattress with Innersprings: A mattress with innersprings is a common example of a coil-supported mattress. This kind of mattress is the most popular, thus Most people have heard of it

The thinness of bunk beds typically favors a construction made entirely of foam for the mattress, even though we have already listed one maker of a bunk mattress with innersprings.

Hybrid RV Bunk Mattress: A hybrid mattress is one that combines foam and innersprings.

This offers the stability and bounce of a spring mattress. along with the pressure alleviation and stability for the sleeper.

For the vast majority of sleepers without particular needs, we recommend hybrid mattresses.

RV Memory Foam Bunk Mattress: In recent years, memory foam has become very popular in the bedding sector.

Due to its special cradling and pressure-relieving design qualities, The substance was initially created for NASA and then employed in mattresses.

Some people prefer the unique feel of memory foam, while others hate it.

You should be aware that Memory foam mattresses feel significantly different from a conventional spring mattress if you have never slept on one before.

A custom cut corner and size is available: There are several RV mattresses available with bevelled edges or rounded corners.

Here are some merchants who can assist you with custom cuts if that’s the case.

  • What Is The Ideal Thickness For An Rv Bunk Mattress?

Bunk mattresses shouldn’t protrude higher than the edge of the bed’s safety rail.

To prevent you from getting out of bed, do this.

Most guardrails can support mattresses up to 6 inches thick; in unusual circumstances, they can support mattresses up to 8 or 10 inches thick.

Choose a thickness based on an examination of your camper or RV and your requirements.

Most of the companies we’ve mentioned provide a selection of mattress thicknesses.

  • Can You Tell Me How Much An RV Bunk Mattress Costs?

Due to its smaller size and thinner profile, a rv bunk mattress is far less expensive than other mattresses available on the market.

The least expensive memory foam option starts at $186, and the most expensive one can exceed $1,000.

When choosing a mattress for an RV bunk bed, take into account these aspects.

  •  What Is A Bunk Mattress For An RV?

A mattress that fits within the bunk bed of your RV or camper is exactly what it sounds like: an RV bunk mattress.

Bunk-style beds are used by some RV builders to increase capacity.

Depending on the RV model and maker, these bunks come in different sizes.

An RV bunk mattress is often longer and thinner, and it is made to accommodate one sleeper comfortably.

  • What Size Mattress Does A “RV Bunk” Have?

Mattresses for RV bunk beds are frequently long and thin and easily fit one sleeper.

They may come in a variety of sizes depending on the type of RV/Camper and the manufacturer.

The most typical RV bunk sizes are as follows: 75″ x 28″, 30″ x 75″, 30″ x 80″, 34″x75″, 35″ x 79″

  • Where Can I Get A RV Bunk Topper? sells mattresses for RVs, so if you’re looking for a custom-sized mattress topper, check it out.

You may Invest in a memory foam topper along with the organic cotton cover.

  • What Alternatives Do You Have To Get Rid Of Your Old Custom Mattress?

You have to figure out how to get rid of your old mattress after purchasing a new one online.

Thankfully, “A Bedder World” offers mattress disposal services around the country.

To make sure that your old mattress is recycled in the most ecologically friendly manner possible, we work with mattress recycling facilities.

We’ve recycled almost 500K mattresses thus far.

Alternatively, try recycling it yourself!

  •  How Can I Make My RV Bunk Bed More Comfortable?

For increased comfort on your RV mattress, you can either purchase a completely new mattress from a retailer like those mentioned, or you can purchase a mattress topper from a website such as

  • Is It Possible To Sleep On A Standard Mattress In An RV?

Most of the time, the response is negative.

A bed base that is specially sized won’t accommodate a conventional mattress.

While some RVs may use standard-sized beds, the majority don’t in order to increase interior living space.

Do RV mattresses differ from those found in regular beds?

Mattresses for RVs are not the same size as those for standard beds.

This is primarily due to the RV’s lack of practical space.

Manufacturers opt to use a shorter mattress in order to get more space.

These compact “RV mattresses” can still accommodate the bulk of sleepers (excepting those people who are taller than typical and may have their feet protruding from the end).

Final Thought

There are many odd-sized beds in RVs, and many reputable companies offer bunk mattress replacements.

We only trust and recommend the companies listed in the article since they are well-known in the sleeping sector.

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