The largest national parks in the United States and Canada

Are there any North American national parks that are the largest?

A visit to a national parks leaves your mind wondering about some of the strangest things you have ever seen. 

To answer the question above, we decided to throw together a table based on our industry-best dataset. Let’s also look at Canada while we’re at it!  

Rank Park Country Annual Visitors (estimate) Cave density per square kilometer 1 Great Smoky Mountains USA 9.7 million 0.0034 2 Yellowstone National Park USA 3.2 million 0.0024 3 Rocky Mountain National Park USA 4 million 0. 

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve is one of the largest national parks in North America. 

Located above the Arctic Circle in northern Alaska, this stunning park covers an impressive 8.4 million acres of jagged mountains and pristine forests. 

It stands as a testament to The Last Frontier’s rugged beauty, boasting breathtaking views of glaciers, rivers, and valleys that have remained largely untouched since the last ice age. 

The vast expanse is home to some of Alaska’s most iconic animals such as caribou, foxes, bears, and wolves. 

Gates of the Arctic is also known for its diversity of plant life including wildflowers that can be found growing in abundance along its green valleys during summer months. 

Visitors who venture into this remote wilderness are sure to find themselves immersed in natural grandeur unlike anywhere else on Earth! 

What are the largest National Parks in the world?

The largest national parks in the United States and Canada offer an unparalleled glimpse into nature. 

From lush forests to towering mountains and wild rivers, these destinations are truly majestic. But do you know which is the largest national park in the world? The answer may surprise you. 

Covering an impressive 8,485,758 hectares (32,972 square miles), Greenland’s Northeast National Park is currently considered to be the largest protected area on Earth. 

Established in 1974 by then-Prime Minister of Denmark Hans Enoksen as a bird sanctuary, this land is now managed by both the government of Greenland and the Environment Agency Denmark. 

It is characterized by its vast tundra landscape filled with glaciers, icebergs, fjords, and islands that are home to various species of wildlife like polar bears, muskoxen, and narwhals. 

The list of U.S. parks according to their size

There are a total of 140 National Parks in the United States, but the largest is Wrangell-St. There are 13 million acres available for visitors in Wrangell-St. 

Elias National Park. The Gates of the Arctic National Park (also located in Alaska) is the second largest national park in the United States at almost double its size.

The state of Alaska is home to seven different national parks that are among the top ten largest in the. ountry. 

But for two of them, they can only be reached by boat or air because they are so far into the wilderness. There is only one road trip that can take you to Denali Fjords and Kenai Fjords.

Almost 3.5 million acres of Death Valley National Park make it the largest national park in the contiguous U.S.

There are two National Parks in urban settings in America, both the smallest. Two Midwest cities share a downtown area with Hot Springs and Gateway Arch. 

American Samoa and the Virgin Islands constitute the second and third smallest National Parks in the United States, respectively.

Over 56.6 million acres make up our national parks across this great country. Our country has been able to preserve this amount of land for future generations, despite the fact that it is. Relatively small compared to our overall size.

The 20 largest national parks in Canada

Canadian national parks are located mostly in the Arctic wilderness, similar to those in the US. There are four parks in the Nunavut Province and five in the Northwest Territories.

There are five islands among the six smallest National Parks in Canada. One of the only exceptions to the rule is Point Pelee, which, as we mentioned in one of our recent. Road trips are a small peninsula in Ontario that is not on the list.

There are a lot of national parks in the United States of America.

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