The Pink Sand Clearwater Beach in Florida: How to Get There?

“searching for a Florida beach with pink sand and clean water”?

Unfortunately, unlike what the internet claims, Florida does not. Actually have a “pink sand clearwater beach” that people frequently inquire about.

Florida does have some excellent beaches, but a beach that is bright pink is not one of them.

Florida is known for having beaches with crystal-clear water and fine. White sand, such as Siesta Key, which is said to have some of the world’s whitest sand.

Perhaps a few specks of the pink sand can be seen near Clearwater. But that is not the pink sand beach that is being discussed.

Here are the details on the Florida beach with pink sand that everyone is raving about as well as directions to get there.

The good thing is that you can travel there if you want to; it would make a fantastic getaway from Florida.

There simply is no such thing as pink sand in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

So where is the beach with pink sand?

Now that it has been confirmed that the pink sand beach is not located near Clearwater, where is it and how do you get there?

People often talk about the pink beach on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. It is an incredibly beautiful beach that is ideal for Instagram, especially if you have a drone.

Just take a look at the jaw-dropping drone photos that folks have captured below. Despite not technically being in Florida or Clearwater, the beach is still accessible from those locations and an excellent place to spend a vacation.

The best way to get to Harbour Island

By Ferry

Ferry travel is your best bet for getting to a beach with pink sand.

Three times a week, this ferry travels to Freeport, Bahamas, departing from Fort Lauderdale (4 hours from Clearwater).

You must board another ferry to Harbour Island after you reach Freeport.

The Balearia Caribbean boat travels in 3 hours (departing at 9 am and arriving at noon) between Fort Lauderdale and Freeport. Bahamas, and may be taken for as little as $120 USD one way.

By Air

Another option for getting to Harbour Island via North Eleuthera airport is by plane.

Flights are not always more affordable than taking a ferry because they take around an hour and a half and cost $200 USD one way.

You must take a 10-minute taxi from the airport to get to Harbour Island.

How to get from Harbour Island to Pink Sand Beach

The good thing is that because it’s a small town, it won’t be too difficult for you to locate the amazing pink beach when you’re there.

The island is very accessible by automobile, and there is no shortage of parking spots at the numerous beaches.For the best accessibility and convenience, we advise booking a room at one of the stunning hotels close to the beach.

Accommodations nearby Pink Sand Beach

There are several possibilities for high-quality lodging close to the beach. Pink Sands Resort is the best place to stay in the area, especially if you’re on your honeymoon or a romantic holiday.

Pink Sands Resort

The Pink Sands Resort is one of the best places to stay if you want to enjoy the gorgeous white sand beach.

A freshwater pool, two tennis courts, and 4.8 kilometers of  beach are all included at the resort!

This is the location to be if you want pink sand. That is kind of implied by the resort’s name as well.

You don’t even need to travel outside of the broader Bahamas if you don’t feel like it because of a variety of various restaurants. 

And bars are accessible at Pink Sands Resort, including The Blue Bar and Malcolm 51 Restaurant.

What causes the sand to be pink?

It’s fascinating to learn how the  acquired its lovely pink hue. In essence.

It originates from tiny fragments of seashells that the marine creature known as foraminifera once resided in.

The shell takes on a pinkish tint when it is crushed.

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