10 of Mississippi’s Greatest Water Parks

A terrific time to visit some of Mississippi’s top water parks is during the summer. One of the undiscovered jewels with an amazing variety of water parks in Mississippi. The whole family may enjoy hours of outdoor recreation at these parks.

Here are a few of Mississippi’s top water parks.

Water Park At Gulf Island (Gulfport)

The Gulf Islands Water Park in Gulfport has plenty of fun activities for people of all ages. You can keep occupied with the many slides and aquatic activities available. It is the biggest waterpark along the coast and caters to all ages with wonderful activities.

The Riptide Racer, Horn Island Blaster, Camille Cutter, Deer Island Express, Cat Island Catapult, and Lazy Pearl River are a few of their attractions.

There are three meal alternatives available when it’s time to dine. Petit Bios Island Café serves burgers, chips, and chicken tenders. There is Dockside Pizza if you want pizza. Last but not least, Polly’s Sweet Corner is where you should go if you want a sweet delicacy like cotton candy or funnel cake.

The lake’s Yogi (Pelahatchie)

Yogi on the Lake is a fantastic destination for a day of relaxing, fishing, and swimming with the family. This park, which is situated on Pelahatchie Lake, provides amusement for all ages.

There are many different swimming sites and many fishing spots. Tennis, golf, and even picnics at colorful tables will be fun for families.

Yogi on the Lake, which has a yogi bear motif, is a fantastic location to enjoy the lively ambiance of the beloved animation. Camping at Jell stone Park and meeting Yogi and Boo-boo is the ideal combination. Just be careful to keep an eye on your picnic basket.

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Water Theme Park At Geyser Falls (Philadelphia)

There is something for everyone at the recently opened Geyser Falls Water Theme Park. There are thrilling coasters, tranquil rivers, and a lot of outdoor relaxation areas. You should add the park to your list of summer travel destinations.

The Geyser Flats, Little Squirts Hollow, Mt. Evernet, Clearwater Key, and Backsplash are a few of their top attractions.

The food options at Geyser Falls are something to admire. The Cabanas is one that stands out. You get to enjoy a customized cuisine while renting a private cabana.

The Nacho Hut, Grill Cart, Udder Delights, Dipping Dots, and Afro’s Café are more choices. Anyone can like something different. Therefore make sure to pack some food to eat.

Bay Of Buccaneers (Waveland)

A warm day can be spent at the Buccaneer Bay Water Park. The Gulf Coast park is full with fun activities for people of all ages. There are several spots to relax in the sun, a lazy river, and slides.

Due to the addition of hunting, Buccaneer Bay differs differently from the other parks. To explore the bay, you may also rent boats and kayaks.

Whatever you decide to do, a day at Buccaneer Bay will be filled with excitement and new experiences for the whole family.

The Water Park Of Columbia  (Columbia)

A fun day of swimming and relaxation may be had with the family at the Columbia Water Park. There are numerous locations to relax in the sun and numerous swimming spots.

You should also check off the Columbia Water Park off your bucket list. You can be sure that there is something for every member of your family, from camper sites to three lighted baseball diamonds and a river outlook.

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Aquatic Park At Flint Creek (Wiggins)

Another fantastic place to spend a summer day is the Flint Creek Water Park. The park, which has a 1900-acre plot of land and a 650-acre lake with 13 miles of shoreline and abundance of bream, bass, crappie, and catfish, is situated in Wiggins and provides fun for people of all ages.

Also, campers can take advantage of the outdoors by swimming at their own private beach. Visitors can also take a trip down a nature route where they can inhale the aroma of sweet honeysuckle, roses, red clovers, and daisies.

Observing the wildlife will be an additional amazing experience. By the lake’s edge, it’s typical to observe squirrels, ducks, wild turkeys, and deer. Spend quality time with your family over a barbecue grill and a picnic table. Flint Creek even features a private pavilion and two enclosed lodge halls.

Splash Park In Shiloh (Brandon)

A fun-filled day in the sun can be had with the family at Shiloh Splash Park. The park, which is in Brandon, Mississippi, provides amusement for all ages. There are numerous locations to relax in the sun and numerous swimming spots.

Everyone may find something to enjoy at the Shiloh Splash Park. A walking track, basketball courts, and a playground are present. The splash park, which is geared towards younger kids but is still a terrific way to cool off on a hot day, is another option you have.

(Columbus) Slip ‘N’ Dip 

A smaller water park is called Slide N Dip. Although not having as many alternatives as the other waterparks, they nevertheless offer a fantastic experience.

There are several spots to relax in the sun, a lazy river, and slides. The Slip N Dip is a fantastic location to spend time with your family because it has a sizable pool and a picnic area that everyone can use.

Park At Merit (Mendenhall)

You won’t soon forget the Merit Water Park, which is a wonderful location. There is an old-fashioned swimming hole with a little waterfall in this 25-acre park in Simpson County. In fact, it is regarded as the state’s top swimming spot.

A barbecue area, a playground, and horseshoes are also available in the park. While in the state, it is a fantastic location to visit. The sandy and rock Creekside beach, as well as the picnic tables where visitors can eat, are appreciated by visitors.

The park is a great place to swim, fish, and unwind. It is crucial to realize that it is a more serene water park that provides a wonderful location to unwind and escape the bustle of daily life.

Marine Adventures Ocean Park (Gulfport)

A pleasant day out with the family is best spent at the Ocean Adventure Marine Park. At this marine park, you may experience the underwater environment without getting wet. At this park, you may feed the dolphins and take in a number of different performances and displays.

A fantastic site to learn about the ocean and marine creatures is the marine park. Also, you can cuddle a sea lion and go stingray snorkeling. The park’s playground and field trips are great for younger children. The entire family will enjoy exploring and learning about the ocean here.

Then there are the student mini-camps, which allow kids to explore the maritime ecosystems and their species firsthand. Shark dissection, species identification, animal displays, and initiatives for dolphin and sea turtle conservation will all be available to kids.

The Conclusion

These are just a few of Mississippi’s top water parks. There are many more wonderful locations in Mississippi where you may spend the day swimming and unwinding.

Visit one of Mississippi’s top water parks if you’re looking for some sun, fun, and excitement! These parks provide hours of family entertainment.

You’ll have a terrific time no matter which park you pick. So venture out and take advantage of some of Mississippi’s top water parks this summer!

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