13 Best Destinations For Couples Holidays

 Couples:: Looking for suggestions for romantic vacation spots? Do you want to organize the most romantic getaway for you and your partner?

There are innumerable romantic locations for couples to travel to because the earth is so vast. But we can think of 13 incredible locations that we adore and think are the top vacation spots for couples in the globe.

Couples travel can be difficult to plan, especially if you and your partner have different holiday preferences.

This collection of romantic getaways for couples includes a variety of vacation suggestions for all different kinds of couples.

From romantic wine regions to adventurous road excursions for couples, exotic island getaways are only the beginning.

Begin arranging your upcoming trip together. by looking at these 13 top places for couples to vacation. After reading this list, you might decide to travel to more than one place!


At a Glance: The Best Vacation Spots For Couples

It can be difficult to decide on a romantic location for your next vacation. There are numerous locations where you two may truly bond.

Since we first connected more than 15 years ago, we have gone on several romantic getaways together.

These excursions have included climbing rocky mountain summits in New Zealand and swimming with whale sharks in the Maldives.

Taking a daring road trip through Iceland, traveling through Japan by bullet train. Traveling Jordan’s historical past, skiing in Switzerland, and participating in a yoga retreat in Bali.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 13 places in the globe for couples vacations to assist you make your decision. We’re confident that this list will inspire you to book your trip as soon as possible.

For additional details on each of the following vacation spots for couples, keep reading:

  1. Greece’s Santorini
  2.  Hawaii’s Maui
  3. The Maldives 
  4. Australia, Whitsundays
  5. France, Paris 
  6. Seychelles 
  7. French Polynesia, Bora
  8. The Fiji 
  9. Italy, Amalfi Coast 
  10. California, Napa Valley
  11.   Scotland, Isle of Skye
  12. Caicos & Turks 
  13. Indonesia, Bali

13 Best Destinations For Couples Vacation

1 Greece’s Santorini

Starting with Santorini, one of the most well-liked romantic getaways for couples. Where stunning sea views, amazing beaches, and whitewashed houses glitter in the sunlight.

One of the most romantic locations in the world may be found by combining delectable regional cuisine with magnificent cliffs, which are perched upon the local businesses, restaurants, and structures.

Seeing the multicolored sunsets in Oia is one of the best ways to appreciate Santorini. Take a seat at a table in a restaurant and savor the regional cuisine as the sun sets over the water.

You can take a boat ride to Nea Kameni Island if you want to do something more exciting together.

This island contains the well-known Santorini Volcano and is close to that island. Take a pair of hiking boots and go exploring. It’s understandable why Santorini is regarded as one of the best Greek islands for couples.

Best Time of Year to Visit: The best months to go are June through September if you want to experience warmer, sunnier weather (so you can take a plunge in the water). 

As summer draws to a close, the crowds tend to diminish (September and October).

Places to Stay: Cavo Tagoo is quite well-liked by couples traveling to Santorini.

2 Hawaii’s Maui

One of Hawaii’s most breathtaking locations, Maui is a must-visit vacation spot for couples of all ages and fitness abilities.

There are beautiful beaches where you can spend the entire day relaxing, as well as a variety of unusual activities including hiking, surfing, and snorkeling.

Compared to the other Hawaiian islands, Maui offers the cleanest beaches, the most gorgeous scenery, and the calmest waters for swimming.

Arrange a romantic helicopter flight over the island for breathtaking 360-degree views. Additionally, you’ll be able to see parts of the island that are more difficult to access.

While visiting Maui, snorkeling is a must-do activity. Kaanapali Beach’s Black Rock is among the best places to see marine life. The area is a great place to go snorkeling because of the quiet waters.

Because you can visit Maui without a passport if you’re a resident of the United States, it’s a fantastic place for a romantic getaway!

Best Time of Year to Visit: Plan your trip to the island between April and May or September and November if you want to avoid the throng.

Places to Stay: The Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea is the only place to stay for the perfect romantic getaway.

3 The Maldives 

One of the best island getaways for couples is a trip to the Maldives, one of the world’s most romantic locations.

Stunning overwater bungalow suites with easy access to the region’s beautiful seas are available. It’s no surprise that this location is a favorite choice for honeymooners!

The Maldives have some of the most breathtaking white sand beaches in the world in addition to bungalows with glass floors that allow visitors to see aquatic life.

Couples who prefer to spend most of their trip on or near the sea can stay in opulence at this location.

In addition to snorkeling and bathing in overwater pools, you may go sailing at dusk or surfing at isolated coral breaks.

Additionally, the cuisine in the Maldives is just outstanding. With a blend of Western and Maldivian dishes, you can’t go wrong.

Best Time of Year to Visit: By traveling to the Maldives between November and April, you may avoid the humid, rainy season.

Places to Stay: The Six Senses Laamu is well-liked by honeymooners and couples.

4 The Australia, Whitsundays

Australia is frequently regarded as the destination for life-changing travel experiences. However, is it the ideal location for romance? Absolutely.

We may be a little partial because we are Australians, but we firmly believe that the Whitsundays should be included on this list of the world’s top vacation spots for couples.

Off the coast of Queensland, there are 74 islands known collectively as the Whitsundays, which seem to have been designed with romance in mind.

Many Australians travel to these magnificent islands to pop the question, have a romantic getaway, or even Wed.

These islands stand out from other tropical vacation spots thanks to their stunning turquoise sea, quiet white sand beaches, and spectacular landscape. In addition, it is the best place to view the Great Barrier Reef.

Choose to clamp on a pontoon in the Great Barrier Reef or spend the night in an underwater suite to create a memorable experience.

The Whitsundays also offer the gorgeous Hamilton Island and the ultra-luxurious Hayman Island as romantic getaways for couples.

Best Time of Year to Visit: Try to visit The Whitsundays in September for the greatest weather and conditions for outdoor water sports like snorkeling.

Places to Stay: The ideal tropical retreat for couples is the Intercontinental Hayman Island.

5 France, Paris 

Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world, so any list of the greatest getaways for couples must include it!

Paris is not only one of the most gorgeous cities in France (and Europe), but it also offers something for every couple to enjoy.

from delectable cuisine to culture, thrilling attractions, and breathtaking views. Every couple should go there together at least once in their lifetime since it radiates romance everywhere!

Whatever the occasion, there are countless romantic activities to do in Paris that will make your trip worthwhile.

The Luxembourg Gardens, the Wall of Love in Montmartre, and the Eiffel Tower are a few of the city’s most seductive locations.

It’s also important to try as much of the regional cuisine as you can since Paris is a foodie’s paradise. Choose a few adorable neighborhood cafés and sip coffee and eat croissants like a local Parisian.

Before traveling to one of these similarly romantic locations in France, we advise couples to spend at least two days in Paris taking in the atmosphere.

Best Time of Year to Visit: The ideal times to visit Paris are in February and August if you want to avoid increased accommodation prices and crowds.

Places to Stay: Excellent views of the Eiffel Tower may be seen at Hôtel Le Walt.

6 Seychelles 

Not only is Seychelles a picture-perfect location, but it’s also one of the most romantic spots on earth.

The 115 islands of the Seychelles, which are located in the Indian Ocean, are far away and a little more difficult to get to, making them ideal for romantic getaways.

Incredibly pure waters surround a diversified landscape of volcanic boulders, thick woods, and exquisite settings that have appeared in countless beautiful Instagram photos.

Another well-liked activity on the islands is cycling, which lets you and your partner take in the lovely scenery.

For those looking to go as far away from the grind as possible, Seychelles is one of the greatest couple holiday destinations despite being a little more difficult to get to.

Best Time of Year to Visit:: If snorkelling is your main reason for visiting the islands, April and May are the finest times to go. The best underwater visibility can be found during these months.

Places to Stay: One of the most opulent resorts in the Seychelles is the Four Seasons Seychelles.

7 French Polynesia, Bora Bora

Bora Bora tops the list for tranquillity, although some other locations on this list have a beach as their main attraction for a calm getaway.

You can have the impression that you and your significant other are sequestered in a private paradise on this distant French Polynesian island.

The South Pacific island of Bora Bora is home to overwater bungalow resorts, stunning mountains, and a group of volcanic islands and atolls with palm-fringed islets. Simply put, it is bliss.

The main draws in Bora Bora are scuba diving and snorkeling. Shark snorkeling is an option if you’re feeling daring. This exhilarating hobby is a fantastic way to create new memories and get amazing photos.

Alternatively, you might spend the day relaxing on Matira Beach’s sand and taking in the scenery. Bora Bora is perfect for couples seeking stunning scenery and a private escape.

Best Time of Year to Visit: Travel between November and April to avoid the rainy season. These are the best months to visit Bora Bora because of the wonderful warm weather.

Places to Stay:  At the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, we adore the overwater bungalows.

8 The Fiji 

Fiji is unquestionably one of the greatest underappreciated island getaways for couples. Due to the short flight distance, it is well-liked by Australian tourists but appears to be unknown to the rest of the globe.

Those looking for a more opulent beach vacation will appreciate their time in Fiji. You may visit private islands, exquisite beaches lined with shady palm trees, five-star resorts, spas, and sparkling water.

Unparalleled natural spa experience at Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool. As one of the all-natural spa treatments, start by relaxing in the mud pool before exploring the three available hot springs.

Staying cool on this lovely island is made easier by engaging in other enjoyable water activities like swimming next to waterfalls or snorkeling with manta rays.

Make sure to include a visit to one of the exclusive islands in your travel plans. Nothing is for couples, more romantic than a stay in a remote area.

Best Time of Year to Visit: The best time of year to explore the islands is from May through September when there are bright, sunny skies.

Places to Stay: Four Seasons Fiji is the ideal remote location for couples to get away.

9 Italy, The Amalfi Coast

A journey to the magnificent and incredibly romantic Amalfi Coast is one of the most famous excursions that every couple should in their lifespan, take at least once.

The Amalfi Coast, which overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a feast for the eyes and the senses.

This lovely city provides breathtaking beaches, delectable fresh seafood, and cliffside views in all directions lodgings. It’s the ideal location for foodies who wish to take in stunning views and opulent Italian elegance.

Discovering the greatest hidden shops and cafes requires some exploration of the area’s winding, cobblestone alleyways.

Together, rent a Vespa and take a romantic day trip down the breathtaking coastline, stopping along the way for gelato or a drink at one of the well-known beach bars.

Though every restaurant you visit will offer a fantastic selection, it is imperative to try the local fish.

You’ll undoubtedly leave Amalfi believing it to be one of the most romantic spots on earth, like so many others before you!

Best Time of Year to Visit: You should go to the Amalfi Coast in September or May for a large range of activities and fantastic weather.

Places to Stay: For the best views of the Amalfi Coast, there is no comparison to Santa Caterina Hotel.

10 California, Napa Valley

If your dream romantic holiday involves taking in the views from various vineyards while sipping on delectable red or white wines, Napa Valley is exactly up your alley.

This tranquil hideaway in California offers wonderful weather every day and lovely views of the surrounding countryside.

With over 400 wineries to choose from, wine tasting is a popular activity in Napa Valley. favorite activity. Walking around the vineyards is a wonderful way to take in the scenery and see how grapes are grown.

There are numerous museums, art galleries, and other cultural attractions in Napa Valley. Even the architecture in Napa Valley is fascinating to see.

Best Time of Year to Visit:  For affordable hotel rates, fewer visitors, and ideal 50°F days, January through March is the best time to go.

Places to Stay: Spend lavishly during a visit to the Auberge du Soleil for the ultimate romantic getaway.

#11 | Scotland, Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is a special location to come for a romantic weekend if you’re looking for a couple’s vacation spot with a twist.

Imagine being in a location where medieval castles are waiting to be discovered, with challenging terrain, and stunning scenery.

The name of this island, which means “Cloud Island” in Old Norse, is a fitting description of the island’s appearance as it appears to be surrounded by clouds.

On the Isle of Skye, there are many things to do, like witnessing the Northern Lights, which are only visible in the winter, as they dance across the night sky.

If you like to be more active, you may instead spend your time hiking around the Isle of Skye. After that, grab a drink at a neighborhood bar. It’s a particularly breathtaking location for an adventurous road trip for couples.

Best Time of Year to Visit: The months of April and May are ideal for visiting the Isle of Skye. These are the driest months, which makes them perfect for outdoor activities. 

Places to Stay: The cozy Cuillin Hills Hotel is well-rated on Tripadvisor and boasts stunning views.

12 Caicos & Turks

These beautiful islands are known for having some of the nicest white sand beaches in the world.

It is simple to understand why the Turks & Caicos Islands are among the greatest places for a romantic getaway when you consider that they have magnificent beaches, 360 days of sunshine, and fewer tourists than Nassau.

The islands’ distinctive setting atop an undersea plateau contributes to the Caribbean region’s best scuba diving conditions.

There are many other water sports to attempt if you’d rather stay on dry lands, like Paddleboarding, fishing, kitesurfing, and boat tours.

Couples who love to eat will adore this location because there are so many places to select from that serve fresh seafood.

Turks & Caicos is among the greatest romantic getaways for couples living in the US because it is easily accessible via flights from several US cities non-stop.

Best Time of Year to Visit: The cheapest months are April and May when there are also even fewer tourists than usual.

Places to Stay: Couples love to stay at The Palms Turks & Caicos.

#13 | Indonesia, Bali

One of the best places for couples to vacation where you can immerse yourself in nature is Bali.

In Bali, magnificent beaches are a given. The area also boasts stunning rice fields, picture-perfect lakes, gushing waterfalls, imposing mountains, and practically every other kind of natural monument.

Impressive temples can be seen scattered among Bali’s breathtaking natural splendor.

Ubud, a bustling mountain town with delicious food, breathtaking natural hidden gems, and a variety of activities for every kind of couple, is one of our favorite romantic destinations in Bali.

The frantic Seminyak and relaxed Canggu, stunning Uluwatu, and Nusa Dua are welcoming to families. Are all located along Bali’s south coast.

Couples can find more entertainment alternatives, beaches, and five-star hotels in these destinations.

Why not spend a few weeks traveling to various locations and checking off Bali bucket list items? Bali is a fantastic vacation spot for young couples and older couples looking for a low-cost vacation because of its affordability.

Best Time of Year to Visit: Go to Bali in January and October., or February to avoid the crowds of the high season.

Places to Stay: One of our preferred Bali hotels is Como Uma Ubud, which is situated in the Ubud jungle.

Can you suggest any further romantic getaways we should add to this list? Post your thoughts here and let our readers know.

Are You Ready To Plan Your Next Couple Vacation?

We hope that our list of romantic getaways and anniversary getaways has inspired you to plan a vacation for your honeymoon or other special occasion.

Amanda and I are an Australian couple who adore nothing more than taking trips together. We adore writing about some of the most incredible places on the planet that are on people’s bucket lists because we have been there.

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1: What are the 13 best destinations for couples holidays?

The 13 best destinations for couples holidays include Thailand, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. Mexico Greece, Italy, Bali, Morocco, Japan, France, Australia, India, and South Africa.

What type of activities can couples do on a couples holiday?

Couples can enjoy a variety of activities on their couple’s holiday, such as swimming. Sightseeing, shopping, dining, and exploring local culture and attractions.

What type of accommodations are available for couples holidays?

Couples can find a variety of accommodations, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly apartments and guesthouses. Depending on their budget and preferences.

How can couples plan their couple’s holiday?

Couples can plan their holiday by researching the best destinations for couples holidays. Researching the type of activities they’re interested in, and selecting the desired accommodation.

Additionally, they can also book flights, check out local travel companies, and make reservations in advance.

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