15 Activities In Costa Rican City Of Puerto Limón That Are Fun

An example of the biggest Costa Rican cities is Puerto Limón, thus it’s worth your while visit. It is a stunning city also referred to as Port Limon, port city.

situated on the nation’s eastern coast. There are usually events taking place at Port Limon because it is a popular destination for cruise ships.

Puerto Limón, the provincial capital of Limón, is the centre of exercise has a, and well-rounded balance and culture. Of tourism. You can enjoy all Costa Rica provides in the Province of Limón.

both river cruises and ziplining, delicious food to breathtaking beaches, as well as everything else.

 You won’t desire to skip visiting Puerto Limón, a fantastic Caribbean city, because There are countless. fun and interesting actionable. Items there.

The fifteen best actionable items that’s in Puerto Limón we have compiled in this blog will allow you to experience the best Costa Rican all in one convenient place!

1.Investigate Cahuita Biological Reserve.

15 Activities In Costa Rican City Of Puerto Limón That Are Fun (1)
Costa Rican City Of Puerto Limón

It’s vital to spend time in nature.when travelling toward Costa Rica! Some of Costa Rica’s best wildlife can be seen during a hike through Cahuita Biological Reserve.

 Discover snakes, numerous uncommon birds, and monkeys among the woods of Costa Rica.

About South of Puerto Limón is 45 minutes.. The Cahuita Biological Reserve is situated directly south of the hamlet of Cahuita.

The park has opened. daily eight until four, and admission is $5 per person (cash only) to help maintain the area’s aesthetic appeal.

The 5-mile eight-kilometre hike track (in one direction) Cahuita can be used to explore the park. Before turning around, visitors are free to stroll as long as they like. 

There are beautiful beaches and a variety of creatures to discover along the walk. The snorkelling on the reef is an example of park’s key draws and the main cause was established beginning with.

 Having said that, The coral was harmed in the 1991 earthquake that raised the bottom by 10 feet (3 metres)  Since a permit is now necessary, you must reserve an excursion to the reef to go snorkelling.

Although you can go to the park and explore it by yourself, You have options. a variety of guided tours to gain a deeper understanding. 

You will witness some incredible wildlife on this tour, in addition to the park’s flora. It also includes lunches and the cost of your travel to and from accommodation!

This trip is a great way to see the park on foot If there is access to using your own vehicle and meeting the guide there.

2.Discover the Veragua Rainforest.

The Veragua Rainforest, which is about an hour’s drive west of Limón, is an example of greatest spots to watch sloths and other animals nearby. 

Amazing variety, The list includes sloths, frogs, butterflies, monkeys, and monkeys. among others may be seen throughout the park’s hiking routes.

The fascinating animals that live in the woods can be seen up close by riding on a flying tram that is also available.

The park has opened. from Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. general admission costs $58 USD, which covers the aerial tram and walking trails.

 If you own a car, You only need to drive. into the park, buy your ticket, and then go exploring by yourself.

Travelling to the port of Limón, a park admission ticket, and use of a flying tram are all included in this guided excursion, which costs $153 USD.

 In addition, you’ll get to visit a waterfall and stroll along the breathtaking pathways that crisscross the forest. The best aspect is that a guide will help you see more wildlife overall.

3. Take a tour of the Tortuguero Canal.

Costa Rica’s Amazon is said to be the Tortuguero Canals. This canal system is a genuine several waterways.

 that stretch down Costa Rica’s coast and are a component of Tortuguero National Park. The views are breathtaking, and the wildlife is abundant.

A cruise on an open-air boat is the best way to navigate these canals. It was a park. Established in 1971 to safeguard the area’s endangered fauna, and Turtle, the Green is among them.

This excursion will include round-trip transportation in the direction of Port Limón. As well comes with a guide who can Identify the magnificent wildlife that can be found around the river.

 Tours go from before the day to late at night and start at just $75 USD.

4. Visit a zipline

Explore the canopy and ziplines In order to get closer to the Tortuguero Canal’s surrounding rainforest. 

Travellers toward Costa Rica must experience flying through the rainforest canopy, with Tortuguero Canal serving as an illustration of breathtaking locations to do so.

The river ride including a zip line on the Tortuguero Canals trip are both included in this fantastic adventure. For people with little time, it is ideal.

 Along with getting a terrific overview of the area, you will encounter creatures during swimming and the jungle. At eight in the morning, the excursion departs the port of Limón.

5.Take it easy in Playa Bonita

You should visit this wonderful beach only based on the name, Playa Bonita, which translates to “Beautiful Beach.

It is situated in a little inlet on the northern edge from the Limón area, where one can enjoy fantastic surfing, unwind on the sand or play in the dunes.

If you want to go to this beach alone and take as long as you want, you can get there by cab.

 Take a combined trip to see the finest beaches in the world and all of Puerto Limón if you want to see the beach quickly while still being able to traverse sand.

6. Swim with a snorkel

Only off the coast lies one of Limón, Costa Rica’s most intriguing locations, and snorkelling is the ideal way to see everything. Playa Bonita and Cahuita, y Playa Cenicienta.

 and other beaches near Puerto Limón provide fantastic snorkelling as well as scuba diving opportunities where you may see stunning coral reefs, wonderful Among the animals are fish.. Even sea turtles passing by might be a possibility!

A snorkelling cruise out to a view of a shipwreck is available if you continue travelling farther south to Puerto Viejo. Getting during swimming and connecting with nature in this way is lovely and exciting.

If you’re searching for straightforward, private snorkelling tours that are secure, include all the necessary equipment.

 and takes you to some magnificent reefs made of coral, critters, this particular snorkelling tour is a great chow Cahuita Biological Reserve Ice.

Want to stay in Puerto Viejo longer? Read this. See which Puerto Viejo hotels are the finest!

7. rafting through rapids

A must-do activity for thrill enthusiasts is kayaking along a whitewater river Pacific River. You can take a taxi or go on a guided excursion to this river, which is about an hour’s drive Northwest of Limón.

Pacific River offers a variety all at once, of rapids and is regarded as one of Costa Rica’s most scenic and lovely rivers.

 On your tour through the river, you will get to Cross category Rapids III–IV by paddling and witness a lot of wildlife and wonderful vegetation.

It shouldn’t come to our astonishment, this is among the top spots Anywhere in Costa Rica for whitewater rafting!

For a full-whitewater rafting for a day excursion, Observe this excursion. The programme includes travelling the port of Limón and You’ll go somewhere. across 18 kilometres of river.

8.Check out a plantation of bananas

There are numerous areas to observe bananas being grown and harvested in Costa Rica because it is an example of countries that exports the most bananas. A number of plantations are located close to Limón.

You may. Either visiting a plantation by yourself or through a guide if you’d like. Along the way, there is a visit to a banana farm called Del Monte and a ride on the Tortuguero Canal.

 You may discover bananas raised, observe how the highly trained staff bananas are harvested, and even buy healthy bananas!

9. Visit Puerto Viejo

This charming town is a short distance is a native of Limón. great for a day at the beach, in town. or both! One may argue that Puerto Viejo offers some of Costa Rica’s most gorgeous beaches!

It is a must-see when travelling to Limón Province, from the Playa Negra dark-sand beach to the Puerto Viejo Beach clear blue waters. However, Puerto Viejo has a lot more activities available than just the beach.

Animal enthusiasts will appreciate snorkelling with the spectacular marine life and going to a wildlife sanctuary (more about that later), blog post #13 herein series). 

incredible surfing, in addition\diving to a buried ship, off the shore are both available at Puerto Viejo for those who are feeling a little more daring.

There are several  in Pune actionable items or actionable items rto Viejo that a distinct journey might be necessary!

10. Create chocolate using the classic method.

Probably not, but after reading this, Costa Rica will come to mind in your thoughts of chocolate. Numerous indigenous tribes can be found all around Costa Rica.

 which is a wealthy cultural heritage. To understand how to produce chocolate in a very traditional manner, you can leave the more popular tourist spots in Costa Rica and go to a community from the tribe of Bribri.

As you make your way to and from the village, you may experience the process of creation of chocolate. It is a distinct and unique way to discover Costa Rican culture.

11. Check out Vargas Park

These parks are situated in Limón, close to the harbour, only off the shore. Despite its modest size, the park successfully balances nature, tourism, and culture.

 Although it is open 24/7 and is unbound by access, you should take a daytime trip. At this time, there are usually food vendors present, and sloths more inclined to be seen hanging from trees.

Take a stroll through the park, stop for photos in front of the famous or with a gazebo of some of the other art installations, 

or just relax on an example of numerous seats while looking for sloths. Though they may be challenging to determine

if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you might have to persuade a local to assist you locate them..

If there is an additional a few hours in Limón’s downtown, These parks are a terrific option.

12. Dine at exceptional Limón restaurants

Restaurants that are among the best include:

Mastro’s Wine & Grill is a classy eatery open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. It offers a large assortment of food and drinks and has a comfortable atmosphere.

You can discover all the classic Costa Rican delicacies at Taylor’s Restaurant, which is a local favourite. It is well-liked and open daily 7 a.m. to 9 p.m..

There are numerous little eateries called “sodas” that serve authentic Costa Rican cuisine, and they can be found on practically every street in Limón. 

You may get delicious Plantains, chicken, gallo pinto, casado, arroz with leche, and casado at these taverns at a very reasonable price.


Whether you are an animal lover either way, you’ll enjoy visiting THE JACOB RESCUED CENTER to view incredible close-up views of wildlife personnel. between toucans and sloths, all kinds of creatures are cared for here!

You may find information about the animals’ daily lives, the threats they face, their placement in the facility, and the efforts being made to release them back into the unruly. 

The goal at all wildlife rescue events, the game facilities Costa Rica’s goal is to return the animals to the unruly, and the Jaguar Rescue Center does exactly that.

From Puerto Viejo, you can drive or take a taxi there by yourself. Visit their webpage to find out further information about their incredible work.

 Additionally, you can reserve a trip that includes transportation. For a short pick-up and drop-off included in the tour in Port Limón, this is a fantastic option. It is among my very favourite activities in Limon, personally.

14. Buy something

Everyday, there are fantastic locations for shopping and sightseeing in a big city, as there always are. Several different food and merchandise booths may be found in Limón’s sizable central market.

In this market, you can haggle for a decent deal and purchase amazing items. You can also browse a number of quaint shops and boutiques scattered across the city. 

Time well spent browsing the shops as you stroll through Limón’s streets to uncover fantastic, handcrafted items.

15. Take a guided nighttime tour.

In Limón, there is a tremendous sea, even after dark. In the rainforests, there are incredible types of fauna that only emerge at night. On a nighttime trip, you can spot frogs, insects, or even huge cats.

For a night excursion going from Limón, This tour is a guided tour. fantastic choice. To ensure your safety and prevent getting lost in the jungles, you should go on any night tours having a guidehaving a guide!

Finding your way port of Costa Rican city of Puerto Limón

San Jose, the nation’s capital, is about a three-hour journey from Puerto Limón. Depending on your desired spending limit, you can simply travel there by bus or even cab.

from San Jose, take a regular bus. to get there for the least amount of money. a single airport among the four in the nation is located in Limón, 

making flying the shortest option to reach Puerto Limón. You have the option of taking a quick trip between San Jose and Puerto Limón or flying directly from points outside of Costa Rica.

Taking a cruise ship is another popular method of transportation towards Puerto Limón. It is a port city. popular port of call for numerous cruise liners and is included in many of budget-friendly packages.

 Throughout the port, ships make various stops, each with a different length of stay and opportunity to disembark. Even with just one a day to enjoy and explore, you can still take in a lot of Limón’s attractions!

It should be noted that Puerto Limon is not the safest area in Costa Rica, therefore you should use additional caution while visiting.

Hotel Costa Rican port of Puerto Limón

There aren’t a lot of lodging alternatives in Puerto Limón. Sincere to say, most cruise passengers just stop over for a day. 

You can locate a great spot to stay in Puerto Limón, though, if you intend to stay there for a few nights.

If you don’t consider residing in an apartment that you check into on your own, Casa Caribe is a great option for visitors on a budget. 

They are well-reviewed, spotless, and comfortable. Marta’s Guest House is a good choice if you’d prefer to be nearer a water source.

The Hotel Playa Westfalia is a wonderful choice if you drive a hire vehicle. Although it is seven kilometres southeast of Puerto Limón, 

You are now in Cahuita and Puerto Viejo are nearby. because of this. The motel features a pool and is also directly on the sand!

All other possibilities, however, are either too close to the ones mentioned above or unsuitable for endorsement. Instead, think about remaining in Cahuita.

Numerous lovely lodging options are available there, including the Wildlife Lodge Cahuita, Bungalows Aché Cahuita, and Passion Fruit Lodge.

Pure Life!

There is still a lot to see at the port of Limón, Costa Rica, even though it may not be the most well-known location for tourists in the country. 

There are a tonne of fantastic activities to do at the port of Limón, as demonstrated by the preceding list!

Many thanks for reading! You’ll enjoy a few of our other manuals if you liked this blog. So take a look at them and don’t forget to contact us with any inquiries you might have regarding your vacation to Costa Rica. Pure Life!

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