Four Alternative Ways For Visiting Sugarloaf Mountain In Rio De Janeiro

 When visiting Rio de Janeiro, you must go to the Sugarloaf mountain, or Po de Açcar as it is known in Portuguese. Along with the smaller Morro da Urca (or Urca Hill in English, which is 720 feet tall),

This towering, The water is 1300 feet above a high mountain. and adjacent to Copacabana beach and makes for a unique feature on the skyline of Rio de Janeiro.

Because of its rarity, UNESCO designated it as a World Heritage site in 2012. My top pick for places to see and explore in Rio de Janeiro was this mountain.

Although a cable car is the easiest way to reach the mountain’s summit, there are other ways to take in this amazing sight. These choices, the ideal This article discusses the best time to visit Sugarloaf as well as what to expect at the top of each slope..

Favorable Season To Visit Sugarloaf

Although Sugarloaf is stunning at any time, I strongly suggest visiting with the sunset. In the gorgeous twilight, the mountain appears to shine and light up.

I would attempt to plan things such that you reach Sugarloaf’s summit at the latest 20 minutes before sunset, which entails boarding No later than 40 minutes before sunset, a cable car.

Thus, I would be there at the ticket counter no later than one hour before nightfall (if you truly want to see the sunset from Sugarloaf, you should arrive early just in case there are big lineups..)

Visiting at this time of day has the added benefit of seeing the city lights come to life as it grows darker. Sincerity be told, I thought this view was truly wonderful. I adored how the lit-up beach promenades in Rio contrasted with the city’s dark hills and mountains. It was very exciting!

If there are low-lying clouds, I would unquestionably advise against going to Sugarloaf Mountain. When we arrived one afternoon, the summit of Sugarloaf was shrouded in clouds, making it impossible to see anything.

If that occurs and you are flexible, I would wait to visit until another, more ideal moment. (Or, to put it another way, I wouldn’t wait until your final day to see Sugarloaf in case the weather and cloud cover aren’t favorable.)

It should be noted that sometimes clouds that appear to be moving off the hill instead continue to develop there, preventing any genuine clearing.

There Are 4 Ways To Get To Sugarloaf.

Let’s talk about your four possibilities for visiting Sugarloaf Mountain now.

1) Using The Cable Cars To Climb

The most popular method for getting to Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio is also the most obvious. To do this, take 4 different (2 ascending, 2 descending) cable cars).

A cable car will take you from the mountain’s base to the summit of Urca Hill, and then another one will take you from Urca Hill to Sugar Loaf’s summit. Tickets for this option are available at the box office at the foot of Urca Hill. Adults must pay R$120 ($24) and children must pay R$60 ($12).

As an alternative, you can order your tickets online in advance and skip the line at the box office. You must go from Urca Hill to the summit of Sugar Loaf, but you will be able to skip the main line for both cable car journeys.

Go to the line labelled “online tickets” to pick up a physical ticket. Click out this link to purchase tickets online. Every 20 minutes, cable cars depart, and the 3 minute ride up is smooth and beautiful.

The cable cars at Sugarloaf are open from 9 am to 7 pm, with the last one leaving the street at 7 pm and the last one travelling from Urca to Sugarloaf at 7:20 pm. But, the viewing areas are open after seven.

2)  Urca Hill Hike (Then Boarding A Cable Vehicle)

For this option, you would trek up Urca Hill and then ride from Sugarloaf to Urca, take the cable car after you reached the top. You may reach the top of the route with an easy to moderate half-mile hike and an elevation rise of roughly 700 feet.

We completed the hike in approximately 25 minutes, moving along at a fairly leisurely pace. You must pass through the large plaza that is next to the cable car ticket office as you make your way to the trailhead from the beach.

The Pasta Claudio Coutinho, a paved nature trail, can be reached after a short distance if you stick on the plaza’s left side. Given that it is close to a police/military building, a guard and a gate are present at the entry.

After another five to ten minutes on the paved trail, turn off to the left at a large sign to begin the ascent to the summit of Urca Hill. A dirt track and steps make up the trail. The first segment is the steepest and consists mostly of steps.

I would feel very fine hiking alone on this path because it was a very popular trek and we saw many other people on it. Nevertheless, you should be cautious of hikes and quiet nature trails in Rio because gangs can live there and there have been muggers.

When you reach the top of the trail, there is a big leading to the viewing deck with a fence and gate. After entering the gate, you will come to a ticket counter where you may buy tickets for the cable car that will take you from Urca to Sugarloaf. The price of these tickets is 100 reais ($20).


It’s important to keep in mind that the path shuts at 5 o’clock. It seems that the trailhead shuts down at 5 o’clock when we inquired about it with ticket counter staff.

Oh my God, no. At 5 o’clock in the evening, the gate at the trail’s summit that allows access to the landing area on Urca Hill closes. By beginning the hike at 4:55 p.m., we believed we had arrived exactly in time, but when we reached the top.

We discovered that it was locked. The We had been told that it was locked by a few individuals on the route, but we wanted to make certain and check it out for ourselves. We then descended the trail and rode the cable car to Urca Hill.

All is well, though! We had the opportunity to hike the trail, which was extremely lovely and spectacular, and we still made it home in time to catch the cable car up.

I would recommend starting your climb up Urca Hill no later than 4:15 p.m. to allow yourself enough time to reach the top by 5pm. Hiking on the trail is free.

3) Climbing Rocks On Sugarloaf Mountain

You may really hike or rock climb Sugarloaf for a more challenging and exciting ascent. This is absurd because Sugarloaf appears to be extremely transparent. Although skilled rock climbers can ascend that incline, it is simpler to ascend Sugarloaf’s backside.

So how do you ascend Sugarloaf Mountain’s rocks? You will continue down the coast to the rear of the Sugarloaf mountain and then climb that east face. This is the Pasta Coutinho, Claudio, the coastal route that connects to the Morro da Urca trail indicated in Option 2.

If you decide to take this route, I would definitely advise going with a guide since, while certain sections are more like a simple “walk,” other sections are steep and enter into a rock climbing area, and you will need the appropriate gear for those sections.

To make this a safe and fun even for beginners, go with a guide who has experience with rock climbing and equipment.

On Sugarloaf, These Are Three Excellent Guided Rock Climbing Options:

  • Sugarloaf Mountain Hike and Climb
  • Sugar Loaf Hike and Climb
  • Sugar Loaf Hike Tour

The fact that these rock climbing tours including the cable car ride you took to get there have the adventurous sport plus the conventional cable car ride), the fact that you receive some local knowledge provided by the tour guide, and the fact that some of the tours include hotel pickup are a few extra benefits.

4) As Part Of A Tour, Visiting Sugarloaf Mountain

A city tour can be a nice option for you if you don’t have a lot of time in Rio or simply prefer to let someone else handle the details.

This particular tour includes pick-up and drop-off at your accommodation, excursions to Sugarloaf and Christ the Redeemer, as well as a number of other notable sites, such as the Maracanã, the Selaron Steps, the Sambadrome, and the Metropolitan church.

Lunch is a BBQ from Brazil. See additional information here:

Aside from stops at Christ the Redeemer, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Santa Teresa, the Selaron Steps, and Sugarloaf, this half-day tour also includes hotel pickup and drop-off. Learn more about this tour here. See additional information here


You can see the entire city from the summits of Sugarloaf Peak and Urca Hill.

I must admit that I was somewhat aback by how well-created outlets for both summits were. This wasn’t simply a simple pit stop; it was practically a mall in every way.

Many stores (including a tattoo parlor, which we found amusing), restaurants, pubs, and sweets stores, as well as murals, seating areas, outdoor music stages, and other amenities, all contributed to the area’s inviting atmosphere.

(Yet, it should come as no surprise that food costs were roughly double what they were in the city.) The fact that a lot of room ultimately results is one additional benefit of all of these features.

There is a lot of room for people to spread out and disperse here, in contrast to Christ the Redeemer, which has a rather limited viewing platform and can feel extremely crowded very fast. There were vast, open areas with a variety of viewing platforms offering various perspectives of the city.

The viewing platform as soon as you get out of the cable car, on your left offers a beautiful view of the city, however it appeared like most visitors to Sugarloaf Mountain went there.

A considerably less crowded viewpoint may be found if you round around some stores and go to a downhill viewing platform on the right side.. That perspective does focus more on Copacabana/Ipanema and less on the entire city, but it’s still a pleasant view that you will undoubtedly have to yourself.

Be aware that there may be a long line for the cable car return, especially as the evening draws to a close.

More Information On Travelling To Rio De Janeiro

What You Should Know Before You Go

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Keep Travel Insurance In Mind

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It’s simply better to be cautious than sorry because the Expenses for a medical emergency while travelling build up very quickly. (Covid has taught me that there are always potential outcomes.)

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Final Conclusions From A Trip to Sugarloaf Mountain

One of the finest Activities in Rio de Janeiro was visit Sugarloaf Mountain. Which is also one of the city’s top viewpoints. Whatever of these options you choose, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip to Sugarloaf!

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