Los Cabos will be affected by Hurricane Orlene

Due to recent stormsrlene, a probable category 2 hurricane, is currently developing south of Los Cabos and is predicted to. Make landfall around. Sinaloa.

During the 2022 hurricane season, the National Water Commission (ConAgua) has stated that tropical storm Orlene is slowly moving south. Of Baja California Sur and will be a category 2 hurricane according to the forecast.

Maximum winds for the tropical storm, which is now building about 442 kilometres southwest of Punta San Telmo, Michoacán, range. From 75 to 95 kilometres per hour.

The storm is moving west-northwest at a speed of 13 km/h. it is anticipated that it will bring bad weather to the area because, if it continues on its current course, it will only barely miss Los Cabos.

It is anticipated that the storm will strengthen into a category 1 hurricane by Saturday before intensifying once more on. Sunday morning. It will thereafter be situated 260 kilometres southwest of Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco.

The hurricane will ultimately be near Mazatlan, Sinaloa, by Monday, October 3rd, and will have a good possibility of touching. Down there.

On Tuesday, October 4th, when it reaches Culiacán, the hurricane will be downgraded to a Tropical Depression and should swiftly move through the region.

Although Los Cabos is not currently

Los Cabos will be affected by Hurricane Orlene
Hurricane Orlene

Although Los Cabos is not currently thought to be at a high risk from the storm, its wider effects are projected to bring heavy rains and strong swells to the Baja Sur peninsula between Friday, September 30, and Wednesday, October 5.

Anyone planning to sail between these dates, as well as anyone in the vicinity wishing to engage in swimming or water-based sports, has been cautioned by the Navy’s Meteorological Service to exercise great caution.

Additionally, they have alerted the general public about the potential for river banks to burst, floods, and landslides that could be brought on by the storm.

While the storm is passing, gusts of up to 30 knots are expected, and waves may be as high as 8 to 12 feet. Additionally, the region should prepare for lightning storms as well as heavy rainfall of up to 50mm.

The recent round of hurricanes that have afflicted Los Cabos includes Orlene. Most recently, tropical storm Madeline passed close to Los Cabos, closing nearly all of the region’s beaches and causing the raising of black flags to denote no swimming.

In addition, Los Cabos was affected by hurricanes Kay and Javier, which caused flooding, dispersed beach debris, and a swimming prohibition in several places.

Despite being in low season, when hurricanes are expected every year, Los Cabos has experienced a continual influx of severe. Weather in 2022, which has temporarily had a detrimental influence on tourism.

Due to recent storms

Due to recent storms, the marina in Cabo San Lucas was shut down, and extreme weather warnings frequently cause last-minute.

The cause of holiday cancellations is the fact that so many of the region’s top attractions and activities are water-based. or require clear skies.

With the high season commencing in October and numerous cruise ships expected to visit the area, the bad weather appears. To be a small hiccup in Los Cabos’ trajectory as a well-liked tourist destination.

Due to the fact that millions of people have already made travel arrangements for the region, the winter months are. Predicted to set new records for hotel occupancy. 

The prime season for a large portion of the famous marine species along the Baja Sur coastline, including humpback whales. Makes this a popular time to travel to Los Cabos.

Some of the most well-liked tourist activities in Los Cabos include wildlife-watching boat excursions, which may contribute to higher hotel. Rates and occupancy.

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