Maldives Vacation Expenses Resort Fees Included

Although the Maldives Coast is an extraordinarily beautiful place, generally recognized for being rather pricey, particularly about. Hotels. So before going, I naturally was curious as to what to anticipate financially.

However, there wasn’t a lot of information online about how much food, beverages, or activities cost. That’s why I decided to publish this blog article in which 

I discuss how much my Five-star hotel holiday in the Maldives cost, in addition to the exact costs of various foods. Beverages. And activities.

What is the price of traveling to the Maldives Cost If you desire to remain at a resort?

Let’s investigate!

What is the cost of lodging throughout the Maldives?

How Much Do Vacations In The Maldives Cost (Plus Resort Fees)
Maldives Cost

We stayed in an overwater house because It was our very first. visit towards the Maldives and We desired. To Have the complete experience for which There are islands. renowned.

Our holidays are typically completely organised by me, however, this time went with a business to prevent a layover. Since the pandemic scenario. It proved to be a fairly smart decision.

I chose the Spa and Resort at Sheraton Full Moon, a five-star resort located In Male, it takes only 15. Minutes via boat., after perusing their travel offerings and doing some research.

We reserved an over-water villa with a private pool out of the many sorts of rooms the hotel offers. (more information My evaluation of the Sheraton Maldives).

In addition, we chose a half-board dining arrangement, which we thought was the best option for us. Full board, all-inclusive, and breakfast only were further choices. 

My recommendation is to purchase a meal package because resorts all have quite hefty food and beverage prices.

Eight days and seven nights’ worth of travel expenses, including lodging in conjunction with airfare, came to 6745 USD per couple (5918 EUR).

What happens next I’ve observed about the Maldives is that lodging expenses significantly fluctuate based on the type of room rented, including overwater bungalows typically costing the most.

I thought the vacation package was fair value for the money given the location. Before making a decision, I looked up the resort’s pricing using 

The costs were pretty similar to what we would have paid at the tour operator, with the exception that our package also included flights.

Activities throughout the Maldives cost

Additionally, activities are more expensive. And it’s crucial to keep in mind that all resort costs quoted are inclusive of all applicable taxes. (For additional useful advice, see my list of the top 25 things to know before visiting the Maldives.)

Personally, my boyfriend took a catamaran basic class for $150 per person, and we went on a shared Reef snorkeling tour and a Safari one for $60 each and $80 each, respectively. Before taxes, the cost of our water-related activities came to USD 550.

Observation: I mean by “shared travel” that they planned an outing that was coordinated within the hotel and had a minimal quantity of participants. It operated like follows: 

you would enlist in the excursion you want, plus if the required minimum quantity of participants was reached, Travel would proceed as scheduled. In that case, The employees would inform you and you would need to try again.

Activities And Rates

Every group expedition Possibly also reserved as a private trip, although the cost would be significantly more. For instance, the cost of a private speedboat snorkeling trip to a coral for two people was $300 and for four people it was $400.

Regarding water sports, I advise picking a resort with a built-in coral reef because you can save cash on snorkeling excursions.

activities and rates at the Sheraton Maldives

The hotel where we stayed also provided other activities, and I believe other resorts provide comparable excursions that can be scheduled.

Scuba diving: depending on the level of service, rates ranged from $100 for novice instruction to $1,200. (only trained divers)

private snorkeling and sandbank excursion: $350.00 for two people 500 dollars, or four people

A jet ski tour for two persons costs $160. 25 minutes

A family of four can go parasailing for ten minutes for $250, $200, and $120, respectively (3 persons)

A 15-minute banana boat ride costs $90 for 1 to 3 people.

thirty minutes on a boat, max. 4 people): $150, etc.

Since we were engaged while on our trip, we opted to purchase a picture book from the resort’s on-site photographer. While the picture shoot itself was free, the entire album, including images in electronic form, cost $400.

Resorts in the Maldives, the cost of food and beverages

The majority of resorts also provide special dining occasions. We received a dinner package in honor of my bday, which cost USD 580, as a means of celebration. It contained:

  • 5-course meal and a container of fine champagne for a special beachside evening.
  • the following morning’s home-cooked breakfast, which will also include champagne
  • bedside ornaments
  • Bailey’s and fruits are in the villa.
  • We have mentioned that our vacation itinerary covered breakfast and dinner, so we didn’t spend much additions to meals and beverages 
  • (Obviously, excluding the meal itself). But to give you a sense of the charges, Following are some costs.

A pizza cost about 30 A bottle of wine from the room’s wine selection costs USD. vault cost 70 dollars, and dinner at the international buffet-style restaurant cost 90 USD.

Drink prices in the pub and for room service ranged from 18 USD for a cocktail to 13 USD for a smoothie to 15 USD for a milkshake. 

Beer cost between 11 and 12 USD. Additionally, keep in mind that because Muslims dominate the Maldives nation, the only places to get alcoholic beverages are resorts.

more things to be aware of

The hotels’ rates are all expressed in USD. The majority of resorts ought to take credit cards just to be sure, I’d advise confirming a prior time with your hotel traveling.

The only currency that can be withdrawn from ATMs in airports is Rufiyaa of the Maldives. We applied it to obtain some money for tips because we were short on cash.

You’ll be required to pay a deposit for security when checking in. It cost us USD 800. if all is well okay using the space when it’s time to check out, you will either be given the option to use it to cover the bill (if you have one) or you will receive a refund.

The Maldives’ employment regulations have changed, furthermore, 10% of services are now as service collection fees on vacation and distributed equally among employees.

As a result of the new lab laws in the Maldives, 10% of services are now paid for by resort guests as service fees, which are then equally divided among the staff.

The cost of transportation, even for a little boat ride, from the airport to the hotel is a short distance away. typically not the charges included. Transfers by seaplane are generally costly. So, while making a hotel reservation, keep it in mind.

Couples’ Maldives vacation price: total

Our total at the register is 1859.65 US dollars. (taxes included), but 240 USD of that was for The PCR testing we performed needed to pass to be able to travel back to our home country.

If we omit our PCR testing and insurance both at home likewise in the Maldives, the whole cost of the trip for each couple came to about 8365 USD.

Although it’s undoubtedly not a tiny sum, I believe it’s reasonable in light of the location, the experiences and activities we enjoyed, and the duration of our trip.

And while everyone will have a different concept I had expectations of how a trip to the Maldives should be. I sincerely hope that my travel expenses will assist you in organizing your trip there.

Trip to the Maldives: Finale

The Maldives are a pricey location, but you may customize your trip to fit your needs and budget.

This article should assist you in doing exactly that and provide you with an estimate of the Cost of going to a breathtaking place if you desire to experience a resort. Also, if you so choose to visit Budget-friendly Maldives, take a look at my advice.

Please note that some prices may differ because our journey occurred at a period when travel had not yet fully recovered caused to the pandemic.

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