Melbourne, Florida: 19 Family-Friendly Fun Activities

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Although frequently overshadowed by its more well-known neighbors. Melbourne is a city on Florida’s east coast that should not be missed.

satisfy a range of interests. Let’s take an exploration tour of Melbourne’s top 19 sights and activities.

Melbourne, Florida: 19 Family-Friendly Fun Activities

Obviously, we start on the beach!

When visiting a coastal town, the beach is frequently at the top of visitors’ to-do lists. Even if it might not be as well known as Daytona or Cocoa.

With miles of breathtaking Atlantic Ocean shoreline to admire, Melbourne Beach is a little bit of a hidden gem.

You may quickly cross the bridge to reach the island, which is divided from the mainland by the Indian River. And soon have your toes in the sand and the salty air.

Your toes will soon be in the sand and the salty air. As you swiftly cross the bridge to the island, which is separated from the mainland by the Indian River.

The beaches in Melbourne appeal to people with a wide range of interests. Whether they are seeking for waves to surf, places to go fishing. Distances for leisurely walks, or just a spot to unwind in the Florida sun.

Be sure to visit the pier for a stunning sunset view at the end of the day. One of the top free activities in Melbourne, Florida.


You must have visited every zoo if you’ve only been to one, right? No, Melbourne! Although visitors can expect to see the typical zoo animals there, the Brevard Zoo has a lot more to offer. Undoubtedly among the greatest things to do in Brevard County.

Does zipping past crocodiles strike your fancy? The Treetop Trek Aerial Adventure features zip lines, obstacles. And ropes courses for all skill levels, as well as a bird’s-eye view of some of the animals. Take a guided kayak tour of the African exhibit if you prefer the water.

If you like to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Feeding a giraffe or lorikeet might be your preferred experience. The younger visitors are welcomed by goats, alpacas, and a tortoise in the barnyard.

Finally, the Indian River Play Lagoon is the ideal place to cool off if the afternoon becomes too warm. This is not your standard zoo—so it’s much more! one of the top things to do in Melbourne, Florida.

Don’t be afraid to get creative

Melbourne’s central business district has a tonne to offer for many kinds of creative outlets. If you want to add your own special touch to an already piece.

Pick out your project at Getting Fired Up Pottery, spend the afternoon painting it in your own distinctive way. Or make a memorable souvenir to remember your trip.

For the more adventurous, enroll in a class at Art Abilities or Mimi’s Crafts. Which cater to artists of all skill levels, to make your own clay or fused glass masterpiece.

A wide range of project ideas and inspiration may be found at creating studios like Create DIY or Pinspiration. As well as candle-pouring at This Little Light of Mine.

Painting with a Twist and Board and Brush are places where you may drink a glass of wine (or two!). While you create if your artistic side needs a little boost or you’re looking for a girls’ night out.

Thrill Park Andretti

Calling all adventurers! If you want to satisfy your urge for speed. Go to Andretti Thrill Park rather than getting a speeding ticket as a keepsake.

On the Super Speedway, Jr. Indy Track, Rookie Track, or F1 Speed Track. You may put your driving skills to the test or compete for the family champion trophy.

There are single- and double-seater carts available that can be used for solo. And group racing or to take younger visitors on an enjoyable ride.

The park also has a tone of other activities besides go-kart racing (as if that weren’t enough!).

All-ages amusement attractions, mini golf, laser tag, batting cages, a climbing wall, bumper boats. And the Andretti Express, a train that circles the park, are all offered.

To escape the heat, go inside to the 7000 square foot arcade. Where you may earn tickets to redeem for gifts or try virtual reality. Everyone can find something to like!

Museum of American Muscle Cars

The American Muscle Car Museum ought to be your next destination if. After the racing around the Andretti Thrill Park, the car lover inside of you still has a craving for more.

Entrepreneur Mark Pieloch, who owns a company that produces pet medications. Has donated his personal collection of more than 300 cars to the museum.

The incredible collection of cars on exhibit includes Cobras, Vipers, Camaros, Corvettes, Firebirds, and Porsches, to mention a few.

Despite not being accessible to the general public on a daily basis. The museum is frequently used as a venue for events that generate money for nearby charity.

The prospects are numerous because there are typically several events. Booked each month and a long waiting list of organizations hoping to get on the programme.

Your chance to visit this expansive museum will be made possible by a simple gift to the organizing charity.

Learn about the rich history of the region

Melbourne is fantastic for those who enjoy history. The memories of some of the most influential families in Melbourne are preserved. In two historic residences that were built at the turn of the 20th century.

Visitors are welcome to tour the Green Gables House to get a glimpse of William and Nora Wells’ life in the late 1800s and learn about the contribution they made to the neighborhood.

Every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the house is available for public visits for a suggested $10 fee. area and knows where to look for the wetland’s residents narrates the entire journey.

Due to factors like weather, season, and water temperature, no two experiences are ever the same, but you can be guaranteed to enjoy an unforgettable experience that is ideal for all ages.

A eco tour can be scheduled

A more civilized eco trip might be the perfect option if the airboat isn’t quite your thing or you’d like a different kind of wildlife experience.

An eco trip transports visitors aboard a chartered boat in the Indian River rather than flying over the marshy waterways and swampy areas in search of alligators.

Views of the expansive estates that line the riverbank and the stunning natural surroundings will undoubtedly be included as you float down the river, along with informative comments on the local history and distinctive ecosystem.

Regarding interactions with aquatic buddies, attentive watchers may spot manatees taking advantage of the warmer seas throughout the winter, and dolphins frequently approach boats to play.

Some businesses, like Good Natured River Tours, even provide sunset cruises for a romantic evening to help couples unwind or commemorate significant occasions.

Purchase a Kayak or SUP

For those visitors who would prefer to explore the Indian River Lagoon or Eau Gallie Harbor on their own, renting a kayak or stand-up paddleboard may be of interest.

Numerous organizations provide single or double kayaks, and a brief paddle board session will have even a novice prepared to set out on the lake.

Adventurers can embark on a solo journey or join a group for a guided tour; in any case, they are likely to come across manatees, dolphins, or turtles.

Wait until the sun is sinking before starting a bioluminescence tour in the summer (May–September) to experience the amazing sight of marine plankton that light up the water as you paddle around the lagoon.

This experience, which is typically thought to be saved for far-off places like Puerto Rico, is just one of many surprises Melbourne has in store for you.

Unquestionably among the top things to do in Melbourne, Florida.

Drinking wine

While you might not anticipate finding local wine in a beach town in Florida, Melbourne’s East Coast Winery and RiverHouse Vineyard will pleasantly surprise you.

Downtown Melbourne’s East Coast Winery sells a large selection of Florida wines in addition to a wide range of gifts.

With a focus on citrus and berry flavors that reflect Florida’s tropical atmosphere, there are a variety of unusual selections to try while you tour the store and choose what to buy to bring home.

During the August grape picking season, go a few miles outside of town to the RiverHouse Vineyard for a more practical experience.

You can select your own or purchase pre-picked muscadine grapes there, which are great for eating or producing wine.

If you’d prefer to get straight to the completed product, wine and jelly prepared from the vineyard’s grapes are offered for tasting and purchase.

local fare

Local restaurants are a must when visiting a new town, as is obvious. While you could spot a few chains that you are accustomed to seeing at home.

Local restaurants are a must when visiting a new town, as is obvious. While you could spot a few chains that you are accustomed to seeing at home.

There are many options available in Melbourne’s downtown area as well as in Melbourne Beach, which is located across the river. For seafood lovers, there is nothing better than fresh fish that has just come out of the water.

Numerous establishments with waterfront outside seating, including Melbourne Seafood Station, Bonefish Willy’s, and Frigate Waterfront Bar & Grill, are popular with locals and tourists alike.

If your taste buds are hankering for variety, try Matt’s Casbah for a mix of everything, El Ambia Cubano for Latin delicacies, Melbourne Biergarten for German food.

It will be well worth the journey to Sue Anne’s Bakery or Melbourne Sweets for dessert after supper.

The Nightlife is Fun

If a sweet treat isn’t what you’re looking for to round off your evening, perhaps sipping on a drink and listening to live music would be more appropriate.

There are numerous venues to have a drink and take in Melbourne’s vibrant culture, which comes to life as dusk falls, much as there are numerous local restaurants.

The two bars at Mugsy’s, Bonnie’s or Clyde’s, each have a full menu and a variety of drinks to choose from (or ask for something unique).

You can discover your classic American-style pub at Mainstreet Pub, where different musical genres are played every day of the week. The County Line Saloon is the place to go if you want to line dance.

Meg O’Malleys is just what you’re looking for if an Irish bar is more your thing and won’t let you down with all the usual dishes you would expect.

Discover The Mansion

Even if it may be categorized with dining establishments, nightlife, or even historical tours, The Mansion deserves to be mentioned separately.

The Mansion, which was constructed at the same time as the Green Gables and Rosetter Houses, has been transformed into a thriving entertainment area on the river in the heart of Melbourne.

It is not a museum or historic site. It’s more than simply a restaurant; it’s a complete experience.

The restaurant offers freshly prepared dishes crafted with premium ingredients to satisfy the palates of all customers.

To please every customer’s palate, the restaurant serves freshly prepared dishes made with top-quality ingredients.

Visit the cellar for wine, microbrews, whisky, champagne, or even espresso after dinner or simply as a stop on a downtown tour. With so many options, it will be easy for you to choose the ideal experience.

Explore the city

There are a tonne of attractions in downtown Melbourne for both locals and tourists to enjoy.

A collection of 16 murals by local artists have been commissioned and are on display downtown thanks to the Melbourne Mural Project’s redevelopment efforts.

There are numerous parks located all across downtown that provide facilities like grills, playgrounds, and pavilions, making them the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends and family.

Due to the closeness to the water, several parks even have manatee observation areas and fishing piers.

Wide, paved paths can be found throughout Melbourne’s downtown parks, making them ideal for leisurely strolls along the harbor or exciting bike rides.

These offer the ideal location for a sunset stroll along the Indian River and a front row ticket to the watercolor beauty that is a Florida sunset after indulging in local cuisine.

Check out the farmer’s market

On a Saturday in Melbourne, you must visit the Farmer’s Market. Small company owners, freelancers, and gardeners are all waiting to meet you.

There are an infinite number of products to choose from, including honey, jerky, jams, candles, jewellery, and much more.

Visit the booths selling juice, smoothies, drinks, and everything elderberry to boost your health. There are many possibilities for cookies, muffins, candies, and other sweets to satiate your sweet craving.

When it’s time for lunch, food trucks stay put with a wide selection after arriving early with breakfast. Visit with local artisans and bring home something special to wear or use as home décor.

For most of the year, the market is scheduled weekly on Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm; however.

In the summer, the hours are changed to 9 am to 2 pm, and the market only occurs every first and third Saturday (June through September).

Observe a launch

Melbourne is a part of Florida’s Space Coast and is situated close to Cape Canaveral.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and NASA’s Florida headquarters are located just 25 minutes north of Melbourne.

A day trip to the Space Center is definitely worth your time and ticket cost if your crew includes a future astronaut. Even a genuine astronaut might come and say hello to you!

You don’t need to fly outside of Melbourne, though, to enjoy space travel’s thrills. If a NASA or SpaceX launch is taking place when you are there.

Lounging on Melbourne Beach or taking a walk through the city may be the best places to watch the launch.

The crowds are the one thing you won’t miss! Keep a watch out for any updates or delays because Florida weather may be a little unpredictable, especially for afternoon launches.

Look into the arts

Eau Gallie, formerly a separate town, amalgamated into Melbourne in 1969. The northern part of Melbourne, where the thriving art area is located, is still referred to as Eau Gallie.

Eau Gallie Square, in the middle, acts as both the district’s hub and a showcase for the highly skilled locals.

Check out the outdoor markets, listen to local performers, and keep an eye out for local artist showcases if you’re feeling creative or just prefer to admire other people’s talents.

The area around the plaza is home to art and photography galleries, a yoga garden where you may find your zen, and shops where you can discover one-of-a-kind items manufactured locally.

Visit the Rehab or Revamp Vintage Markets, a boutique, a flower shop, or both in the afternoon. To have breakfast at Oh Biscuit, arrive early.

Visit the Intracoastal Brewing Company food truck or stroll the area while enjoying coffee from Anaya’s.

Develop your poker face.

Does Texas Hold’em appeal to you? Are you a Three Card Poker pro? or consistently go with your intuition and appear to select the victor?

Visit Club 52, which is located just outside of Melbourne’s CBD, if you have a reputation for maintaining a poker face or are feeling lucky.

With more than 40 tables available and weekly tournaments, Club 52 is home to the only live poker room in the region.

Visit their website for a review of the game’s rules if you need to brush up so that you are well-prepared before selecting your table.

Simulcast off-track betting is another option accessible in addition to live poker for horse and greyhound racing..

Test your instincts, go with an intuition, or choose at random as you support your racer to victory! If you are hungry but can’t leave while on a winning streak, the on-site restaurant offers everything from breakfast to seafood.


While there is a lot to see and do in Melbourne, the city’s mood is enhanced by the numerous special events and festivals that are scheduled.

You might catch a strawberry or blueberry festival, an art and craft fair, or a cultural event like a Caribbean or Greek carnival, depending on your schedule.

Local cultural events provide an opportunity to enjoy authentic cuisine and experience foreign art or music. In the middle of February, Melbourne, like many other coastal Florida cities, hosts a festival dedicated to all things strawberry.

The blueberry festival is not far behind in April, and both offer plenty of family friendly activities such as petting zoos, face painting, rides/games, and all things berry eat, drink, or buy! Other annual events include a Festival of Trees and plenty of opportunities to find those special gifts during the holiday season.

Melbourne offers an abundance of sights and sounds to experience, adventures to take, activities for all ages. And local foods you will talk about when you head home. For a break from the typical tourist areas, take in the local culture that is uniquely Melbourne, Florida.

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