There Are 14 Beautiful Waterfalls In Texas

Texas is home to several beautiful waterfalls that should be added to your travel itinerary when visiting Lone Star State. 

These creatures inhabit a wide range of surprising landscapes, ranging from deserts and canyons to grottos and caves. The flatlands of Texas aren’t all there is to Texas!

There is a combination of natural and manmade water features in the best Texas waterfalls. The trickling and rushing sounds they produce will provide you with a sense of calm everywhere you go, whether you’re in the city or in nature.

Travelers to Texas in the summer should take note of the swimming options available as many of these waterfalls flow into rivers and swimming holes. 

After a scenic hike, you’ll definitely want to cool off in these natural pools! 

If you check the place twice to make sure it’s open to the public and not located on private property then you can be sure it’s open to the public.

This list of waterfalls in Texas includes many waterfalls near or in major cities, so consider visiting one when you’re there.

There’s no better place to find the prettiest waterfalls in Texas than in a place like this!

Gorman Falls

The location of the place shouldn’t fool you. Gorman Falls is a part of the Colorado Bend State Park, but it represents a true Texas waterfall in its own right. 

As the trail begins with rocky terrain, it ends with a 650-foot-long mossy-faced waterfall that is covered in a canopy of moss. 

There is no swimming allowed in the natural pool of Gorman Falls due to the beautiful natural life that grows around, under, and alongside the falls.

If you want to visit this waterfall, make sure to arrive prepared since there is a lot of sounds mixed with the green growth! 

The Gorman Falls trail is largely unprotected, so make sure you carry plenty of water and sunscreen. 

The trail down to the falls can be very slippery after recent rain. Make sure to hike carefully if the trail has recently rained.

The entrance fee to Colorado Bend State Park for visitors 13 years of age and older is $5, and it is free for those 12 years and younger. There are few waterfalls as beautiful as this in Texas!

Wichita Falls

The perfect blend of manmade and natural beauty can be found at this waterfall in Wichita, Texas. 

It is a great waterfall in Texas that can be easily visited if you’re in the city, with its walking paths along the tiered cascades.

A pleasant afternoon can be spent with family and friends at these falls located within Lucy Park. 

There is a mile walk (roundtrip) from the parking lot to the falls, so it is great for children. Visiting the waterfall or walking the trails are free since this is a public park.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

The Hamilton Pool Preserve is one of the landmark waterfalls near Austin that plunges 50 feet from a limestone cliff. 

This location is Instagram-worthy thanks to the cave behind the falls. The Hamilton Pool Preserve is a local and tourist favorite because of its unique features and close proximity to the city. You can’t miss it when you’re in Texas!

There is no swimming at the Preserve, and hiking is not permitted, but you can enjoy the views from the beach. 

Visitors to the pool can make reservations through Travis County Parks’ website.

The only method of payment for reservations is cash (debit or credit cards are not accepted). Ticket prices are $12 for cars and $8 for people 13-61 and $3 for seniors 62 and older. Children 12 and under are free.

There’s no doubt you’ll want to take a day trip to the Hamilton Pool Preserve from Austin.

Pine Canyon Waterfall

The Pine Canyon Waterfall, which is located in the same Chisos Mountains as Cattail Falls, is a spectacular viewpoint that is the reward at the end of a 4-mile (roundtrip) hike that leads to it. 

The road to the trail is unpaved and subject to weather conditions, so if you wish to travel up to the trail, you will need a four-wheel drive vehicle or an all-wheel drive vehicle.

There is a $30 entrance fee for vehicles, $25 for motorcycles, and $15 for individuals (bicyclists and hikers).

Westcave Waterfalls

The Westcave Waterfalls, one of the most famous waterfalls near Austin, are a must-see attraction at Westcave Preserve. There is a beautiful grotto pool to explore after the waterfall spills over the travertine.

There is a tour guide reservation required for this Texas waterfall, but tickets can be purchased at Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center. 

The number of individuals from one household is limited to four in order to comply with COVID-19. There is a $60 fee for each group participating in the tour.

As you travel along the trail, you will cross savannahs, descend a 100-foot staircase, and enter a canyon containing Westcave Waterfalls, 40 feet tall. 

The tour groups will have the opportunity to view this Texas waterfall from several different viewpoints during their visit.

Boykin Creek Waterfall

A waterfall that runs over the ruins of the Aldridge SawMill can be found near the border of East Texas and Louisiana. 

There are only a few falls at this Texas waterfall, but the combination of water and a piece of history makes it memorable.

The Boykin Springs Recreation Area offers several swimming holes, campgrounds, and hiking trails in addition to the quaint Boykin Creek Waterfall. Families can explore nature here thanks to the variety of activities available.

The area is free to enter during a day hike, but $25/night if you would like to rent a campsite.

Airfield Falls

There is only one natural waterfall in Fort Worth, the Airfield Fallser. Here is a McDonnell Douglas C-9 aircraft on the trail leading to the waterfall, which is located just east of the Naval Air Station.

There are flowers, honey bees, and berries along the trail leading to the falls. This city sanctuary has tiered falls that are also on monarch butterfly migratory paths.

Whether you’re looking for a casual stroll or jog along the trail, the trails by this Texas waterfall are well worth checking out! 

Among Texas’ prettiest waterfalls, the Airfield Falls is complete with a natural pool that you can wade in!

Pedernales Falls

The Pedernales Falls make up for their lack of height with their width, which spans across the entire river. Fisherman’s use and knowledge of the river’s pools is well known.

The water below the Pedernales Falls State Park is suitable for swimming and tubing, which makes it a great waterfall near Austin spot (especially in the summer).

The river’s banks are perfect for hiking, fishing, or mountain biking if swimming isn’t your thing.

The entrance fee to Pedernales Falls State Park for visitors over 13 is $6, and children under 12 enter for free.

McKinney Falls

The lower and upper falls are separated by the McKinney State Park entrance fee, so you get both fall for one fee. 

The upper falls are a favorite swimming hole for summer swimmers because of the limestone ledges that jut out into the swimming holes.

There is a little over a mile of hiking to McKinney Falls and reservations are required. This waterfall in Austin is about 25 minutes out of the city, so it makes a great day trip from Austin.

Those 13 and older pay $6 to enter McKinney State Park, while those 12 and younger are free.

There are many different options within the State Park, so this fee is quite minimal. Camping, hiking, biking, or fishing are just a few of the activities available!

Cattail Falls

This waterfall breaks up the desert environment around it in the Chisos Mountains. The waterfall is tucked away in a corner at the base of the Chisos Mountains and creates its own oasis in the middle of the desert. 

The Cattail Falls waterfall in Texas creates its own oasis in the desert. 

There are several pools filled with water at Cattail Falls during the rainy season, which is a waterfall 80 feet high. 

here is a sizeable ravine connected to the Falls that can only be explored by experienced climbers and hikers.

There is a wide variety of wildlife, flora, and fauna at Cattail Falls due to its difficult access. If you have trouble finding the trail, make sure you ask the park ranger for directions.

There is an entry fee of $30 for vehicles, $25 for motorcycles, and $15 for individuals (hikers and cyclists) to see this Texas waterfall. The best waterfall in Texas!

Window Trail

The Window Trail in Big Bend National Park offers hiking and scenic views of this waterfall. With heavy foot traffic, the Window Trail is about five miles round trip. The view of the National Park at the end makes it popular.

The creeks that feed into the Texas waterfall are overflowing right after the rainy season, so be sure to visit right after the rainy season. Texas’ tallest waterfall at its peak.

The Window Trail is often frequented by hikers and waterfall chasers, but bird watchers can also be found there because the area has a variety of native birds.

There is a $30 entrance fee for vehicles, $25 for motorcycles, and $15 for individuals (bicyclists and hikers).

This list includes several waterfalls in Texas that are located in Big Bend National Park, which is one of the best National Parks in Texas you don’t want to miss.

Krause Springs

There are a lot of waterfalls in the Austin area, but Krause Springs is a popular waterfall that has a. Natural swimming pool and a beautiful camping area. 

The property is home to over 30 natural springs which feed the natural pools year-round.

In order to access the Krause Springs, you must pay a fee since they are private property.

There is an $8 entry fee for individuals over 12 years old, and a $5 fee for children between the. Ages of four and eleven who want to visit the museum. 

The more time you have to explore, the better it is for you to rent either a tent or an. RV campsite.

The Krause Springs will make the price worth it once you’ve seen them. There is an otherworldly feel to this Texas waterfall since it is surrounded by ferns and Cyprus trees. 

It’s a great spot to visit with family or friends with a rope swing, picnic tables, and several manmade pools. There is no doubt that this spring is one of the prettiest natural springs in Texas.

Madrid Falls

The 100-foot Madrid Falls is the tallest waterfall open to the public in Texas (the second tallest waterfall if you. Include private waterfalls). 

The tower’s impressive height is surprising considering it’s located in the Chihuahuan Desert, an area with very little rainfall.

There is very little traffic at this Texas waterfall since its trailhead is difficult to reach and requires four-wheel drive. Vehicle. 

Three overlooks provide fantastic views of the Falls for adventurous hikers while protecting the natural habitat for wildlife.

There is a $5 fee for visitors 13 years and older and a free fee for those 12 years and. Under at Madrid Falls in Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Dolan Falls

The Devil’s River feeds Dolan Falls, which have clear blue water. The Devils River is renowned for its excellent fishing and kayaking because of the clean water. 

There are a number of outdoor and adventure activities available at the River that appeal to people of all ages.

These falls can only be accessed from Devils River, a river that runs through the Texas Hill Country. There are various landowners on either side of Dolan Falls, who closely monitor their properties.

The 14 most beautiful waterfalls in Texas aren’t necessarily the reason you’re visiting, but you’ll want to add them. Your itinerary anyway. 

It won’t take you long to realize how beautiful the natural surroundings are at the end of these trails. 

The swimming hole or river of a Texas waterfall makes for an excellent way to end a hike (especially if. The waterfall has a swimming hole).

Thanks for checking out our list of the 14 prettiest waterfalls in Texas. When you visit Texas next, which waterfall will you add to your itinerary?

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