9 Places to Book a Couples Getaway in Tasmania

Looking for suggestions for a romantic weekend trip to Tasmania? Or maybe you’re thinking about taking a honeymoon or romantic getaway to Tasmania for a week. We have your back.

Our group of travel-blogging buddies was recently requested to share their top romantic getaways in Tasmania for couples. They also delivered.

Here Are 9 Of Tasmania’s Top Vacations For Couples.

With a variety of romantic lodging options, Tasmania is the ideal getaway for you and your partner to reignite your romance.

From the best glamping locations in Tasmania to some of the most known luxury lodges in Australia. The most romantic lodging alternatives and opulent getaways in Tasmania are highlighted in this article.

Whether you want to spend an active weekend in Tasmania hiking along some of the best trails on the island. Take a winter road trip along the east coast.

Tour the world-class vineyards in the Tamar Valley, or spend a weekend in Hobart surrounded by delicious food. Whatever the cause, everyone will find something on this list!

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Best 9 Romantic Vacation Spots In Tasmania

#1 | National Park Of Freycinet

Distance from Hobart: About two hours and thirty minutes

The distance from Launceston: Two hours and ten minutes

The Best Places to Stay: Freycinet Lodge, Picnic Island, and Piermont Retreat

If you want a mix of outdoor sports, delicious food, and wine, Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful national parks is Freycinet, a well-liked weekend getaway in Tasmania.

The most popular activity in Freycinet National Park is hiking, and one of the most popular viewpoints is Wineglass Bay Lookout. well-liked hikes in Tasmania.

For those seeking something a little longer or more difficult, Additionally, there is the Mount Amos boulder climb and the Hazards Beach Circuit. fantastic choices.

We advise combining an afternoon vineyard visit with a morning hike for the ideal romantic break in Tasmania.

Devils Corner (which is also a terrific place Gala Estate, Craigie Knowe Vineyards, and for lunch are a few excellent cellar doors to visit.

Do you enjoy a delicious oyster to pique your sexual desire? Why not buy twelve from Freycinet Marine Farm?

Richardson’s Bistro, Geographe Restaurant, and The Bay Restaurant are a few additional fantastic restaurants in the Coles Bay area.

Check out our comprehensive plan for a road trip down Tasmania’s east coast, which includes a visit to Freycinet National Park, if this seems like your idea of a romantic getaway.

#2 | Pipers River Region And Tamar Valley

Distance from Hobart: Three hours

The distance from Launceston: Twenty minutes

The Best Places to Stay: Tamar River Apartments, Domescapes in the Vines, and Tamar Solar Home

The Tamar Valley and Pipers River region in Tasmania is one of the most well-liked destinations for a lovers trip if you enjoy food and wine.

Arrive in Launceston to begin your weekend trip by plane to Tasmania. The Tamar Valley, which has some of Tasmania’s top wineries, is only a 20-minute drive away from here.

While the Pipers River region is renowned for producing some of the most acclaimed Australian sparkling wines, the Tamar Valley is known for its cold climate wines.

Some of the favorite’s among the crowd include Tamar Ridge Winery, Clover Hill Estate, and Josef Chromy. Moores Hill Estate or Delamere Vineyards.

However, come highly recommended if you’re looking for something a little more private. Here is a list of our favourite Tamar Valley wineries to aid in your decision-making.

Given its proximity to Launceston, you may decide to stay there and join a guided wine tour.

In addition, there are a few romantic lodging alternatives scattered across the picturesque wine region’s rolling hills and rivers; for the best views, stay at the Tamar River Apartments.

#3 | Lake Saint Clair’s Pumphouse Point

Distance from Hobart: Two hours and thirty minutes

The distance from Launceston: Two hours and thirty minutes

The Best Places to Stay: Pumphouse Point

There is just one place you need to go if you’re seeking for the most romantic getaway for couples in Tasmania: Pumphouse Point.

In the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park, Pumphouse Point is a stunning adults-only resort situated by and on the glacial Lake St Clair and surrounded by woodland.

The hotel structures are located inside historical structures that were formerly a hydroelectric station. It is a setting unlike any other.

There are two places you can stay, with On the lake and at the end of the jetty is the actual Pumphouse. being the best option. Each one is spacious, comfy, and equipped with a giant minibar full of picnic supplies.

They all have fantastic views of the lake and its surroundings. But a visit here is more than just lovely surroundings and excellent accommodations. Both activities and meals are included.

You can explore more of the national park by row boating on the lake, riding an electric bike, or hiking one of the many nearby paths. Never pass up the chance to venture out and discover the area!

Along with fires, books, and games, there are a few other common lounge rooms. After a day of trekking, sitting by the fire is a wonderful way to wind down for the evening because it can get very cold here.

Everything is well presented, there is excellent service, and it is undoubtedly a wonderful location for a romantic break in Tasmania.

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#4 | The Bay Of Fires And Binalong Bay

Distance from Hobart: Three hours and thirty minutes

The distance from Launceston: Two hours and thirty minutes

The Best Places to Stay: Aunt Sarah’s, Bay of Fires Apartments, and the Bay of Fires Bush Retreat

Binalong Bay is the ideal destination for people seeking a weekend break in Tasmania that includes gorgeous beaches and a slower pace of life.

Binalong Bay, about 2.5 hours’ drive east of Launceston, is the ideal getaway for couples looking to tour the renowned Bay of Fires region.

The pristine beach, blue waves, and vivid orange stones of Binalong Bay make it a popular coastal destination.

You and your significant other can go on a boat tour of the bay, take a hike along the sugar-white dunes, or go abalone diving in Binalong Bay.

Alternatively, you may just laze around on the beach at Jeanneret Beach, Cosy Corner, or any of the other countless isolated locations along the 50 kilometers of coastline that make up the Bay of Fires.

You have a decent chance of discovering a beach for yourself!

The Bay of Fires Bush Retreat may be the top honeymoon resort Tasmania has to offer if you and your partner enjoy sleeping outside and cuddling by a fire at night.

The Bay of Fires Bush Retreat, Binalong Bay is about a 5-minute drive away, provides opulently decorated gourmet food, bell tents for glamping in the bush snacking boards, incredibly lovely marshmallows by the fire, too!

#5 | The Hobart

Distance from Launceston: Two hours and fifteen minutes

The Best Places to Stay: MACq 01 Hotel, Henry Jones Art Hotel, The Islington Hotel, Moss Hotel

Hobart is the place to go if you want a romantic weekend away in the city!

The most gorgeous vistas in Tasmania can be found in this charming city, which also provides top-notch dining, drinking, and lodging options.

Hobart offers a plethora of romantic activities that will make your weekend getaway with your significant other wonderful.

Hobart, which is situated on the Derwent River’s shores and is compact enough to explore on foot,

Is home to a large variety of top-notch eateries, cafes, and other attractions. For your romantic break, there are many different lodging alternatives in Hobart.

The Henry Jones Art Hotel and The Islington Hotel, two luxurious hotels, both provide excellent levels of service and luxury that will put any couple at ease.

Around Hobart, there are also numerous boutique hotels that provide more private settings.

Foodies need only visit Hobart’s waterfront, where they may find a variety of restaurants, including the acclaimed Cornelian Bay Boathouse Restaurant.

Summer is the ideal time to visit Hobart because there are fewer tourists and the weather is pleasant.

The time of year is ideal for a wonderful beach vacation or climbing up Mount Wellington. Additionally, it holds the yearly MONA FOMA art festival.

Which features top-notch You’ll be left breathless after these exhibitions — and not only from all the fresh air!

#6 | The Cradle Mountain

Distance from Hobart: Four hours

The distance from Launceston: Two hours

The Best Places to Stay: Eagles Nest Retreat, Cradle Mountain Hotel, and Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

One of the greatest spots to stay in Tasmania for couples is Cradle Mountain, where you can marvel at breathtaking vistas throughout the day before cuddling up with a bottle of wine by the fire.

The playground of nature enthusiasts is Cradle Mountain, which is about two hours’ drive from Launceston. Couples who enjoy the outdoors will love the abundance of wildlife and breathtaking hiking paths it offers.

If this seems like your cup of tea, put Cradle Mountain at the top of your list of getaways in Tasmania and start making travel arrangements right immediately!

Due to its alpine setting, Cradle Mountain provides the ideal weather for hiking in the summer and a fantastic justification for cozying up by the fire in the winter while the snow falls outside your home.

Stay at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge for a couple nights. for the ultimate high-end luxury getaway.

One of Tasmania’s most romantic weekend destinations is without a doubt Cradle Mountain., whether you’re looking for a weekend of hiking, animal viewing, visiting the lovely lakes, canyoning, or horseback riding!

#7 | The National Park Mount Field

Distance from Hobart: one hour thirty minutes

The distance from Launceston: Three hours

The Best Places to Stay: Sunnybrook Cottage, Sassafras Springs, and Maydena Mountain Cabins

Cradle Mountain is without a doubt one of the most romantic weekend getaways Tasmania has to offer, whether you’re looking for a weekend of hiking, animal viewing, visiting the lovely lakes, canyoning, or horseback riding!

There are numerous old gum trees in the National Park that are as tall as they are old. Some of these trees.

Which can grow to heights of more than 100 meters, have existed for hundreds of years—long before Tasmania was settled by Europeans!

A great approach to reconnect with nature and spend some quality time with your significant other is to take a stroll amid these enormous trees.

Finish with the beautiful triple-tiered Russell Falls, where you may experience the unbridled power of nature while seeing the water gushing down each of the separate falls.

Another unique experience is accessible from Mount Field in just 45 minutes. A tranquil and romantic environment to spend time with your sweetheart. Is a salmon and trout hatchery situated among lovely gardens.

That are modelled after English grounds from the 19th century. Together, feed the fish and take a trip through the grounds and museum.

If you’re looking for a romantic spot to stay close to the park’s entrance, consider the Russell Falls Cottages or the National Park Hotel.

But if you and your partner are feeling very daring, think about camping inside the park itself. Just remember your 2-person tent!

#8 | The Derby

Distance from Hobart: Three hours and thirty minutes

The distance from Launceston: one hour fifteen minutes

The Best Places to Stay: The Keep | Willow Lodge | River Cabins Derby

Derby provides something special that is exclusive to Australia for couples looking for an exciting Tasmania weekend getaway.

An adorable old village that had once been a bustling mining community had turned into a ghost town after the mining boom peaked.

Up until 2013, when it underwent a transformation into a paradise of mountain-biking courses and trails, the town was in decline.

We believe Derby is a terrific destination to visit with your significant other if you prefer to get down and dirty. It may be one of the most underappreciated Tasmania retreats you’ll find (literally).

offering stunning scenery, a variety of bike courses for both beginners and experienced riders, and cosy accommodations to retreat to after a long day of riding.

Visit the remote Blue Derby Pods Ride for a luxurious romance adventure. You can also check out Little Blue Lake, tour Mt. Paris Dam wall, or unwind one of Tasmania’s most romantic experiences.

The Lake Derby Floating Sauna., if mountain biking isn’t your thing. Try the food at The Hub Pizza and Beer Bar after a day spent outdoors.

#9 | The Bruny Island

Distance from Hobart: one hour thirty minutes

The distance from Launceston: Four hours

The Best Places to Stay: Seascape Bruny Island, Adventure Bay Retreat, and 43 Degrees Bruny Island

With only a 1-hour drive and a brief boat journey from Hobart to Bruny Island, it is one of Tasmania’s most popular places and one of the greatest romantic getaways for couples in Hobart.

Off the southern coast of Tasmania, Bruny Island offers a stunning wilderness region that spreads into the Southern Ocean.

You may spend your weekend exploring vineyards, eating artisanal cheese, chocolate, oysters, and other foods on the island, which is a foodie’s paradise.

For cellar door tastings, visit Bruny Island Premium Wines, while the Tasmanian House of Whisky features some of the finest scotches in the world.

For cellar door tastings, visit Bruny Island Premium Wines, while the Tasmanian House of Whisky features some of the finest scotches in the world.

Bruny’s lovely, long, white-sand beaches are ideal for a stroll with a loved one or for stargazing with penguins. While a jet boat trip of the Southern Ocean offers a sense of excitement and the chance to see wildlife.

Accommodations range from individual vacation houses to opulent couples retreats.

Bruny Island is one of Tasmania’s most private romantic vacations because of its remote position, which offers lots of chances to spend quality alone time with your partner.

Are You Ready To Book Your Tasmanian Couples Getaway?

One of the best states in Australia for romantic getaways for couples is Tasmania. Incredibly luxurious getaways and possibilities for romantic lodging abound in Tasmania.

 You have a tonne of options because the most are only a short drive from Launceston and Hobart!. While you’re in Tasmania, consider checking out some of these other fantastic activities on the Apple Isle.

Including a drive along the breathtaking Getting back to nature with a night of nature observation on the east coast or wine tasting in Tamar Valley luxurious glamping.

Don’t forget to use the Discover Tasmania website to assist with vacation planning.

We sincerely hope that this list of the top romantic getaways in Tasmania has aided you in organizing your upcoming city getaway or in making a well-deserved weekend trip to Tasmania!

Do you reside somewhere else in Australia? Make sure to look at our guides for romantic getaways in other Australian cities, such as Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne.

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