Santa Teresa, Costa Rica: 21 Things To Do And A Travel Guide

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Upon request from someone who regularly makes a trip to Costa Rica surfing about the most well-liked tourist attraction, Santa Teresa will almost surely come up. 

Christmas Teresa Beach, a popular surf spot with fantastic waves year-round, stretches the entire length of this teeny coastal hamlet. 

Visitors come from every continent to surf because of the relaxed atmosphere,affordable housing, and thrilling surf breaks.

However, Christmas Teresa is beloved not only by experienced surfers; enthusiastic Beginners (like myself) visit there to develop their skills.

In light of this, Christmas Teresa isa great deal more than just a surf destination. It’s the perfect location for a beach holiday now that there are so many restaurants, cafes 

and a beach club there. Additionally, Santa Teresa offers a tonne of incredible things to do. These include everything from doing yoga to experiencing the outdoors!

In order to help you Make future plans. vacation, we’ve listed the best 21 actions to take in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, 

as well as helpful travel tips, such as where to stay. Here is your entire travel guide to Santa Teresa!

Information on Costa Rican city of Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica 21 Things to Do and a Travel Guide (2)
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Christmas Teresa is a tinya surfing community on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. Since it is less accessible than other surf villages, it is growing in popularity.

The whole town is connected by a single, uninterrupted road that runs between South and North Santa Teresa. 

Travelling the entire distance on foot is challenging. Actually, the street is longer than 3 kilometres overall (1.8 miles). Choosing a handy hotel is so crucial!

The major currently paved road in Santa Teresa, which is a blessing because it considerably reduces the amount of dust. However, as The absence of sidewalks, 

it could be perilous and unpleasant to stroll alongside the road. As a result,the most popular way to rent an ATV or side by side is the most practical way to navigate close to Santa Teresa.

Santa Teresa may be reached from San Jose in around 6 hours, which includes a ferry ride over the Gulf of Nicoya for an hour (You may drive your vehicle.) From Liberia, the journey should be around 5 hours.

Christmas Teresa is a must-visit location for everyone who likes surfing or just wants a pleasant beach vacation!

Holiday Activities in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

  1. journey to tortuga island

One of the best and most popular excursions-from Santa Teresa, you can travel to Tortuga Island.. There are excursions available to and from. San Jose, Jaco, and Montezuma to this pristine island. The whole of Costa Rica is aware of it.

The islands of Tortuga and Alcatraz make you move up the Islas Negritos Biological Reserve. White sand beaches, a bounty of fresh coconuts, and world-class diving and snorkeling can all be found there!

Tortuga Island excursions after a fast 40-minute trip to the tiny village of Montezuma. The 45-minute trip to the islands is made by the boats once they leave the shore. All the way through the journey, the shoreline is spectacularly visible. Moreover, you may see Cocalito Falls!

There are two snorkeling spots after the scenic boat ride where you may swim beside turtles, sharks, and tonnes of fish. 

I’ve seen the best snorkeling inside Costa Rica, much better than Cao Island! We saw lots of turtles, little sharks, and puffer fish on our excursion.

You are then dropped off to a trip to Tortuga Island Sumptuous supper as well as a lot of beverages (beers, juice, and pop.) 

my favourite trips to Costa Rica

You can relax for a few hours, play volleyball, go kayaking, or have a lot of mighty coco locos. Overall, this was one of my favourite trips to Costa Rica!

Tortuga Island tours cost money from Santa Teresa. Adults pay $85 USD, while children pay $60 USD for children. This covers your lunch, supper, refreshments, 

and snorkeling equipment. Several businesses provide trips, some of which may be less expensive. Nevertheless,We had a wonderful time on our excursion utilising Zuma Tours (We have no connection to them in any form.)

If you plan to see Tortuga Island between December and March, it is essential to arrange reservations at least Several days beforehand. Around Christmas, I would give myself more time.

Tortuga Island is one of the most popular day trips from San Jose.

2. Continue surfing for a while.

The finest thing to do in Santa Teresa, in my opinion—and I think I can speak for the majority—is to go surfing. Originally a little hamlet, Santa Teresa became well-known for its surfing.

Because there are so numerous locations to rent surfboards nearby, those with experience can skip bringing their own board. 

Although there are options for weekly and monthly rentals, the price for a surfboard rental service available round-the-clock is pretty standard at $10 USD.

When you have the board, you surf pretty much anywhere along the coast. Though this is also the busiest time, it is always best to sit during high tide. “Suck Rock,” a 

a well-known surfing location, is situated across from Red Palm Villas & Resort. Right close a Suck Rock is a gorgeous place La Lora is the name of and is widely known for offering a dependable break in spite of being a popular tourist destination.  

You’ll eventually arrive at a small

There is a tiny point break that I enjoy in the southernmost part of the town, not far from Mal Pais. After arriving at this area by car, proceed directly beside the shore to find it. 

You’ll eventually arrive at a small, deserted bay. From this point, you can paddle out and surf the wave that hugs the shore. 

cliffs in the bay’s left-hand side. Only high tide makes this point break surf able, although you may frequently find solitude here.

If all you want is some peaceful surfing not having to be concerned about rocks, head to Playa Hermosa. The surf is controllable and ideal for instruction on a high tide.

If all you want is some peaceful surfing without having to worry about rocks,to Playa Hermosa, proceed. The ocean is controllable and ideal for instruction at high tide.

The best instruction in Christmas Teresa is included in this package, which also includes your board rental, a rash guard with UPF 20+ protection, 

and Go Pro photos and video. You can be sure you’ll learn something from it because there are 43 reviews with five stars. A poor lesson will, I can guarantee you, cause you to give up surfing.

El Gato Rojas Surf School and Hostel is a different establishment I can personally endorse. My buddies taught them a lesson that was among best I can do ever seen, 

though I never had one. The teachers were very educated and welcoming, which is crucial. There was a lot of training in the water.

Related Reading: Discover more about the remainder of Costa Rica’s coastline. One of the beaches in Santa Teresa, the country’s top beaches.

3. Check out Playa Hermosa

Even though I don’t surf, I go to Playa Hermosa anyway. On this vast, wide beach, visitors have a lot of space to unwind and take in weather. Less pebbles and smaller swells make it excellent for swimming as well.

I visited One Playa Hermosa day to watch the sunset and had a terrific time. Since there are less people, you can play an excellent football match on the sandl, and the level sand is ideal for other sports like beach volleyball.

It’s Playa Hermosa. between Santa Teresa and, Depending on your location, a 10-minute drive. Plan a cab trip home as a result, or make sure you have their phone a phone number you can dial them when you’re able to depart.

4. Head to Montezuma Falls

One of the waterfalls in Montezuma is a few waterfalls inside Costa Rica without a cost. Because of this, it stands out greatly, and it’s a truly nice place to explore.

Montezuma Waterfall is actually three waterfalls, and if you do a little climbing beforehand, you’ll be able to swim in several of the most gorgeous pools. 

The journey to the upper waterfalls can be challenging to find, so be sure to read our list of what Montezuma’s top attractions are, and is chock-full of useful advice.

Make sure to allow yourself Several hours for this expedition because there is a brief trek towards the waterfalls. Additionally, I should

 point that you shouldn’t try to explore any among the ponds with young children or anyone who has mobility issues. Rather, remain close to the largest waterfall that is down.

As its name suggests, The Montezuma Waterfall can be found in the village of Montezuma, which is located about forty minutes from Santa Teresa. You may. go there via ATV or bus, 

although it’s worth the trouble, I swear! Should you choose to travel, turn your vacation into a day excursion by going to the places Listed here after you’ve explored Montezuma Waterfall!

5. Visit Montezuma for a day

If I’m being completely honest, Montezuma is considerably better than Santa Teresa. I adore Montezuma’s unhurried environment and the absence of traffic — it’s very tranquil!

Take advantage of the potential to see a new vacation spot both inside Costa Rica go on a day excursion to the Caribbean. Make sure to stop at Montezuma Waterfall first if you take the bus there early in the morning.

After that, you may swiftly climb by way of the waterfall to a nearby brewery, Brewing Company, Butterfly. They have an exquisite high deck with pretty good beer here, all Within a lush environment.

If you have any remaining energy, take a stroll down the beach toward Absolute Natural Reserve Wessberg, Nicolas The entrance to this wonderful reserve, 

a sanctuary for many species, including monkeys, is free. Visit a sea turtle hatchery run by ASVO at around 4 o’clock on your way home to see the hatching turtles being discharged into the water. It’s an excellent experience.

More things in Montezuma other than you might think are available!

6. Visit Sunset Lounge for a beverage and a view (Vista de Olas)

Looking for the ideal spot to take in the spectacular pictures of Santa Teresa’s coastline or the setting sun? Sunrise Lounge in Visible Trees is where you MUST go next.

This lovely hotel is situated on the edge of a mountain with unhindered coastline vistas. You can access Sunrise Lounge for free if you purchase drinks even if you are staying at the

 hotel. Even better, for just 24 US dollars (which you Sunrise Lounge can also spend in the restaurant and bar), you can swim in Santa Teresa’s a pool that is infinite, which is the most impressive view in the city.

There is absolutely no place to spend the day beside the pool, indulge in the mouthwatering cuisine, and sip on fine beverages. Santa Teresa’s A secret gem is Sunset Lounge. that hardly anyone ever gets to see.

7. Go angling

I frequently travel to Costa Rica because I like to fish there. But I had no intention of going fishing at Santa Teresa. Until I realised how reasonably priced it was, that is!

To give you some context, I typically spend between USD$70-$90 per person and $70 to $90 per person in USD on a Costa Rican inshore fishing trip. Included in that are three time spent fishing, 

all of a few of your tools, some fruit, and alcoholic drinks. Nevertheless, you may participate in an inshore fishing 

adventure in Santa Teresa for just $250 USD for up to 6 individuals. When the workforce is fully staffed, the cost per person isa little over $40 US.

I chose one morning to go even though I could have likely purchased enough fish at home for $40 for the tour’s cost. That is exactly what we also did!

A few nautical miles after leaving Mal Pais At 6:30 a.m., I arrived at a tuna landing. Throughout the entire excursion, 

fishing rods were handed from boat to ship as we continued to catch fish. By the end of today, we got 12 tuna altogether,

 which was enough to feed the following three days with us. We also ate some fresh, raw tuna at the pier to end the trip.

Even though they were biting the day we travelled, you may also catch other fish such as wahoo, snapper, roosterfish, mahi-mahi, and others.

 Depending on the conditions, your captain will know what fish to target. season, both tides and currents Streamlines and tides.

One of Santa Teresa’s top attractions overall, and a wonderful outing that was well worth the cost!

8. Party!!!

Young foreign visitors come to Santa Teresa f From everywhere in the world. Since everyone is on vacation, Santa Teresa offers a variety of venues for parties.

Disco Bar La Brosy is the place to go on Wednesday and Saturday nights.. both locals and guests seeking to mix it up and let loose 

frequent this neighbourhood dive bar/club all the time. The venue isn’t opulent, but they regularly have live DJs and affordable beverages.

While you’re in town, find out more regarding the weekly jungle party, which usually happens Saturday evenings. This massive event is hosted high in a mountainous area and includes live DJs. 

It’s a tonne of fun and everyone in the community attends. For the most recent information based on its precise location and day, 

you should consult others tourists The beach clubs’ evening gatherings areor nearby waves instructors.

In addition, The beach clubs’ sunset events are perfect. My favourite bar is Banana Beach since The beverages are inexpensive. priced reasonably and has top-notch music. 

Typically, beach clubs close up shop after supper, so make other plans and protect the tardy hours for Saturday, Wednesday,.

Please be aware that due to the present global situation, Santa Teresa’s party scene may be restricted at any moment. 

Please look around while you’re there as additional places reopen and limitations are relaxed.

9. Coastal beverages within Banana Beach

The best place to go when the sun sets is located at one of the beach clubs. near Santa Teresa. Bar & Restaurant at Banana Beach is both my favourite and the most well-liked, as I already indicated.

the beach at Santa Teresa, there is an outdoor bar and restaurant that is well furnished and has plenty of seats outside. Banana Beach has significantly more affordable beverages

compared to the other pubs around, which draws a bigger audience and more revellers. Make sure to sample several of the drinks; one of my favourites is the passion fruit margarita.

A few hours before sundown, stop by for drinks to toast a fashionable day. Although it is difficult in the peak season, if you arrive at an adequate time, you might snag an entrance row!

Not everyone will enjoy Banana Beach, so go either Uma Santa Teresa or Manzi Beachfront Dining among the greatest restaurants around Santa Teresa!) if you’d rather have upscale sit-down beverages.

10.Exercise yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to stretch and strengthen your tired surfing muscles, and it is also incredibly peaceful. I absolutely like yoga and try to Act as much as I can.

Classes are available in Santin Santa Teresa for $15 USD at hostels like North and south both refer to Selina sites). If you’re just searching for a low-cost no-show class, 

these are fantastic. Hotel and yoga studio Horizon is another centre that provides drop-in courses. There is a lesson and a sunset session at 5 pm., 

and a single session costs $15. The views are magnificent because they have a rooftop studio as well.!

In addition to SUP exercise and silk sessions, Monkey Adventures Surf SUP Yoga provides private lessons if you prefer a more personalised experience. These courses should cost roughly $90 USD.

If you’d like a more specialised experience, Private instruction is offered by Monkey Adventures Surf SUP Yoga., SUP Yoga, and silk classes. Plan to spend roughly $90 USD on these courses.

11. Black Point Black Point National Park

Natural Reserve inside Costa Rica Black Point is a rather unusual place. I think it’s very cool. The natural reserve inside Costa Rica was established by Karen Mogensen of Denmark and Nicolas Wessberg of Sweden.

Close to Santa Teresa, Black Point in the Cabuya town is accessed by vehicle or bus.You can if you have an ATV easily drive there or take a bus.

To tour within the reserve, you hike along two different routes. The initial is Daniel’s Trail, a circular path through the woodland next to the patrol post. The brief, 1.2-mile (2-kilometer) side route is popular with tourists.

The second, Sueco Trail, is the most well-known. The Sueco Trail, which connects that of the ranger station Plays Black Point over five kilometres (3.1 miles), 

is the park’s primary attraction (10 kilometres return). Going both ways, the route takes a little more than an hour.

You can view a vast variety of wildlife on both routes,including lizards, ants, birds, butterflies, bats, monkeys, and butterflies.. There are also many stunning trees and wildflowers to see. The Black Point Wildlife Refuge is a haven for those who enjoy wildlife.

Entry to the park costs $12 USD and is available from Wednesday through Sunday between 8 and 4 pm (Mondays and Tuesdays are holidays.)

12. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets

Christmas Teresa is home to some of Costa Rica’s most stunning sunsets. Thanks to the town’s west-facing shore, You obtain a front-row location. to it day after day, and there’s no place like the beach to see it.

Come experience the most wonderful hour of today while you see locally-based surfers perform. You should make the most of this lovely and exciting time.

More information on Dominical, another surf location inside Costa Rica, may be found in our travel guide.

13.Take a look at Eat Street’s a “food court” outside”

It can be difficult to find a restaurant that appeals to everyone when travelling with friends or family. Thankfully, Santa Teresa offers Eat Street, a trendy food hall!

On Eat Street, there are four dining establishments plus a bar serving a variety of foods, such as desserts, Burgers, burritos, 

munchies, smoothie bowls, poke bowls, and drinks. The highlight is that you can all eat at once, serving as your group’s one-stop shop!

Fantastic bowls of poke cooked with local fishermen’s fresh tuna are available. Alternatively, if you like Asian cuisine, try the delectable bowl of prawn noodles!

14. Shop at boutiques

When travelling towards Santa Teresa, make sure your suitcase has room so you may bring items home! Santa Teresa has several of the best boutique shops in all of 

Costa Rica because of the abundance of regional artists that are selling beautiful goods and clothing there.

I purchased a lovely hemp purse there that I like for myself. Furthermore, I’m certain that no one else will wear it because it is special.

The top boutique stores within Santa Teresa include Caliwolf Factory, Swimwear featuring Santa and Brazilian bikinis. Since so many new companies are opening every week, 

take a trip around major thoroughfare to make some purchases. Excellent position; close to North Selina Santa Teresa.

15. Diner Alicia Chile serves amazing Italian cuisine.

An exemplary Italian restaurant in the area, according to any Santa Teresa inhabitant, is The Chilean Al Viola Chilean Al Viola Restaurant. 

I was given this recommendation by a pal of mi who had previously spent two years residing in Santa Teresa.. What an awesome, amazing idea it was.

Dining Room Chilean Al Viola cooks traditional Italian dishes utilising seasonal, fresh ingredients. All of the bread, sauces, and pasta are made from scratch by the talented chef Emiliano and his gorgeous wife Luz.

The “Santa Teresa,” which features prawns, cherry tomatoes, olives, fresh octopus, and, is my favourite variation of their famous pizza. The pumpkin 

sauced grilled octopus is astonishingly wonderful, so if you like seafood you must try it! Chilean Al Viola’s entire menu of pasta dishes is fantastic, so you can’t go wrong there.

The Restaurant Chilean Al Viola offers cooking classes for anyone who is interested. Although I believe it occurs on Saturdays, it is best to contact someone before visiting because circumstances are subject to change.

I assure you that this will quickly become your favourite Santa Teresa restaurant.

16.Go to Mal Pais

It can occasionally be a little too much to handle Sanat Teresa’s bustle. Once it does, either Go on a long walk. or a taxi to the tiny fishing community of Mal Pais.

Due to its small size and low traffic volume, Mal Pais has a laid-back atmosphere and a few interesting spots to discover. Playa Mal Pais is frequently completely deserted, 

so make sure to stroll down the beach. Please go to La Esquinita Coffee & Deli. afterwards for a delectable breakfast or lunch. Here, the cuisine is excellent and the coffee, too, is much better!

17.Explore by renting an ATV.

The entire length of Christmas Teresa is covered by a one-way street that goes southern to northern. Due to the difficulty of moving about in this situation, riding an ATV is the most popular mode of transportation.

You may explore secluded beaches, take Montezuma for a single day, or even only go to the top local eateries, which are typically dispersed across the city—thanks to the versatility an ATV offers.

In Santa Teresa, you can rent an ATV for about $70.00 USD for a day., while the cost goes down the more time you have the rental. For instance,It will only cost $50 per day for a seven-day rental.

Explore by renting an

To rent an ATV, you’ll need a credit card for the security deposit and either an international licence or a local licence from your home nation. 

You should bring sunglasses or goggles for the dust in addition to the helmet they will provide you.

Since there are numerous rental companies in the neighbourhood, it really doesn’t matter who you rent from. 

Despite having motorcycles and side by sides as well, Pacific Dirt Road Quad Rentals and Tours is a solid choice.

18. Visit a zipline 

One of the most unique and entertaining ways to view Santa Teresa’s environment and get up close to the local animals is a ziplining trip.

 As you soar far above the treetops, enjoy the stunning seaside views! That is just what you receive during the eight-cable ziplining tour offered by Zuma Tours.

There are eight ziplines on the route, with the longest measuring almost 500 metres! You’ll get access to a lot of high-speed and adrenaline. 

Ziplining is one of the less expensive things to do in Santa Teresa; it costs $55 for adults and $50 for children without transportation.

If you need transportation to Mal Pais, add $15 per person (a cab will be less expensive!) The tour is suitable for all ages and does not require any prior knowledge.

Now is the perfect time to try ziplining inside Costa Rica if you haven’t already. Additionally, it is without a doubt one of the best things to do in Santa Teresa.

19.Dive underwater

I think Christmas Teresa is an underrated diving town. In particular, I have dived at Cano Island and Bat Island when visiting Costa Rica. 

There are some great diving sites in Santa Teresa that are just waiting to be found.

There are two distinct seasons for marine life at Santa Teresa. From January through April, you have a good possibility of seeing huge manta rays. 

The second, and my personal favourite, is when humpback whales can be seen from August to September. Of course, you may spend the entire year swimming with sea turtles, reef sharks, stingrays, and enormous schools of fish.

Iguana Divers is the best diving company in town, and they will take you to “secret areas” that are inaccessible without a GPS. Only small dive parties of six or fewer 

divers are taken out, and two dive masters accompany the party to provide guidance. A normal two-tank dive with Iguana Divers is $125 USD.

If you adore diving, don’t miss this excursion in Santa Teresa!

20.riding a horse

Check out a horseback riding tour with Ollie’s Adventures if you want a truly unique experience of nature exploration with a gorgeous animal.

They provide trips ranging in length from one hour to four hours or more, with the least expensive tour starting at about $45 USD. You can pick from 

three different pleasant rides: one in the jungle, one through a farm, or all three. It’s the ideal method to see the world and make new friends.

The nicest part is that Ollie takes excellent care of his horses. As a matter of fact, they work for one month straight before taking a month off.

 I usually avoid doing horseback tours because of how they are treated, so knowing this is helpful.

21. The Somos Cafe has the best breakfast. 

The best place in Santa Teresa for brunch and breakfast is last but certainly not least. After a morning of surfing, my favourite thing to do on Christmas Teresa is to unwind in this magnificent cafe’s garden with a hot cup of coffee.

Numerous delicious meals are offered by Somos Cafe, including vegan ones. But the breakfast burrito is my go-to. The Acai bowl or the Thai omelette are additional excellent options. Ah, everything is wonderful!

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never been to Somos Cafe for dinner, even though it’s open for dinner from 6 pm to 10 pm and brunch from 8 am to 2 pm.

Accommodation Options in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

It’s difficult to pick a hotel! Thankfully, that’s because Santa Teresa has so many excellent hotels. In reality, you can stay at some incredible hotels in stunning places if you make your 

reservations far enough in advance. If you wait until the last minute, though, you’ll be lucky to locate a hostel bed for less than $70 USD. Book in advance, is the lesson.

I adore Lost Boys Hostel for backpackers. The hostel is great, and the dorms are reasonably priced. a sizable pool (seen above), a top-notch restaurant (the pizza is fire! ), a kitchen, a 

treehouse, and a welcoming ambience. Additionally, they offer a huge number of events and tours. Additionally, the location is convenient, so nothing is too far away.

In Santa Teresa, those with a larger budget can find some very fantastic lodging. The stunning views at Santa Teresa Surf Vista Villas make it such a wonderful hotel 

Check out Vista Santa Teresa

if you don’t mind being on a hill. Yoga sessions are available, and there is a pool with views of the ocean. Particularly considering the cost, the rooms are also tidy and cosy.

Check out Vista del Alma Boutique or The Green House, Santa Teresa, if you want to treat yourself but still keep your nightly stay under $500.

Although located in the mountains, both villas are still close to the beach. Each has a pool, contemporary lodgings, and breathtaking vistas.

Villa Makai Christmas Teresa is ideal for people on a luxury budget. This stunning luxury home has one of the nicest views in town, beds up to six people, and has a private pool. Additionally, the beach is just a 10-minute walk away.

Check out our site about where to stay in Santa Teresa for a more comprehensive overview on all the many areas you can stay and the top hotels.

Life is good!

One of the most well-liked beach towns inside Costa Rica is without a doubt Santa Teresa. Why wouldn’t it be given the fantastic a list above?

I sincerely hope that this list of the top Santa Teresa attractions has aided in your preparation for a future trip. If yes, explore more of our blog because we have a lot to offer with you. Here are more blogs you might enjoy:

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