The 18 Best Things To Do In Kapolei, Oahu, And Nearby

This beautiful and affluent community on Oahu is often referred to as the “second city” after Honolulu. There are so many things to do in Kapolei, including landmarks, restaurants, and more!

Are you planning a last-minute trip to Kapolei?

Listed below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more near Kapolei!

Here are some of the top things to do near Kapolei:

  • The best way to see Oahu is to take a full-day tour!
  • Taking a glass-bottom boat trip on Waikiki Beach in the afternoon (a Honolulu bestseller!)
  • Tour of the USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor memorials (essential!)
  • There’s a luau at Paradise Cove (great for families!)
  • Honolulu morning hike to Diamond Head

Here are some of the best hotels in and around Kapolei:

  • Hotel Hilton Embassy Suites
  • Inn & Suites by Hampton
  • The Four Seasons Hotel Oahu
  • Marriott Residence Inn

Oahu’s military bases are close by, making it especially popular among military families. It’s still a great place to check out if you’re going on vacation in Oahu, even if you don’t want to live here!

In Kapolei, you’ll find everything from spas to parks to beaches. There are also many child-friendly attractions, making it an ideal spot for families with young children. Get ready for your next trip to Kapolei with this list of the best places to visit!

Here are the top things to do in Kapolei

Experience Circle Island by helicopter

During this helicopter tour, you will experience the sights of Central Oahu and the North Shore of Oahu. 

While soaring through the breathtaking island, the pilot narrates the history of Hawaiian mythology.

There is also a chance to learn about Hawaiian deities like Maui and Pele. The history of the island is also taught on this flight, which is great for kids.

To make the trip even more convenient, we also provide transportation to and from several Kapolei resorts and hotels.

Take a trip to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Kapolei

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has several locations throughout Hawaii, but you shouldn’t miss out on the Kapolei location when you are here.

There’s plenty to choose from here, including cold-brew coffee, espresso, and tea along with delicious baked goods. Every day, from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm, the Kapolei location is open.

Adventure Park Coral Crater offers a variety of activities

Would you like an unforgettable day filled with fun for all ages? The Coral Crater Adventure Park in Kapolei is definitely worth checking out.

There’s no shortage of exciting activities at this park, including offroading, ziplining, climbing, and an adventure tower.

The store is open on a daily basis from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The park also offers some nighttime activities, such as s’mores, watching the sunset, and ziplining at night.

Adventures start at around $69.99, but prices vary according to what you choose. Discounts are occasionally available on the website.

The address is 91-1780 Midway St, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707

Take a trip to the Chief’s Luau

The best luaus in Hawaii should also be checked out. The whole family will love the delicious food and the fascinating Polynesian show prepared by Chief Sielu.

There are two types of experiences you can choose from the Paradise Experience and the Royal Experience there is a starting price of $155 and a starting price of $195.

There are two options, both of which include luau feasts featuring dishes like Chow Mein Noodles with Char Siu Pork, Lomi Lomi Salmon, and Roasted Tropical BBQ Chicken.

When you’re in town, be sure to check the website to see if it’s available.

The address for this business is 400 Farrington Hwy, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707

Tanaka Ramen and Izakaya serves Ramen

Tanaka Ramen and Izakaya is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious ramen dish. A delicious ramen experience awaits you with choices for soup, noodles, and spice levels, in addition to toppings.

The menu also features pork and chicken buns, fried oysters, and rock shrimp. There is an extended opening hour of 11:00 am until 10:00 pm on Sundays, and the restaurant closes at 9:30 pm on weekdays.

The address is 590 Farrington Hwy #510, Kapolei, HI 96707

Take a break at Kapolei’s Best Beaches

The beach at Paradise Cove

Known as Lanikuhonua Beach, Paradise Cove Luau is hidden behind this small, cozy beach.

The beach is protected from the ocean and has a shallow area for kids to splash about, so it’s a great place for families. There are turtles to watch at Paradise Cove Beach, which is shady there are spectacular sunsets here, so you might want to stay until evening.

There are no parking spaces on Oahu beach, and the luau parking lot fills up quickly, so many people get to the beach early in the morning to get a spot.

The beach at White Plains

For those who want to escape the crowds of other popular beaches, White Plains Beach is the perfect spot. 

This tranquil beach is located at the former Barbers Point Naval Air Station and is a great place to host exclusive beach parties.

This location offers surf lessons and equipment rentals. Wheelchairs are also available on the beach. During regular business hours, it is open from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

The beach is particularly popular among military personnel because of all the benefits it offers, but you don’t have to be on a military base to enjoy it! l

Beaches near Nimitz

White sand beaches and clear waters make this stretch of sand the favorite of locals. Guests can plan a pleasant ‘daycation’ with their family or friends at the facility, which includes picnic tables and a BBQ grill.

The fishing spots here are excellent, and it is conveniently located across the street from the Kalaeloa Airport. Guests with military ID cards are also allowed to rent cottages at Nimitz Beach.

There are some old World War II concrete bunkers nearby the cottages.

There are lagoons at Ko Olina

The collection spans 642 acres and includes four jewel-like lagoons. There is a mile-and-a-half of seaside pathways connecting these lagoons, which is open to visitors. Picnics with the family are a great idea here.

There are, however, certain restrictions at Ko Olina Lagoons, such as the prohibition of alcohol, pets, watercraft, and fishing. Whenever you are planning to visit, call ahead so that you know what to bring. 

Beach Park at Pu’uloa

There are many grassy areas in this hidden gem, making it a great place for families. Tourists are less likely to know about it than locals, so it is especially popular among locals.

There is a great view of Honolulu from the beach, and surfing is popular here. There are picnic tables available, and guests are welcome to paddle out into the water.

Because of the strong waves, this isn’t the best location for swimming.

Get tickets to the FIA Polynesian Dinner Show

The award-winning FIA FIA Polynesian dinner show is performed weekly on Tuesdays at the Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club.

You will enjoy a thrilling and exotic South Pacific Islands journey with drums, comedy, and fire knife dancing.

For more information on the time, please contact the beach club, as the time and date are subject to change.

Visit Wet ‘n’ Wild for a splashing good time

There are several family attractions on the island, but the Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park is one of the most popular.

Ticket prices differ based on the type of ticket purchased, but general admission tickets are valid for one day only at $59.99 per person plus tax.

To avoid the hassles of ticket booths, you can buy tickets online.

Whether you’re a cautious individual or a super adventurous person, this park has an activity to fit your needs.

You should check out the height requirements for any activity you might want to do before coming with the family, even though there are different attractions suited to families of all ages.

The address is 400 Farrington Hwy, Kapolei, HI 96707

Visit Barbers Point Beach Park and the Barbers Point Lighthouse

The wreck of a ship occurred in 1796, and out of the 22 captains on board, six were killed. There is a place in the area where the wreck occurred that is named after the captain of the ship – Captain Barber. There was a lighthouse built to honor the casualties of that war.

The Barber’s Point Lighthouse originated from a tragic story, but today it is a beacon of safety thanks to its inclusive activities and numerous rescues.

Tourism and historians are constantly reminded of what this historical landmark represents over the years

There are sand sections as well as rocky and reefy parts along the beach’s entire length. As a result, swimming is quite difficult.

Though it may not be considered the perfect beach, watching the endless waves and observing the vast blue sea can be ironically tranquil and satisfying.

Kapolei, HI 96707 Olai St

Lanikai Juice offers Acai Bowls

There is no better way to get a taste of Hawaii than to try a delicious organic acai bowl. The best place to do exactly that is Lanikai Juice in Kapolei. 

There are a variety of bowls to choose from, such as the acai extravaganza, acai monkey, and the classic acai bowl.

There is also a juice bar and a smoothie bar where smoothies and juices are made with fresh fruits. 

The quality of Lanikai Juice cannot be beaten, thanks to its competitive prices and authentic ingredients.

The Kapolei store is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday to Sunday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. There are also several other locations on Oahu.

Address: 711 Kamokila Boulevard, Suite 104, Kapolei, HI 96707

Enjoy a round of golf at Ko Olina Golf Club

There are 75 resort golf courses in the US, and Ko Olina Golf Club is one of them. Ted Robinson built this challenging 18-hole course in 1990.

There are several aesthetically beautiful features on this course, such as large landing areas, exceptional water features, and multi-tiered greens. For beginners, it is the perfect length.

There are also free intra-resort shuttles available at the golf club. Reservations should be made in advance. The golf course is also free to kids from 3 pm onwards.

The address is 92-1220 Ali’inui Dr, Kapolei, HI 96707.

Enjoy a rejuvenating spa treatment at Laniwai

The Laniwai spa is a luxury, full-service facility with a salon and fitness center at the Aulani Resort.

During your stay here, you will feel rejuvenated, your senses will be soothed, and your mind will be refocused. 

The spa offers world-class massages, rejuvenating facials, and exclusive signature treatments.

Visitors to Laniwai can also experience ultimate relaxation and restoration with heat therapies in the outdoor hydrotherapy garden.

Visitors must be at least 14 years old to visit the spa. Reservations must also be made in advance.

In Kapolei, Hawaii 96707, at 92 Aliinui Dr

Shop Downtown

The Old Downtown Kapolei’s Main Street is a must-see stop during a visit to Kapolei.

There are a number of small businesses on Main Street that offer a variety of goods and services. The best discounts on the island are often found at downtown merchants.

There are a variety of shops downtown from barbershops to nail salons and even a kitchen supply store. You won’t have to worry about your pets either.

There are many pet stores that offer grooming, feeding, and entertainment services. You can also hire a dog walker or trainer.

Take a look at the Pacific Warbirds

A Pearl Harbor Warbird will take you on an immersive flight tour through Hawaii. Warbird airplane tours are unique to the island.

As you soar above the important historical locations of the “Day of Infamy,” this trip will walk you through the specifics of the catastrophic attack on Pearl Harbor..”

As well as flying along the same routes that the Japanese airfields at Bellows, Wheeler, and Kaneohe were used by the attackers, you will be getting a chance to see what they saw.

This experience is unforgettable, taking visitors back in time to one of the most tragic days in American history. 

The address is 1909 Midway St, Kapolei, Hawaii, 96707.5

Kapolei’s Best Places to Stay

The following hotels are highly recommended if you’re staying in Kapolei during your vacation.

  • A Hilton Embassy Suites hotel
  • Stay at Hampton Inn and Suites
  • The Four Seasons Resort on Oahu
  • Located at Marriott Residence Inn

Do you think we missed any of the best things to do in Kapolei? Tell us about the attractions you enjoy most in Kapolei!

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