The Complete Guide to Las Grutas de Tolantongo Hot Springs in Hidalgo, Mexico

If you’re searching for a spectacular and distinctive travel location. Look no farther than Mexico’s Hidalgo is home to the Las Grutas de Tolantongo Hot Springs.

Up until the construction of the hotel and the grottos in the 1970s, the location was kept a closely-kept secret.

 Since then, tourists from all over the world have started to flock to The Tolantongo Grutas. Since then, tourists from every continent have started to flock to Las Grutas de Tolantongo.

There you can find gorgeous scenery, sparkling water, and a tonne of thermodynamic activity. Whether you’re searching for a tranquil retreat or an exciting adventure, The Tolantongo grubs provides a range of vacation possibilities.

This manual will provide you with all the information. You should make travel arrangements to the hot springs of Los Grutas de Tolángono.

including information on how to go to The Tolantongo Grutas, what to pack, and what to anticipate when getting there. What else are you waiting for? Let’s move forward!

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What is Mexico’s Tolantongo Hidalgo’s Grutas?

Las Grutas de Tolantongo

In Mezquital Canyon, 1,280 meters or 4,200 feet above sea level, lies the hidden jewel Las Grutas de Tolantongo. A four-hour journey from Mexico City, this is a complex of hot spring pools carved out of Hidalgo’s cliffs.

In addition to being a hamlet, Tolantongo is also a fascinating geological formation. The box canyon tucked away within the Valley of Mezquital. 

The Nahuatl term Tonaltonko. Which means “”A warm place at home” or “A pleasant environment” streams,” is where the name Tolantongo originates.

 an unreliable source that seeps through limestone layers from nearby volcanic mountains gives the water its heat.

The thermal spring has several other names. Including Tolantongo Caves, Mexico, Las Grutas, Grutas deTolantongo, The Tolantongo Grutas andHot springs in Hidalgo .

Mexico City, despite having the term Las Grutas de Tolantongo (the caves/grottos of Tolantongo) as its official name.

Tolantongo, a destination that travelers of all kinds should put on their bucket lists because of its azure thermal waters and beautiful environs.

In addition to the three hotels, the area has restaurants, campgrounds, A river, a canyon, suspension bridges, and ziplining. Numerous mineral ponds that are warm and two big caverns are also nearby Those inns on the slope.

Is a trip to Mexican city of Hidalgo de Tolantongo worthwhile?

Unquestionably, a trip to Hidalgo’s There are hot springs at The Tolantongo Grutas. worthwhile.

The untamed pools’ distinctive minerals and advantages, along with the breathtaking vistas of the cliffs nearby and savanna, are thought to offer restorative properties. 

There are zip-line adventures, a number of flora and creatures to find in the forest, and warm waters for relaxing. The ideal getaway from the frantic city life can be found here.

Which Mexican state contains The Tolantongo Grutas?

The less well-known Mexican state of Hidalgo is home to The Grouts of Tolantongo, which is situated inside the Municipality of San Cristobal Cardonal. 

Hidalgo in Mexico is where there is spectacular scenery and unique geological formations, despite being unknown to the majority of travelers.

Tolantongo’s Las Grutas, in Mexico’s Hidalgo, is definitely worth checking out if you’re searching for a unique trip.

You may visit Las The Tolantongo grubs as a short excursion. You can still stay and travel to Mexico City to discover more of Hidalgo.

Hidalgo offers a number of sights worth seeing, including the National Park of El Chico and the Tulum Archaeological Site’s Toltec Ruins.

How far is Tolantongo from Cancun?

In contrast to Cancun, which is a town located on the Quintana Roo Peninsula in the Yucatan Peninsula’s east coast, Tolantongo is situated in the state of Hidalgo in central Mexico. 

Hidalgo and Cancn both have well-noted for their distinctive characteristics and make for worthwhile excursions despite being far apart from one another.

Driving from Tolantongo to Cancun would take about 30 hours and cover a distance of about 1250 miles (2000 km).

What is the cost of traveling to Tolantongo?

Depending on your mode of transportation, the cost of traveling to Tolantongo varies.

When you drive a rented car, the automobile costs about $50 per day, a day pass to the Grutas de Tolantongo 150 pesos ($7.5) is the price., and parking fees are $1 US ($20 pesos).

gasoline and insurance would be extra costs, and the trip from Queretaro or Mexico City would take about 4-hour round trip in Las Grutas de Tolantongo.

A full-day, all-inclusive excursion with The Grouts of Tolantongo Would set you back about $150.

Methods of Transportationinto Hidalgo, Mexico’s Tolantongo’s Grutas

Don’t worry if you’re unsure of how to travel de Las Grutas Tolantongo; I’ve I have your back.

It Is near Tolantongo Grutas both airports. Despite the fact that it is closer and at Airport International de Queretaro (QRO), flying international airports in Mexico City Is typically more affordable and practical (MEX).

The three options for traveling from The Grouts of Tolantongo New York City and Querétaro are listed below and include taking a guided group tour, renting a car, or using the public transit system.

1.The Most Economical, Convenient, and Easiest Method of Traveling Los Grutas de Tolantongo is with tour that is all-inclusive

Because you won’t have to worry about any of the logistics, a group trip is the perfect choice if you’re searching for an inexpensive and practical method to see Los Grutas de Tolángono

It only requires that you be timely for the pickup for the tour, take pleasure in the journey, enjoy yourself in The Tolantongo Grutas, and then come back the same day.

Below are two days of the tour choices that you can choose by way of Mexico City Queretaro to Las Grutas de Tolantongo.

At seven in the morning, you will depart from Mexico City and begin traveling to The Tolantongo Grutas, also known as Tolantongo Caves. Before proceeding to Tolantongo, you will enjoy a delicious meal in the city of Ixmiquilpan.

Upon arrival, you can spend a day having a blast exploring this amazing natural paradise at a height of 1280 meters! Not only will there be hot springs available to you, but there will also be waterfalls and additional fantastic attractions.

Don’t overlook this as the suspension bridge combines trekking with a zipline ride would be entertaining. while also taking advantage of the hot springs’ restorative effects.

In contrast to other Tolantongo Cave excursions, which only provide you 4 to 5 hours to explore the caves, this tour gives you roughly 6 hours to do so.

Tickets for the attractions, a chauffeur and a guide are all included in such a tour from Queretaro. This excursion leaves at 8 in the morning  because Mexico City is farther away from Hidalgo than Queretaro.

2. Driving by way of Mexico City from Queretaro to Las Grutas Toledo

It is possible to drive toward The Tolantongo Grutas, though it could be a little challenging if you are unfamiliar in the region.

Parking at Tolantongo merely twenty pesos ($20).($1 USD) a day, but considering the distance and the likelihood that you wouldn’t like to drive in Mexico at night (for safety concerns).

 you’ll also desire to account for the expense of lodging, which I’ll discuss in more detail in the section below.

If this is your first time experiencing automobile leasing in Mexico, I advise you to read my suggestions to prevent the tragedy I previously experienced.

If you’re driving from Mexico City

Use the couta roads, commonly referred to as toll roads) if you’re driving out of Mexico City because they typically are less congested.

Since they are typically safer and better maintained than free roads, Use the toll roads or pay highways instead.(sometimes referred to as couta roads).

If you’re traveling by car from Mexico City to Hidalgo, head south on Mexico-Route Pachuca (Mexico 85) in the direction of Pachuca.

Turn left and head toward Actopan before you get to Pachuca City. You must travel along the major route up till you arrive inside Ixmiquilpan..

Use the route to the San Antonio Church in Ixmiquilpan, where you can leave in the direction of Cardonal Municipality, as well as see signs pointing in the direction of Los Grutas de Tolantongo

Hidalgo’s roadways can be a tad rough. rocky, but the motorways beyond Mexico City are generally good. It could be wiser to think about getting a large vehicle if you are renting one.

Useful hint: Download a standalone version of Google Maps in case your cell signal is unstable. You shouldn’t be driving at night for your own safety.

Because of this, you might wish to depart early and book a place to remain overnight. Following is further information on lodging options in Tolantongo.

When you are traveling by car the city of Querétaro

Tolantongo may be reached by car at 3 — 3.5 clock the city of Querétaro.
You should travel toward Mexico City on the major highway, passing through San Juan del Ro and Palmillas.

Turn left into Hichapan’s route at Palmillas. Before you get to Ixmiquilpan, continue driving on this route.

Take the route towards the Church of San Antonio in Ixmiquilpan, where you can leave in direction of the Municipality of Cardonal and see signs pointing in the direction of The Tolantongo Grutas.

3. Tolantongo Caves Public Transportation to Visit

Las Grutas de Tolantongo

Public transit can be used to travel Los Grutas de Tolantongo, although doing so is rather risky because there isn’t a straight path and buses aren’t always punctual

Even though everything goes smoothly, it might take up to six hours to travel to Las Grutas Tolantongo, which means you waste lots of valuable time.

When departing by way of Mexico City

To go to Ixmiquilpan Hidalgo City by way of Mexico City, proceed to the North Terminal, Terminal del Norte board a bus on the FLECHA ROJA or OMNIBUS either 7 or 8.lines.

When you get there, go to the Ixmiquilpan main city by taking a colectivo (a small shared vehicle) via the parking area of the bus terminal in Ixmiquilpan.

It shouldn’t cost more than 10 to 15 pesos to take the colectivo. When you arrive, proceed after “Morelos Market”” and toward Ixmiquilpan City’s north side (Mercado Morelos).

In parking for “San Antonio,” locate a microbus stop, and ride a microbus to the Tolantongo Grutas.

Those that are traveling from Queretaro City

ride the bus with a map to Huichapan -Ixmiquilpan-Pachuca from the bus stop by the stadium located at Sale B on the CONEXION line if you are traveling from Querétaro City.

Opt for a colectivo (a compact (Common van) out of the bus station in Ixmiquilpan, the city center when you get there.

Once there, proceed beyond the “Morelos Market” and toward Ixmiquilpan city’s north side. When parking in “San Antonio,”locate a microbus stop, and ride a microbus to Tolantongo Grutas.

Accommodations in Tolantongo’s Grutas

Five are present. hotels on-site, including three are open every day of the week: La Gruta Inn, Paraiso Hotel, and Paraiso Escondido Hotel. These two other hotels, La Molanguito and the Huerta Hotel Only hotels are open on weekends.

The accommodations at the motels are extremely basic, with the newest amenities at the Paraiso Hotel. Additionally, Tolantongo’s Grutas offers the camping choice.

The Hotels at The Caves of Tolantongo

Although the resort is called The Grouts of Tolantongo, don’t consider it to be a luxurious location to stay. In reality, resort areas have extremely humble and basic hotels.

Because there is no online reservation system for Tolantongo Hotels, you must arrive early to make a reservation.

No assurance can be made that you receive a room without making a reservation, and your chances of finding one decrease each hour.

So, what time should you arrive? We’re talking about arriving at the site as soon as 7 AM, so you’ll need to start traveling. So, when should you show up? W between 3 and at 4:00 AMit’s still rather dark and unsafe to drive).

I do advise you to take the tour rather than arranging the practicalities of driving, hiring a vehicle, and lodging. Located in Las Grutas de Tolantongo especially if you are traveling alone.

Even though it’s not a choice for the weak of heart, there are a few things to keep in mind if you insist on booking a hotel at one of the Inns at Las Grutas de Tolantongo while you’re there:

  • You must have sufficient Mexican pesos on hand due to the hotel only taking cash. The cost of a single room is $700 pesos (US$35)), and a triple room costs 2,000 pesos ($100 USD).
  • To reserve a room, come between 7 and 9 in the morning.
  • There is only basic service available in hotel rooms (shower, bathroom, and room). There are no phone, TV, or WiFi services.
  • When booking a room, the cost does not include entrance entry fees for a park. In order to remain in the hotel, you must purchase tickets for each day during your visit, including the day you check in and the day you check out.

 Even though you only Stay for one night and you’ll still need the cost of two days worth of park admission tickets.

  • The accommodations have a policy of maintaining a quiet atmosphere after midnight.

The Tolantongo Camping Grutas

The camping area known as Tolantongo Las Grutas is an excellent method for nature enthusiasts to enjoy the park’s natural splendors.

Outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy the park’s spectacular natural features might consider camping at Las Grutas de Tolantongo.

Camping in Tolantongo’s Grutas is a wonderful way for nature lovers to take in the park’s breathtaking scenery.

If you have your own gear, you can register for free at the campground rental station and set up on your own.

Tent rentals are offered if you don’t have camping gear. Tolantongo offers equipment rentals, including tent rentals.

You will be able to set up a tent in one of the permitted camping places as a result.

For up to 8 people, renting a tent costs between $120-300 pesos ($6-$15 USD), and the employees will assist you in setting everything up.

Two park tickets are required in order to camp for one night: the day of arrival, one, and the day of the day of departure the following day.

It costs 140 pesos ($7) to add a ground pad, an air mattress that inflates for 350 pesos ($17 USD), or a blanket for 120 pesos ($6 USD) for further comfort.

You should use blankets from December through March when it’s cold outside. Avoid camping close to rivers during July and August during the rainy season.

Tickets For Admissions Tolantongo

El Paraíso Zones of Escondido La Gruta, too, are the two zones that make up the park. There are bathing pools, a river, a tunnel, and a cavern in La Gruta Area.

Thermal pools, ziplines, hiking routes, locations for swimming are all located in the El Paraiso Escondido Zone.

The entry ticket already includes an excursion to Tolantongo. If not, a day pass costs 150 pesos ($7 USD) and entitles you to all the natural features of the two zones.

(the caverns, tunnel, river, thermal bathing pools, hiking, waterfall and a suspension bridge), in addition to a few amenities including basic healthcare, restrooms, both park safety and.

Everyone older than five years who enters the park must pay an admission fee. Your children can access the website for free if they are under five years old.

If you’re driving your rental car, Parking costs 20 pesos daily. and the zipline is a further $200 pesos ($10) USD).

Tolantongo’s one-day ticket covers the park’s from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on a regular basis. 

This implies that you continue until 8 p.m., you’ll also be charged more for admission the following day.

Even on holidays, Tolantongo’s Las Grutas is now open. every day that year. You’ll find the following in the park:

  • Visit Hidalgo’s natural wonders between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm to see the caves, tunnels, pool areas and waterfalls.
  • River and Thermal Pools: From 8 am to 9 pm, take a plunge in the relaxing thermal waters.
  • Eat on-site between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm at one of the restaurants or fast food outlets.
  • During the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., stock up at the grocery and convenience stores.

Activities at the Tolantongo Caves

The Tolantongo River is traversed by the enormous canyon. Along with waterfalls and natural ponds strewn throughout the slope, it has warm and hot waters flowing through it.

Although part of the splendor of nature has been ruined by man-made structures, it is still worthwhile to see. An overview of Grutas de Tolantongo is shown below:

Natural hot spring spas and pools

There are thermal pools in Tolantongo Caves, which are at the top half of the cave, and are its main draw.

They were first formed by waterfalls that occurred naturally, even though extensive building to add new. using the identical rocks, pools preserve the original appearance.

In the hot pools, you may Relax while taking in the breathtaking canyon views.

Opening times are 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Caves, waterfalls, and tunnel

When at Tolantongo, you must see the caverns. It is simple to understand how come these natural beauties are so well-liked with their roaring waterfalls and spectacular tunnels.

The trek could be a little slick, so be sure to remember to carry water shoes. Personal items cannot be brought inside the cave, although they may be left in the cloakroom outside the doorway at a fee of 80 Mexican pesos.

open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The River Tolantongo

The river Tolantongo is lovely and cool. As you stroll along the river’s banks, you may take in the breathtaking scenery. When it’s not the wet season, you can camp along the river.

Ziplines in Tolantongo

Ziplines are a must-try if you’re an explorer and an exhilarator. You may soar spanning 1,890 meters (more than one mile) in length on four distinct zip line courses for just $10.00 USD or 200 pesos) more.

The age requirement is ten years old., and the most weight allowed per individual is 200 pounds. Not at all advised for those who are pregnant, have heart illnesses or issues, have high blood pressure, or have neck pain.

Glory of the Tolantongos

An extra-cost property called La Gloria Tolatongo is accessible by one that swings and is located right below the entrance to the Tolantongo waterfall. 

But considering Tolantongo La Gloria has significantly less visitors than Grutas and less visitors than Tolantongo La Gloria, it’s worth the extra 100 MXN.

A stunning natural lake and a waterfall are reached by a 20-minute delay journey through lush greenery and artificial ponds.

The Ideal Season to Visit Tolantongo’s Caves

The region of Central Mexico where Tolantongo’s Grutas is situated is said to live in a climate where spring never stops.

Its year-round temperature fluctuates low seventies to the upper 80s, making the majority that year feel like spring.

Generally speaking, any period other than the wet months of July and August Las Grutas del Diablo is best visited betweenTolantongo.

Assuming you go during this season, staying in a hotel is preferable to camping. You must camp. because there are no available rooms at the hotel, make careful to keep moving outside of the water to prevent floods.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Tolantongo

Following are some things you should know in order to enjoy your time at Las Grutas de Tolantongo:

1. It’s crucial to pack a large amount of cash before traveling to Tolantongo.

Nowhere on the premises accepts credit cards, so make sure you have enough money for your resort or camping (if you’re renting first), your Tolantongo Entrance charge, food and beverages, as well as other unforeseen expenses.

Since No ATMs are present at Tolantongo, constantly bring more cash than you anticipate needing. Actually, An example of Ixmiquilpan, an hour’s drive away, has the closest ATM.

2. The unusual and stunning terrain is worth exploring, even though The caves could be a little dangerous due to the many water and stones.

However, because the ground is frequently damp and there are sharp pebbles, it is important to wear water shoes to be worn.

3. In terms of vacationing in Tolantongo, there is no “low-season”; nonetheless,If possible, try to avoid the crowds. It is preferable to travel on a weekday.

4. Make sure you have your favorite munchies with you since you are allowed to bring meals from home, beverages onto the premises. You can cut costs. in this manner!

5.If you decide to remain overnight, be sure to bring enough cash for one park admission per day.

6. Carry some cash and your phone in an underwater phone holder

7. Bring a towel, swimsuit, sunglasses, and additional clothing.

8. Downloading your preferred music, early purchase of books or plays will help you manage with intermittent phone service and meager WiFi. If you are prepared, you’ll find that you don’t really lack WiFi!

9. Make reservations at the Paraiso Escondido hotel if you wish to be a short distance from the main area’s pools.

10. This is Tolantongo Park. very big. You can ride the 60 MXN peso per person inner park shuttle matter how many journeys you make, or you can go between attractions using the trails.

11.Prepare to shoot some stunning pictures because cameras, go pros, also, drones permitted.

12. Pets are not permitted, so avoid bringing one.

Summary: Advice for Planning a Trip to the Grottoes in Mexico’s Tolantongo Hidalgo

Tolantongo’s Grutas is the only choice if you’re seeking for a stunning and remote hot springs location in Mexico. 

You can take a tour with a pre-arranged group, rent a vehicle and drive, or use public transportation to get to this hidden treasure inside the state of Hidalgo.

Although I frequently advise being a driver to give yourself more flexibility with your travel plans, I honestly believe it is preferable to take a tour group to see Tolantongo’s Las Grutas.

I don’t think it is appropriate for a vacation to rent and drive to Tolantongo because it involves lots of planning, more money, significant dangers, and additional stress.

Due to its somewhat isolated position, No direct link exists. public transit route, and you might need six hours to reach your destination after making several transfers.

I’m also not advising this choice because of how unpredictable Mexico’s transportation system can be, particularly rural regions.

While joining a group trip won’t take as long as possible to spend the night on-site, The most secure and most affordable method to see Tolantongo’s Grutas.

There won’t be any planning to stress over, and you’ll Invest a lot of time in discovering the thermal waters at Las Grutas de Tolantongo.

You’ll possess an unforgettable experience visiting the wonder of nature, regardless of how you decide to get there!

Travel Resources for Mexico

Travel Protection:

  • Nobody wants to consider what can go wrong when on vacation, yet accidents can occur any time, anywhere moment.

This is why having travel insurance is always a smart idea, allowing you to unwind and relish your journey in the knowledge that you’re protected in the event that Unexpected events do occur.

Avoid taking a chance when affordable insurance is available.

  • travelers who are cost-conscious should consider Safety Wing because their monthly coverage begins at $40 USD!

Basic insurance offers coverage for unexpected medical costs, travel-related medical bills, including medical costs incurred both in Mexico and return transportation to your native nation under certain circumstances.

Rental-car scam

  • Steer clear of Mexican automobile rental scams! To avoid being upsold by automobile rental firms, be certain that your tank is full. insurance coverage while making the reservation.
  • With comprehensive insurance starting at just $7 each day, The offerings from Discover Card Most affordable automobile rental prices in Mexico.

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