What You Need To Know About Tulum Airport Transport

What you need to know about Tulum Airport Transport

The guide provides information on how to get to Tulum and reveals that Cancun International Airport is the nearest airport to the destination. The guide also offers tips on the most efficient ways to travel from Cozumel or Cancun to Tulum.

If you’re planning to visit the stunning coastline of Tulum, you may be wondering about the most convenient way to reach the destination. This guide provides all the necessary information regarding transfers, airports, and travel times, too. You may have some queries such as whether Tulum has its own airport or which airport you need to fly to for Tulum, Mexico. 

Tulum doesn’t have its own airport, but the nearest one is the airport in Cancun, Mexico, and reaching Tulum from there is a quick drive or transfer. As there are numerous amazing attractions in Tulum, it’s essential to make the most of taking part in this beautiful coastal location. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the best transport option to get to Tulum from either Cancun, which is the closest airport, or Cozumel, which is another airport near Tulum, Mexico.

Cancun Airport is how far from Tulum?

The distance between Cancun airport and Tulum is around 73 miles, and the duration of the journey can vary depending on traffic, anywhere between one and two hours thirty the time you travel.

During the peak season, which is from November to April. The traffic into Tulum increases, resulting in a slightly longer travel time.

Tulum To Cancun Airport: How To Get There


Apart from renting a car, there are several alternative modes of transportation available to travel from Cancun to Tulum. These options include taking a bus, arranging a car transfer. Or using a minibus, which could be either private or shared.

Get Private transportation

For those who value convenience and have a flexible budget, a private transfer could be the most suitable choice. With this option, a dedicated driver will transport you directly to your accommodation from the airport. And there is no need to worry about space for your luggage. This alternative is also ideal for groups as how much a minibus costs can be divided amongst the members instead of paying for each person individually.

There are also round-trip transport options available that include your return trip and what a minibus costs. Some excellent choices include:

  • Exclusive SUV transfer
  • private van transportation
  • airport limousine transfer

Shared shuttles or minibuses are available

If you’re travelling alone or with one companion, you have the option of booking a shared shuttle minibus. Which is a convenient way to reach Tulum. The shuttle typically drops you off at a central location. From where you can easily either stroll there on foot or hail a cab. Toluca is a small area, so getting around is not difficult.

The airport shuttle service in Tulum, Mexico is highly recommended and offers multiple options that can cater to your requirements.

Buses operated by ABO

the ABO Bus company offers a cost-effective option for getting from Tulum to Cancun airport, with several buses departing daily originating from the T2, T3, and T4 terminals. To ensure you plan your journey appropriately, it is recommended that you review the schedules in advance.

What is the distance between Tulum and Cozumel Airport?

Travelling from Cozumel to Tulum is a bit more intricate since Cozumel is an island. The distance between the Cozumel airport and TulAm is around 82 kilometres (50 miles)). But due to the transportation logistics, the travel time can range from one and a half hours to three hours.

If you are looking for a hassle-free journey to TulAm. Cozumel airport may not be the best choice as it requires taking an ocean shuttle to Playa del Carmen before heading to TulAm. This makes it difficult to find a direct transfer from Cozumel airport to TulAm.

Travel to/from Tulum Airport Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you fly into Tulum?

To access TulAm, you have two airport options to consider. Which are the International Airport of Cancun and the Airport International de Cozumel.

Cancun or Cozumel: Which is better for Tulum?

Choosing Cancun International Airport instead of the airport in Cozumel, Mexico is recommended if you have limited time in TulAm and want to maximize your stay. This is because the distance between Cancun and TulAm is shorter, taking less than two hours, while the trip from Cozumel takes nearly three hours and involves more complexity.

Additionally, there are more transfer options available from Cancun compared to Cozumel, which makes it easier to get to TulAm quickly. This allows you to maximize your time exploring the top cenotes in TulAm or relaxing at one of the best resorts in the region.

Can You Fly Privately From TulAm, Mexico?

People often inquire if there is an airport in TulAm, Mexico that allows private jets to land.

Regrettably, TulAm does not have a private airport where private aircraft can land, and travellers must arrive at either Cozumel or Cancun airports. However, there is some good news for luxury travellers, as the Mexican president has declared that a new luxury airport will be constructed in TulAm, and it is scheduled to open in 2023.

When you arrive in Cancun, Can you not just call a cab??

You cannot hail regular taxis in the airport of Tulm since they are not allowed. Instead, private companies operate taxis inside the airport, and they have to pay a fee to do so. It is recommended to arrange transportation in advance to avoid payment high fees at the last minute.